Date: September 11, 2021

From: Randy Engel, A U.S. Coalition for Life – National Alert

To: Pro-Family Advocates

Re: Stop Congress from Requiring Young Women to Register for the Draft

Dear Friends, 

The enemies of God, family and country never sleep. 

While Americans are preoccupied and distracted by the Covid-19 Plandemic, Congressional bills  HR 4350 and S. 4049  (the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), are heading for a full vote in the House and Senate.  

Both the House and Senate bills carry a dangerous amendment to the Military Selective Service Act to require young women to register for the Selective Service System (SSS) Draft. Incredibly, this measure has attracted much bipartisan support. 

Like the proverbial camel’s nose under the tent, if this measure is allowed to pass, the way is open for drafting women into combat roles.

Proponents of the NDAA/Defense Budget bill argue that the current Selective Service ruling that legally requires only men (males) ages 18 to 25, to registered for the draft is “discriminatory.”  All references to men or males have been stricken in the amended version of the House and Senate bills and replaced with androgenous terms, aka, “persons,” “citizens,” “enlisted members, etc.  

PLEASE Act NOW. Contact your Congressman and Senators at their district/state offices or their Washington. D.C. office to express your opposition to any bill/amendment, including H.R. 4350 and S. 4049, that requires women in register for Selective Service. 

Please note that both the U.S. House and Senate are not currently in session. House members will be in session on September  20-24; 27-30. Senate members will be in session September 13-15; 20-24, 27-30. 

This means that you can contact your Congressman and Senators at their district or state-wide offices now! Or you can leave a phone message or send an email to them at their Washington D.C. office where their staff will likely pick up the phone or see that your email reaches your Congressman or Senators. 

If you don’t know how to contact your Congressman or Senator in D.C. or at his district or home office, go to List of Representatives and Senators – When you fill in the state slot on the left side of the page  the list of  your state’s Congressmen and Senators will come up alphabetically. Click the name and it will bring you to your representative’s official website and give you all the information you need on his or her home offices, email address, etc.

Whichever method of contact you choose, please act now or as soon as possible as the NDAA will be coming to the House and Senate floor for a vote anytime after the House and Senate members return to Washington.

Please also send this mailing to all your email contacts, especially those who have young daughters. A letter or email from a young girl or young woman to their Congressman and Senators opposing the draft for women will probably be the most effective weapon we have in our profamily and prolife arsenal opposing the registration of women to the military draft. 

Thank you for your help and cooperation. 

Randy Engel, U.S. Coalition for Life  


·        The text of the House version of the NDAA  is available at Text – H.R.4350 – 117th Congress (2021-2022): National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2022 | | Library of Congress

·        A Copy of the amended section of H.R. 4350 stripped of all its male references is available at untitled (  

Please send any feedback you receive from your Congressman and Senators to Randy Engel, the U.S. Coalition for Life at  

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