ezekiel Emanuel November 17, 2021
Cellares Appoints Ezekiel Emanuel to Board of Advisors – PR NewswirePR NewswirePRNewswire/ — Cellares Corporation, a life sciences technology company pioneering a revolutionary automated approach to cell therapy 
Ezekiel Emanuel | People on The Move – San Francisco Business TimesThe Business JournalsEzekiel Emanuel. Member, Board of Advisors at Cellares. https://www.cellares.com/ · Twitter · Linkedin. EDUCATION: Harvard University (Cambridge.

.  This came in on google alerts.  I have only read the first article but they are both about a new cell therapy company in South San Francisco called Cellares that EE will guide.  This is just another example of how the cadre of palliative care people are heavily involved in this next phase to the one world order by pushing the  mRNA vaccines.  Those of you who are following government control of the nation’s population through medical science will be able to make more out of this than the most of us.
I’m sure you know that Ezekiel Emanuel was the architect of Obamacare which enshrined palliative medicine into the system of health care for the seriously ill.  This is just one more example of how those of us like Ione Whitlock paved the way for sounding the alarm about the fake virus….just one more example of how palliative care and the COVID vaccine are intricately entwined.

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