As I look into my son Leo’s perfect little newborn face, I’m thinking of all the incalculably precious lives saved each day as our movement marches on!!!!

This week, one of the most consequential legal cases in American history was argued before the US Supreme Court.  In Dobbs v Jackson, the Court is deciding if Mississippi can ban abortions at 15 weeks. At 15 weeks, a baby can yawn, stretch and swallow, has fingernails, and has all her organs and limbs formed.  While so many of my friends and team went to DC to be on the steps of the Supreme Court as a peaceful pro-life presence for the preborn during the hearing … I’m here at home, holding my brand new Leo, and getting updates about all the amazing work the Live Action team has put into spreading the truth about the horror of abortion and the beauty of life among the streets of our nation’s capital.  As I look into my son Leo’s perfect little newborn face, I’m thinking of all the incalculably precious lives saved each day as our movement marches on.
This is a historic moment, one that thousands of us have been praying and working towards for years. Roe v Wade has made it nearly impossible for states to protect preborn children since 1973, but that could all change if the Court upholds Mississippi’s law.  Box trucks are circling the court with the gorgeous image of Baby Olivia at 15 weeks old, showing the world that babies in the womb are human too. Our 2363 ads are still running throughout DC as well.
Box trucks showing Baby Olivia at 15 weeks old
2363 bus stop
2363 Ads at bus stops, in the Washington Post, USA Today, & on bus wraps throughout DC
Some of the Live Action Team at the Supreme Court during the Dobbs hearing
Thousands of signs were handed out to those rallying yesterday, our amazing representative Christina Bennett shared powerful remarks on the steps of the court, meetings with Congress took place, and new pro-life legislation is being discussed and prepared.
MT Senator Steve Daines used our Baby Olivia poster in his speech
Live Action’s Christina Bennett inspired thousands
Dozens of other pro-life groups and leaders joined together to fight for life. Each of them contributes in a unique and powerful way to our movement.
The pro-life presence was strong – outnumbering the pro-abortion crowd 3 to 1
I know that justice can take time, that it isn’t promised this side of eternity, but depends on the often fragile and often wayward wills of imperfect humans to execute. Yet I am so hopeful.  Hopeful because of the incredible enthusiasm and love of our movement. Hopeful because the new members on the Supreme Court look more sound of mind and just than past ones and now they have a chance to institute true justice.  Hopeful because of Live Action’s faithful donors who make all of this transformative, life-saving work possible. One heart, one mind, and one life at a time, together, we are creating a world where abortion will be culturally and legally rejected and where every child is seen as the embodiment of love. I look forward to keeping you up-to-date on the impact of your gift and will be in touch soon! 
Onwards! For the preborn, Lila RoseFounder and President (1)

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