Print allIn new windowLetter #165, 2021, Mon, Dec 5: The Nathanson Files, Tape #1InboxDr. Robert Moynihan via icontactmail4.com 12:28 PM (1 hour ago)to me    Letter #165, 2021, Mon, Dec 5: The Nathanson Files, Tape #1    In these days before Christmas 2021 — days in expectation of the birth 2,000 years ago of humanity’s Savior — debate is intensifying in the US Supreme Court over when precisely the life of an unborn child begins, from which moment the child would acquire that equal protection under the law that the US Constitution protects. For reports on this see these links: PBSSCOTUS Blog, and USCCB.    As a contribution to the reflection on this fundamental question of human rights and human dignity, we are offering a series we call “The Nathanson Files,” in which I interview the founder and head of the Hosea Project, Terry Beatley, who more than a decade ago made a promise to Dr. Bernard Nathanson (link) to make his story known to the world. In these files, Terry tells the amazing story of Dr. Nathanson, once one of America’s leading abortion doctors, then, after a shattering experience of profound intellectual and spiritual conversion, one of America’s leading “pro-life” doctors.    Here is a link to the article Terry Beatley wrote in the October 2020 issue of Inside the Vatican magazine. America’s “Abortion King” (Dr. Bernard Nathanson) and the “Catholic Strategy”. You can purchase the October 2020 issue at this link.    ***    We are now beginning our Christmas fund-raising drive. We hope to raise $30,000 between now and December 31 to support these letters, interviews, videos, and analyses during the upcoming year. Please go to this link to make your donation.    Above left, the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson (1926-211) meets US President Ronald Reagan; center, Dr. Nathanson and St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta; right, Dr. Nathanson meets Pope John Paul II   I sat down for an interview with Terry Beatley, author of “What if We’ve Been Wrong?” and president of the Hosea Initiative, discussing how the abortion industry has deceived Catholics. The first part of this interview has been posted and is now available on Rumble (link) and YouTube (link).     All of the tapes from this interview will be posted on our Rumble channel and YouTube channel so be sure to subscribe and turn on notifications to ensure you do not miss any content.    Click the video below for the first part of the interview in which Terry Beatley describes her initial meeting with Dr. Nathanson, who was “the father of America’s industry of abortion.” 

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