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Larry A. Law (Summary)

Dr. Peter McCullough shares the latest findings on the Omicron variant. ​Please watch the highly informative, 15-minute interview with Dr. McCullough at the bottom. It appears from initial reports that this variant is one-third less infectious and transmissible than the Delta variant. Symptoms associated with this variant have been reported as mild and much less concerning that those with Delta. This corroborates what we know about viral evolution. It is common for viruses to become less problematic over time despite their increased mutations. The only people who are worried about the Omicron mutations are the vaccine manufacturers because mutations render their current vaccines obsolete. 

Another related issue is that the Omicron variant actually arose from vaccinated individuals (not the unvaccinated). These types of mutations are what happens when mass vaccinations take place while the virus is active in the wild. It is called antibody-dependent enhancement or pathogenic priming. An overstimulation of the immune system can cause severe injury and death when vaccinated individuals subsequently encounter the wild virus. This is why there has never been a true coronavirus vaccine–this problem is impossible to avoid. The COVID-19 jabs are not vaccines because they don’t make you immune to COVID-19. They can only reduce symptoms when you catch COVID-19.

In his book The Real Anthony Fauci, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains that the reason Dr. Fauci is insisting on vaccinating everyone (including those with natural immunity) is because he needs to eliminate the control group (the unvaccinated) as he did during the Pfizer clinical trials. This way he can hide the horrendous number of vaccine injuries and deaths. Reading the Pfizer 6-month clinical trials soon reveals that far more people died in the vaccine group than in the placebo group. The vaccine trials showed the vaccine could avert only one single death from COVID-19 in 22,000 participants–but the vaccinated group suffered 4-times the number of lethal heart attacks as the unvaccinated. By ignoring all-cause mortality and by using the worthless relative risk statistic, the researchers put lipstick on the pig. Wipe off the lipstick and it becomes clear that there were 42.8% more deaths in the vaccine group than in the placebo group. This six-month study safety report was so horrific that it should have terminated the trial and ended the vaccine program. But compromised FDA officials were pressured into giving Pfizer their approval. Then the broken Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) system (that Fauci refused to fix) and the mainstream and social media all conspired to conceal the evidence of the crime. Vaccinated Americans began dying in droves. See OpenVaers for the current astronomical number of deaths (20,000+) and injuries caused by the vaccine and remember that these numbers are only the tip of the iceberg.  

In addition to his explanation of the Omicron variant, Dr. McCullough shares a highly effective early treatment approach being used around the world. It is not talked about in the United States, Canada or the UK–tyrannical medical and regulatory authorities want to keep the public afraid and focused on the vaccine as the only viable option. Dr. McCullough explains that the simple but effective approach involves using a simple iodine nasal spray. Hand sanitizers and masks have never worked against the coronoviruses because the virus is located in the nose. By gently spraying an iodine mist, the virus in the nose is killed. Practitioners are having great success in reducing the viral load associated with the Delta variant.

The bottom line is: the vaccines have failed. After 6-months, the vaccine offers absolutely no protection at all (limited as it was). The vaccine manufacturers are rushing back to the drawing board because current COVID-19 vaccines and boosters are not working against Delta and definitely will not work against Omicron. The good news is that non-vaccine treatments exist and can more effectively prevent, treat, mitigate, and cure COVID-19 and all its variants. Nasal sprays, monoclonal antibodiesIvermectinHydroxychloroquine, and zinc can all work to stop COVID-19 today. Dr. Fauci continues to insist that fully vaccinating the entire population is the only path to ending the pandemic. This assertion ignores the fact that COVID-19 vaccines neither prevent  transmission nor infection, nor reductions in viral loads.

A September 2021 Israeli study demonstrates that natural immunity provides 27 times better protection against COVID than the Pfizer vaccine. This report is just one of 29 recently published peer-reviewed studies that testify of the superiority of natural immunity. It is clear that the vaccine-induced pandemic could be eliminated quickly. These sprays and drugs are effective against all viruses (not just COVID-19). They are not built against a particular spike protein like the old, static COVID-19 vaccines were.

All of the above suggests that globalists are using the pandemic for nefarious hidden goals which are not in humanity’s best interest. See this clip with Dr. David Martin for more on that disturbing story.

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