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Print allIn new windowAnother story needs to be toldInboxJon Fidero <> Your generosity over the years has been pivotal in impacting the lives of many people who need a voice.   One of those people was Ernest. His son was just 16 years old when he died from an enlarged heart just three days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine earlier this year.   It was almost impossible to get anyone to listen to his story. Even GoFundMe cancelled his fundraising efforts to raise awareness about the harms of the vaccine to children.   As a single dad, he had no one to turn to. Mainstream media completely ignored his story. He felt so hurt, alone, and angry to the point of turning his back on God.  This is not the case anymore. You see, when no one would listen to his story, he found a news outlet that would – he discovered LifeSite. Not only did Ernest find a platform to share his story, but he found a community who would support his needs and the needs of many other vaccine victims through our LifeFunder platform. And most importantly, he has re-committed himself to his faith in God.  When Ernest organized a rally in Washington D.C. to bring national attention to the harms of the vaccine on children, your generosity ensured we were there to capture his story.   It has been about two months since Ernest discovered Lifesite, and his story has been shared with 2 million people to date. Ernest doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. Though he will never get his son back, Ernest wants to ensure other parents don’t lose their children like he did.   Since he discovered an honest media outlet willing to help him share his story, he plans to continue spreading the truth about the harms of the vaccine on children to as many people as possible.    With the FDA approval of the COVID vaccine for children starting at age 5, we know there are more parents who need to hear the truth before it’s too late.  I know that you care about the state our world is in and that you want to do something about it. Your last donation of $100.00  was a building block for ensuring stories like Ernest’s are told.  It cost us $2,000 to send our team to report at Ernest’s rally in Washington D.C. last month.  Another gift of $100.00 will help cover the cost of ensuring our team can report on another story that needs to be told.  When you’re ready to support our mission once again, please use this link to give a gift of any amount:  We’ve got to do everything we can to ensure people continue to have access to an alternative, traditional news source.   Thank you,  Jon   Jon Fidero Director of Advancement LifeSiteNews 

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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