On this beautiful Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sherry received these words from our Blessed Mother early this morning. 

Words of Mary on the Feast of the Assumption

August 15, 2022

“There were stars in my eyes, 

Indeed, there were stars in my hair,

And my apparel was the sun,

As I was released from the clasp of earth

Into the embrace of heaven.

The throes of death were not my exit song,

But, instead, the songs of angels

As, body and soul, I was delivered into His arms.

For I had been born full of grace and untouched by sin,

So that the Son of God might find my womb

A fitting place for His bed.

It was love that brought Him to me,

And hearing God’s Word,

I received His Word unto myself, in love,

In the form of His Son, 

And after my time on earth was done,

It was love that released me from earth’s clasp

To be carried in the arms of angels to His arms.

Today rejoice with me in the joy and the beauty of His promise

That you might also be with Him in heaven one day.

As your Mother, I have gone before you.

For I was His resting place, and He became mine,

And I joined Him in this resting place as the Ark which He has sanctified

For my body was pure and exempt from the corruption of the tomb.

I carried the Christ in the Ark of my womb,

And, indeed, because I carried Him,

I carried the Church which rested in Him,

And, therefore, have I carried you. 

Angels whispered in awe that I was carried into heaven in such a fashion,

For they whispered, “Was this one not a creature of earth?”

But how could I remain a creature of earth when I had carried the Son of God,

And, therefore, had become the Ark sanctified by Him.

Rejoice for earth is not your homeland either,

And I watch closely that the darkness of earth not hold you captive,

As I reach for you with a motherly hand,

And, taking your hand, I place it in the hand of my Son,

That you also might know one day the joy of heaven.

Back not away from the majesty of God

For I will show you how to approach Him in holiness,

If you will but follow the steps of your Mother –

For I will lead you always on the path to Him.

There were stars in my eyes and in my hair,

And my apparel was the sun,

As I was taken body and soul to heaven,

For God had prepared me to be an immaculate dwelling place for His Son

Even before He was conceived in my womb,

And, therefore, I had not been touched by sin.

I carried Him, and then I followed Him, even to the Cross,

Where my soul was pierced.

But then when my time on earth was over,

In culmination of our love, Mother and Son,

A match truly made in heaven,

I was taken to be united with Him once more.

As I stood in that moment between heaven and earth,

Before being gathered in His arms,

It was a moment celebrated by angels.

And be assured, that when you are in that moment between heaven and earth,

That I will be your guide,

And I will strew roses on the path,

That leads you into His arms.”


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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