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Ione posted this article on her blog about 8 years ago.  It is excellent and reveals volumes about Ira Byock.

Dr. Ira Byock is making the rounds within the Catholic Church.  This week  he is in LA.  The archbishop of LA wants Byock to train his priests on end of life.  Next month Byock is scheduled to appear in FL.    

The bishops are cooperating with the devil.  I would say most bishops have watered down the 5 Commandment to make life easier for themselves.   The one exception is Bishop Gracida who is copied on this email.

 Sally, you sent a letter to ALL the US bishops re this issue and did not hear back in substance from a single one.  

A few years ago I had the experience of working directly against a representative of the Church in the Diocese of Raleigh on legislation re End of Life.

Bishop Gracida came to Raleigh in 2015.  Bishop Burbidge tried to tell me that his visit should not have happened since no permission to come was given by Bishop Burbidge.  Wrong!  Private visits are not controlled by the local bishop.  

We stand with the truth. That is the best we can do.  MOST OF ALL, THANK YOU  Bishop Gracida for telling the truth about what has happened to the papacy. 

Praying to the Holy Ghost for inspiration in these dark days.

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