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After Federal Judge Blasts the DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE the Corrupt Agency Continues to Violate the Decision of the Court and disclose the content of the files.

The FBI’s shocking attack on Donald Trump continues to rage. The agency tried to stop a judge from selecting a neutral third party to review the documents they stole from Mar-a-Largo.

But the main focus of the left’s claims against 45 is that his keeping of classified documents was a threat to the country. Those documents should have gone to the government, where they would have been safe.

Bull. For years, Trump held onto those documents. And nobody saw them. But the moment the FBI got its greasy hands on these “top secret” docs, they started leaking to the press.

In fact, the federal judge overseeing this case rebuked the DOJ for leaking so much. But only days after she blasted them, they did it again.

Just days after a Florida judge scolded the feds about leaks in the wake of the FBI’s raid of former President Trump’s Florida home, anonymous sources have again spilled secrets damaging to Trump…

“For the same reasons — chiefly, the risk that the Government’s filter review process will not adequately safeguard Plaintiff’s privileged and personal materials in terms of exposure to either the Investigative Team or the media — Plaintiff has sufficiently established irreparable injury,” Cannon wrote…

In a footnote in her decision, Cannon said she had queried the DOJ about the leaks, which started immediately after the raid and included unsubstantiated claims Trump had nuclear secrets and a photo of documents spread out on the floor of Trump’s home. [Source: Daily Wire]

Are you serious!? When Trump held onto these documents, they were literally kept under lock and key. There was little chance anyone outside of Trump would see them (unless you think Trump was willing to had top secret documents to the liberal media).

But the moment the FBI took those documents, they started leaking to the Washington Post. And just days after Judge Cannon rebuked the DOJ for doing this, they did it again. Once again, the Washington Post claims unnamed sources told them something about the documents Trump had.

Previously, the Washington Post wrongly claimed that Trump was holding onto nuclear weapons documents–and that was the reason for the raid. But the search warrant made no mention of such documents, proving that to be a lie.

Now, the same outlet is pushing more claims, possibly from a DOJ agent who can’t keep his mouth shut.

Are we really going to believe these documents are safer in the hands of corrupt idiots with a political agenda? Trump had no reason to leak this information to the public. As president, he declassified all this information but kept it secure.

Biden’s DOJ is so sloppy, so corrupt, that they’d accuse Trump of the very things they are guilty of.

But we are supposed to believe Trump is the enemy here?

Author: Kit Fargo

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