A-Lister Slams Liberal California–Exposes Radical Agenda of Left-Wing State

It’s been well documented that thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of Americans have been fleeing left-wing California. This has been going on before 2020, but the exodus sped up after Democrats shut down the state. Countless Americans got fed up with California’s high taxes, rampant crime, unchecked homelessness, and increasing cost of living.

It’s getting so bad, the leftist Gov. Newsom has started a feud with Florida’s Republican governor, in a pathetic attempt to discourage people from leaving.

But the exodus continues. Even the rich celebrity elite are ditching the once-Golden State for greener pastures. Podcaster Joe Rogan famously ditched LA for Austin, Texas. And now, an A-lister Hollywood star is pulling up stakes–for the sake of his family.

Action star Mark Wahlberg has said goodbye to Hollywood and moved his family to Nevada, a simple choice he said made “to give my kids a better life.”


Departing the Democrat stronghold of California and what he has previously decried as the “Hollywood bubble” helped in that process.

“That is the biggest challenge,” he outlined. “Every free moment that I have, I’m at home.”

The 51-year-old Boston native is committed to creating a “state-of-the-art studio” in Nevada “and make this Hollywood 2.0” while spending as much time as he can with his family.

Wahlberg has similar plans for “a shoe factory and a factory for Municipal,” the Sport Utility Gear apparel company he co-founded. [Source: Breitbart]

Wahlberg took his family from California and resettled them in Nevada. He said it was so he could find a balance between raising his family and pursuing his business.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The businessman and actor wants to “work from home.” He intends to build a “state-of-the-art” studio. He also intends to set up his shoe factory and a factory for his apparel company nearby.

Now, why did he has to move to Nevada to build his companies and still stay close to home? Um… because businesses large and small are fleeing California to set up shop somewhere else.

California’s insanely high property taxes, not to mention business taxes, and state income tax, are driving companies out of the state.

Wahlberg is not stupid. If he really wants his companies to succeed, he needed to get out of California. He could have built his factories and studio anywhere, but because he wanted to also stay close to his family, he moved the whole clan to a state with lower taxes, property costs, and significantly less crime.

It’s a no-brainer. Which is why countless families and companies are fleeing Newsom’s hellscape.

Wahlberg admitted that he also moved so his kids could pursue their dreams. I guess Nevada is a better state in which children can grow, learn, and thrive. Even with all of his wealth, Wahlberg wasn’t going to risk his kids’ future in California.

Author: Bo Dogan

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