Flashback: Is “Petrifying” Fear Keeping Francis, the King of the “Fear Factor,” in Power?

Today, Crux’s headline was “Church must deal with ‘fear factor’ keeping bad bishops in power.” The pro-gay website said:

“’Fear’ is a word you see a lot in the 60-page report on Bishop Michael Bransfield, which was published on Monday by the Washington Post.”

“… The report is a tale of an often-intoxicated predator, freely spending the diocese’s money, with no check on his power.”

“This behavior, according to the report, even predated Bransfield’s time as a bishop, with reports of misbehavior going back to his time at Washington’s Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, where he spent most of his priestly career before his episcopal appointment.”

“Witnesses reported sexual comments, unwanted touching, and other harassment and abuse throughout Bransfield’s career, but no one said anything.’

“… Why? Fear.”

“Priests and seminarians knew their careers were in the hands of the bishop; this is especially true of seminarians, who could easily be denied ordination if they reported Bransfield’s behavior.”

“… In other words, it’s easy for a bad bishop to use fear to act with impunity, as we have seen not only in the career of Bransfield, but also with that of ex-Cardinal Theodore McCarrick – a co-consecrator of Bransfield – and the deceased founder of the Legion of Christ, Father Marcial Maciel Degollado. (coincidentally, the Legion just published its own report on sexual abuse within their religious congregation.)”

More troubling is the story behind the publication of the report. Although written in February, it has not been officially released by the Church. Officials in Wheeling-Charleston and Baltimore have told the press the report is the property of the Holy See, and not theirs to release – and according to the Post, have even refused to give it to civil authorities that have requested the document”
[https://cruxnow.com/news-analysis/2019/12/church-must-deal-with-fear-factor-keeping-bad-bishops-in-power/ ]

Why would Francis’s Vatican not release the “fear factor” report?

Might it be because Francis is the king of the “fear factor”?

Remember when Vatican Expert Edward Pentin reported “40 to 70 Cardinals” are silent because of their petrifying fear of Francis and his Vatican. Pentin said:

“I was told earlier this year by a senior prelate that there is great concern by a good number of Cardinals about this pontificate and I also heard from another well placed source that… their estimate of about 40 to 70 Cardinals want a change, they are very concern, but they are simply petrified about speaking out.”
(Fr. Z’s Blog, November 4, 2017, “Edward Pentin’s talk at the Catholic Identity Conference 2017,” Quote from video in post)

That these Cardinals by their silence appear willing to betray their most cherish beliefs is the conclusion one gets from the video.

Even one source told Pentin that they know that they will have to answer to God on why they were silent during this crisis.

Fr. Z speaking of the video and Pentin said:

“Edward Pentin – at present the best English language Vaticanista in Rome – gave a talk at a conference.”

“There is a video of his talk. You might give it a shot.”

“Pentin, a sharp and reasonable guy, touches on a lot of sore points.”

“We have to stop blowing happy gas all around, as if everything in the Church was great. It’s not great.”


These Cardinals that Pentin speaks of in the video by their silence appear willing to betray their most cherish beliefs.

In fact, Francis appointed Cardinal Blase Cupich said that bishops and Catholics must betray their most “cherished beliefs” which he associates with “and long-held biases” to follow Francis:

“It is our job to take up that discernment. It takes time. It involves discipline. Most importantly it requires that we be prepared to let go of cherished beliefs and long-held biases.” (November 2, 2017, LifeSiteNews, “Catholics must let go of ‘cherished beliefs’ to ‘discern’ like Pope Francis: U.S. Cardinal” [https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/catholics-must-let-go-of-cherished-beliefs-to-discern-like-pope-francis-u.s])

Pray for the 40 to 70 Cardinals not commit the sin of omission by silence and call a imperfect council to investigate and judge Francis’s heresies, conclave and the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Say a Our Father now for this intention.

John F. Kennedy said…

Pray for an imperfect Council to affirm that there as been no “Francis” pontificate due the partial resignation of B16.

10:49 AM 

Fr. VF said…

“Even one source told Pentin that they know that they will have to answer to God on why they were silent during this crisis.”

Translated into English: “Even one source told Pentin that HE KNOWS that HE will have to answer to God on why HE WAS silent during this crisis.”

2:45 PM 

Alexis Bugnolo said…

The intelligence gathered by Fred here is an action item for the whole Church. WE NEED TO IDENTIFY AND CONTACT these 40 to 70 Cardinals and get them to call an imperfect Synod.

I have been tasked by Bishop Gracida to contact one of them, I would appreciate volunteers forming a team to do this work. Blogging is not going to solve the process, we must move to lobbying. I would especially invite experts in this practice who realize that getting the problems solved at the Vatican is the best strategy for human salvation right now.

10:20 PM 

Fred Martinez said…

Br. Bugnolo,

You might want to contact Fr. David Nix. He has publicly stated on his blog that he knows one cardinal who supports Bishop Gracida’s and your analysis of the Pope Benedict XVI resignation. I exchanged emails with him. I cannot speak on what our email exchange was about because he has not given me permission, but it might be important for someone besides me to contact him. Fr. Nix’s blog is padreperegrino.org.

10:42 PM 

Unknown said…

Why not simply write an old-fashioned letter to ALL cardinals as all bishops as well with a clear message/question demanding to act?
Plus publishing the same letter as an open letter, asking as many as possible Catholic sites, blogs and papers (even those which justly can be considered with small “c”) in many languages, or at least world languages as English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portugees, Latin too…

In That way they should be able to see that there is a certain, nay, a GREAT amount of the Faithfull Catholics in the world who really cares. And will support them in everything they need.

I suggest that also all online participants in this supports each others with simply putting the links bellow their article (open letter) of all others who are doing the same.

That will be a lot of work indeed, and requires a good coordinating, but with God’s grace we can do that!

“Quid ergo dicemus ad haec? si Deus pro nobis, qui contra nos?” (Romans 8,31)

Ivan Tomas

12:43 AM 

Paolo84 said…

Investigative journalists should also deepen and intensify their work and expose the truth.

9:32 AM 

jac said…

I Believe there never were so many high ranked cowards in the Catholic Church since centuries.
What are they afraid of ? Losing their confortable home, their car with driver, their ability to travel everywhere in the world, their tasteful dinners in the trattorias ?
Jesus in his time complained of not even having a place to rest his head…

2:10 PM 

Praypraypray said…

God bless all of the solid Catholic people, (priests, religious, lay people, including investigative reporters, writers, bloggers, & commenters), who are fighting for the One, True, Holy Catholic & Apostolic Church. God bless especially, Archbishop Vigano, Bishop Gracida, Fred Martinez & his Catholic Monitor, Brother Alexis Bugnolo, Ann Barnhardt & her site, Edward Pentin & his reporting, Fr. Z. & his site, & Frank Walker & his Canon212, & the many solid Catholic sites & blogs, writers & commenters I’ve found there. Thank you for another excellent, thought provoking article, Mr. Martinez. The Edward Pentin talk is very powerful.
I’ll be praying for your prayer request…
Thanks to all solid, prayerful Catholics. God bless you all. God bless the Holy Catholic Church.

11:07 AM 

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