If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools. Plato

December 8, 2022
Special Edition Leftwing Hysteria and the  Art of the Psychodrama. By: Victor Davis Hanson December 2, 2022(This is Part 3 following parts 1 & 2 published last Sunday)  The Brawley-Sharpton legacy can help to explain these latter psychodramas like the Smollett caper and the Duke Lacrosse lies. Fabricated “racist” physical or verbal attacks on innocent people of color feed national hysteria. They are usually followed by the embarrassing truth that causes no embarrassment, much less apologies. Instead, again for the nth time, the general leftwing argument posits that even if the event did not happen, then at least it called attention to the claim that there was no reason that it could not have happened. Among the concocted evidence of collective racism are the now hundreds of magically appearing pieces of rope or the notes with n-words plastered over dorm doors or university buildings that magically surfaced over the last three or four decades. All remind us that America has far too many oppressed for the shrinking number of oppressors, and a shortage of victimizers to supply the growing demand of the victimized. The imbalance explains the “Hands up, don’t shoot”Ferguson myth that aired ad nauseam on cable television. And we recall the doctored George Zimmerman photo and edited 911 tape, along with the New York Times’ new racial categorization of “white Hispanic.” Those props helped grow the fable of a near defenseless, diminutive teen Trayvon Martin as the object of a one-sided brutal hate crime attack by a virtually white-Germanic male bully. Almost any event can serve as the means for wider utilitarian progressive ends. Take the case of the victimized and injured Paul Pelosi. He was mysteriously attacked in his own home by a sometimes homeless, sometimes commune-living illegal alien. The assailant is a former hemp-jewelry maker, nudist, and certified crank. Sometimes, he spouted right-wing craziness. Sometimes he was living Sixties-style amid BLM and pride flags. But mostly we still have no idea of how Mr. DePape drove to?, walked to?, or rode to? the Pelosi residence or why police and news accounts seemed always to have metamorphosized. But again, who cares? The news takeaway from the Pelosi attack was that you, reader, were responsible, as a conservative American who spouts hate speech that prompts an otherwise sane DePape to act out YOUR Trump/MAGA/rightwing hatred—and, who knew?, all just before the midterm elections! More recently, a deranged shooter with a history of both mental illness and felonious behavior, begin shooting randomly, and in five instances fatally, in a gay bar in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Before the public had any facts about the shooter or the circumstances of the gruesome mass murdering, the media rushed to condemnation believing it had yet another golden moment to exploit. It raced to get out the narrative of turning an insane criminal into a tool of conservative “homophobia”—until the facts overwhelmed the lies and the shooter and the citizen hero who stopped him no longer fit the narrative, at least for now. When it turned out the killer claimed he was “non-binary” and was stopped from further carnage by a former combat veteran there in the bar with his wife and kids, facts still could not imperil the “narrative”:homophobia was on the rise due to the MAGA Trumpists and the rightwing, Christian intolerance of an ossified Colorado Springs. These creations are never retracted. Once institutionalized, they can end up in presidential speeches, and will become the stuff of more Joe Biden “semi-fascist”/”un-American” rants. Many psychodramas are also a matter of timing and closely birthed to the elections, as the Pelosi/MAGA-inspired myth attests. We may be mired in a ruinous stagflation. We may suffer near-record violent crime spikes. A destroyed border has redefined America into something like the frontiers of Rome circa AD 450. Purchasing gasoline and diesel may require not buying meat. Again, no matter. On the eve of the midterms, we were treated to another variety of patently obvious, embarrassing, and adolescent presidential psychodramas. Among them were the buyoffs of amnesty for some $500 billion in student loan debts, and amnesty for federal marijuana convictions, and a few cents of temporarily cheaper gas obtained by draining the strategic petroleum reserve. We laughed at the transparent pandering. But the Left remembered the dictum of their departed saint, the late Sen. Harry Reid. He later snarked of his pre-2012-election lies about a supposedly tax-cheating candidate Mitt Romney (“So the word is out that he has not paid any taxes for ten years. Let him prove that he has paid taxes because he hasn’t.”): “Well, they can call it whatever they want—Romney didn’t win, did he?” If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.Plato

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