St. Nathaniel
February 15, 2023

“In all the tangles, the knots, and the twists of life,
One’s soul can become frayed,
And there is only one way that the soul can then be restored or renewed,
And that is when it rests in Christ. 
The world offers a multitude of so-called solutions,
And men rush here and rush there,
But can find no peace,
For the soul responds only to the One who speaks its language.
For who else can sing the song that the soul will recognize,
And who else can author the words that calls its name?

Oh, how I longed to reach all men with this truth when I walked the earth,
And how now I desire, and heaven permits, to give words that will resonate
Within the hearts of any who hear –
That there is no solution for the soul that is worn and frayed
From the evil in the world which grabs at its coattails,
Attempting to unravel a thread here and a thread there –
But Jesus Christ.
For only in Him does the soul find rest,
And the fingerprints of demons are washed away,
And the soul emerges pristine and renewed.

May all whose souls are tattered and torn
Lay their hands in the wounded hands of Christ,
And place their souls into His keeping,
For therein is healing for the frayed souls of men.
For Christ has not left man alone,
Vulnerable and under attack,
But instead has agreed to be always in their midst,
Giving living water for their parched souls.

Although the world seems to be collapsing around you,
And although evil seems to reign unimpeded,
Do not be dismayed,
For Christ stands with open arms,
And in Him will the soul find rest and be restored.

Men travel from spring to spring,
And finding that one has become dry,
Then travel on to the next one.
But in Christ there is a fountain that never runs dry
Where the soul can drink deeply and be filled.

Christ calls out to all men: 
“Do not attempt to patch the holes in your soul
With the fabric of the world,
For this fabric will tear away and leave more damage.
Come unto Me, for in Me will your soul be restored.”


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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