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Hello and welcome to my YouTube channel! The primary purpose of this blog is sharing about the Traditional Catholic Faith, in addition to some political commentary. I am blessed with a wonderful family. As a young person in my 20s, I started this channel and other social media sites to help share the faith and connect with others. Thank you for visiting my blog. -Justin 

Losing the TLM, where do we go from here? 

Disclaimer- Obviously, it would be nice to have the full 1962 Tridentine Latin Mass. However, if it goes away, my family and I are certainly frustrated with such. However, what I am getting at is some people are attending and/or will attend the Novus Ordo by circumstance and/or choice. 

Even if my family and I decide to move for the FSSP, for example, this post mainly deals with what to do in the interim if you lose the TLM. I also include some helpful links at the end.Whether or not you do the same things, or whether or not any interim solution(s) become permanent is up to you, and it depends on many things. What works for one family may or may not work for another. My hope is that the information posted here can be information that you may take to your families, friends, fellow parishioners, your parishes etc. You can also provide this information to peopel of goodwill to help them understand all that is going on!

Note: the 23 Eastern Catholic Rite Liturgies are fully valid options for those that desire them, or by circumstances go to them.My family and I would go to them if it is available. We are learning more about them. Not sure if they use missals, feel free to comment down below if you know of what they are called in the Eastern Rite and where one can obtain them. 

Going to, and/or implementing Reverent Novus Ordo and “High Novus Ordo” 

Obviously, every and all Novus Ordo Masses should be reverent. There are many reasons for this that I do not have time to get into in this post. Simply put, here are some practical things to do if you loose the TLM in your area (and presuming you don’t go to the Eastern Rite by circumstance and/or choice). My family and I love a reverent Novus Ordo (whether or not we stay long term for a reverent Novus Ordo is a separate discussion). 

Reverent Novus Ordo (and this includes how Vatican II intended) everywhere

(1) First, foremost, most importantly, a reverent Novus Ordo consists of Eucharistic reverence. Specifically, the Ordinary Minister(s) distribute the Holy Eucharist. If a parish, (rightly or wrongly), feels the need to use Extraordinary Ministers, then they can only use acolytes and/or seminarians and be catechized on why this is. We need to be truthful and honest regarding this, when speaking to our families, our friends, parishioners, Deacons, Priests and everyone else. If nothing else, this is the absolute priority in this regard. 2,3, and 4 flow from this. In other words, this first step is first and foremost. Of course, to only have the Priests and Deacons distributing the Holy Eucharist is the ultimate goal! Support your priests when making these changes. They may very well receive push back from some in these roles. The goal should be to find something else the person is comfortable being involved in besides altar stuff. 

(2) Revert to altar boys, assisted by older acolytes (Men) and seminarians. 

(3) Only sacred music. Possibly use some Latin during parts of the Mass, such as Kyrie, as well as opening sign of the cross and final blessing. This is a basic thing that would be very easy for the congregation to learn. 

(4) Subdued and/or eliminated sign of peace.

(5) Theology is not watered down .

Solemn Novus Ordo 

(1) Latin said for most if not all of the Mass 

(2) Ad- Orientum during the Eucharistic prayers 

(3) The priest or Deacon incenses the Gospel. 

(4) Incense is used for the Holy Eucharist 

Of course, it goes without saying, 1-4 of reverent Novus Ordo are also always done in a “Solemn Novus Ordo” Mass, as they would (and should) be done in each and all Novus Ordo Masses. Period. Further, a “solemn Novus Ordo” complete with Ad-Orientum and Latin for the Mass is what this would look like. 

Various missals you may want to consider

1962 Tridentine Mass Daily Missal (this is the one I use). Comes with many things for outside of Mass too! Highly love it!

1962  Tridentine Mass- Latin-English Booklet Missal- $4.95

Novus Ordo Daily Missal (with side-by side Latin Translations, and other helpful texts)

Other helpful links, YouTube Channels and blogs:

ACatholicWife on Youtube. She has a really great way of putting things. Her entire channel and all the videos can be found here:

ACatholicwife also has a website where she offers mens prayer battle plans and womens prayer journals. See website for details on those and several more products!

I also am a big supporter of Tim Gordon, who was also very encouraging to my family and I, and we got to a better area geographically.

Want to find a reverent Mass, be it TLM (obviously), Novus Ordo or Eastern? This site has you covered:

Finally,  His Excellency Bishop Rene Gracida still blogs and re-blogs. He turns 100 this year. Please consider reading his wonderful blog, filled with lots of helpful information. If you also want to contact him directly, you may do so, as he lists his preferred contact information there on the blog.

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