Words of Mary
December 13, 2022

I bring you the peace and light of the sleeping Christ child.
I watched Him sleep that night, you know.
I kissed His tiny fingers and toes as He slept upon the straw,
Newborn and yet eternal, with no beginning or end.
I felt a mother’s desire to protect Him from the night,
And yet the night’s darkness could not overcome His light,
For indeed His arrival pierced the night and sent it scurrying
Into the very corners of our humble shelter.
For inside this sleeping baby was the light of a thousand stars,
That although contained unseen within Him,
Burst forth within my heart when I looked at Him,
And caused even simple shepherds to glow that night.

I bring you the joy and the love of the sleeping Christ child.
I watched Him sleep that night, you know.
I kissed His cheeks and murmured words of love,
As He opened His eyes, and love itself looked back at me. 
And I was filled with the joy of this new life,
And I thought of all that I would show Him of this world,
Even as the world held its breath, and stars danced in the sky,
Acknowledging that this small baby held the secret of their creation.
For although the tiny fingers held no scepter,
And there was no crown upon His head,
He was more a King than any king who had ever lived,
As He had always been, and was now, and would always be.

I bring you the hope and the promise of the sleeping Christ child.
I watched Him sleep that night, you know.
I kissed His brow and stroked His hair,
And thought of how I would guide His steps,
Even as angels watched in awe, and demons trembled in fear,
At the birth of this child who held the wisdom of heaven,
And the hope of all mankind.
And although hope was tangible in His presence,
As He looked at me, I saw more than hope in His gaze,
For as He waved tiny hands, and moved tiny feet,
The despair of all the ages was dispelled,
And in its place hope, bursting forth like a thousand roses
Brought the aroma of a promise
Which permeated the air and covered the earth,
With each wave of His tiny hands.


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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3 Responses to WORDS OF MARY

  1. Nance Shaw says:

    How beautiful!

  2. Mary D says:

    Love this! So beautiful! I can relate ! Watching
    Him sleep, kissing the little feet and toes!
    Yes! I remember !
    Dearest Mother Mary..

  3. Liz Froelich says:

    Dear Bishop Gracida, Thank you for this beautiful and inspiring prose. I will read it to Camille Giglio when I visit next. Thank you, also, for your messages and commentaries that educate and inform me. Your friend in Our Lord and Our Lady, Liz Froelich

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