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IT MAY SURPRISE YOU TO LEARN THAT IN OUR PRESENT MOMENT OF CRISIS WE CAN LEARN LESSONS WE MUST HEED TODAY FROM THE HISTORY OF THE BATTLE OF GETTYSBURG.ECHOES FROM GETTYSBURG: LESSONS WE MUST HEED TODAY By: E.P. Unum April 3, 2023 After a three-day battle against the …As an avid observer of politics since my undergraduate days at Berkeley 50 years ago, I concur with the Civil War analogy that more astute observers have recently made; the United States is in a similar predicament to pre-Civil War 1860 America. Lincoln could not safely detrain in confederate sympathizing Baltimore on his way to his inauguration. The polarization of America is almost complete along the lines of rural vs. urban, red vs. blue, progressive vs. traditional, left vs. right. The tragedy is that the 60s Boomers have gone all in for a prog, liberal takeover of fundamentally a status quo/conservative historical people desiring limited government. The in-your-face-ism, SJW fascism of the covid plandemic organizers and coup cabal is pushing for complete chaos. That may indeed occur much to the dismay of we who do remember history. Those of the Biden, Pelosi, Feinstein, Schumer ilk once screamed “baby killers” at young returning Vietnam Vets who thought they were supporting stability have become the true “baby killer abortionists” and advocates of family collapse and the unreal definitions of gender identification. Trump is not without baggage, BUT he did not say one untruth after his NYC arraignment. He is more complex than I originally thought, definitely more on top of his game than Brandon in his basement. Before the Civil War, grammar examples included the term “the United States of America ARE” a federation of democratic states. After the Civil War, conventional grammar standardized the “United States IS” a unified country even during Reconstruction. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the United States are a polarized political entity with diminishing capacity to regroup under current leadership. A timely resurrection of national identity is needed or the polarization and complete delegitimization of the American Experiment will be chaotically achieved. Pay attention Citizens!

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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