“A Republic, If You Can Keep It.”

Keep It, We Must.

By: Stanley Ralph

April 28, 2023

 Like last time, Trump seems to be on a scorched earth path against all comers.  Since all the candidates are more or less on the same policy path, this opens again a very destructive course.  Attack, attack, attack.  Lose, lose, lose. 

Trump, especially, is attacking the wrong guy.  Biden is the enemy, not DeSantis. 

I tire of Trump, but he is a force of nature like no other.  In battle, if you have an unstoppable force with a bad attitude or a better-than-average force with a more pleasant attitude, you must pick the unstoppable force. 

Trump vs DeSantis is destructive to both. They batter each other, draining money… for what?  A “victor” in the end, having exposed all the bad in both of them.  Who benefits?  The vicious Biden machine. 

Why do this?   Why not bury the hatchet?  They actually complement each other very well.  And look at the two potential First/Second Ladies.  What better pair to bring back the America we love and miss so dearly?  The Constitutional Normalcy, our Republic, recovered from the clutches of Marxism. 

DeSantis has been very careful not to attack Trump.  Imagine a Trump/DeSantis ticket.  Potentially, a 12-16 year run.  DeSantis is the perfect understudy.  If they announced a unity ticket early, everyone else would need to recede.  The debates just tear open wounds.  If Dems won’t debate, then why should R’s?  Trump already hinted at not going. 

Note that Pompeo took a pass.  That is the key move. 

I know, I know.  Trump again?  Sounds exhausting.  But we need more than a wrecking ball now.  We need a political nuclear option to defeat the onset of Marxism. 

Joe Biden, a bumbling and stumbling shell of a politician, who can’t even remember what country he last visited (your beloved Ireland last week, Jack!) is nothing more than a rusting hood ornament on an authoritarian bullet train.  Someone is at the controls, but clearly, it’s not Biden.  Add the growing Biden criminal grifting enterprise, and we just don’t know who is rooting for whom.  Whether Soros or China or both, our country is in grave danger.   

Time to set aside all the happy talk formalities of the Ronna McDaniel RNC fairyland and form up behind our best and brightest warriors, giving them the political weapons they will need to save America.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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