by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

With the flick of the switch, Italy has moved from one of the countries where the Catholic Faith enjoyed the greatest civil liberty to a nation with more persecution than Marxist China. To merely list the stories of the outrageous things happening is sufficient to show how the so-called stay-at-home decrees implemented by an illegal Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers (the Italian Prime Minister) at request of the World Health Organization, are not about preventing the spread of the virus which apparently kills no one but those already sick, but about suppressing the Catholic religion completely.

Don Domenic Cirigliano, pastor of Rocca Imperiale, decided to do what he could to give his parishioners some comfort, seeing that the Decrees forbade him to distribute the Sacraments. So he carried a large Crucifix — in which in 1691 human blood miraculously gushed forth from the wounds of the image of Christ — through the streets of the town and blessed the homes of the faithful as he passed. The Police fined him 400 Euros and the Mayor put him under house arrest for 2 weeks! He was officially charged with inciting a procession, because some faithful followed at a distance behind him, during his walk through the town with the Cross!

Don Cirigliano is a great priest. As an example to all of Italy, he has publicly stated that he will not pay the fine! When asked why he thinks he was fined, he said, “They want to fine the Church!”

On March 25, the pastors of four parishes and the Mayor of Giulianova held Mass at the Sanctuary of Our Lady of the Splendor, and afterwards the Mayor consecrated his city to the Blessed Virgin. All the rules for social distancing were observed and the event was televised to 4000 residents. There were less than 10 persons present. The next day, those participating in the Mass were informed that they had been denounced to the local Prosecutor who was opening a misdemeanor case against each of them, including the Mayor!

But by far the worse outrage so far, was the sacrilege of the Mass at the Parish of Saint Francis of Assisi in Civitavecchia: a large church build in the round, below the town in a residential quarter for upper scale housing. The Mass was broadcast on live streaming and the faithful gathered in small numbers on their own initiative outside the Church looking through the open doors. The Mayor, as soon as he knew of it, ordered the police to break it up. So two officers of the city police entered the Church in violation of the Lateran Pact and arrested the priest as he sat in the Sanctuary, even though he had violated no aspect of the Decrees for Coronavirus. — However, later it came to the fore, that the Mayor is a radical pro LGBT advocate and had battled with the priest for years over the issue. He apparently saw his opportunity to take vendetta and he did.

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Oh My, Interesting Ramifications – FISA Court Requires DOJ/FBI To Provide Names of Targets Within Corrupt Surveillance Applications…

Posted on April 3, 2020 by sundance

Things are getting interesting, potential ramifications are growing, as the FISA Court responds to the latest information from the DOJ Office of Inspector General (OIG).

After a review of 29 FISA applications, from eight FBI field offices, the OIG informed the FBI and DOJ that none of the surveillance applications were compliant with the Woods procedures. Meaning zero applications had FBI evidence to support the validity of the claims within the FISA warrants.  That’s a very big problem if those FISA warrants were used to gather evidence used to prosecute the 29 targets of the applications.

In a FISC order released today [pdf here] presiding Judge James Boasberg is ordering the FBI to identify who those targets were; and asking the DOJ to explain what they did with the evidence gathered as a result of the fraudulently obtained FISA warrants.  Big.

[pdf here]

If evidence obtained by execution of a fraudulently obtained warrant was used in the prosecution of any of those targets; there’s a possibility those cases will be reopened.

Considering the twenty nine applications from the OIG go back to 2015, there’s a lot of potential for some downstream consequences not only for those 29 applications, but also for all FBI FISA applications with a similar level of neglect.

In the issue of the Carter Page application the DOJ and FBI were already looking into how far the ripple effects carried.  The FBI was already undertaking a ‘sequestration effort’ to identify the fruit of the poisonous tree; and the results are still unknown.

This order from Judge Boasberg essentially expands that type of review upon another 29 applications and demands the DOJ identify to the court who were the targets.  The court can then, on their own, look and see if any of those U.S. persons were prosecuted in court.

This is a hot mess…. And it is far from over.

You can read Boasberg’s order HERE.

BACKSTORY – The OIG began reviewing FISA applications from eight field offices (the proverbial “rank and file”). The OIG selected 29 FISA applications from those field offices over the period of October 2014 to September 2019. Additionally, every field office and the DOJ-NSD generate internal “Accuracy Reviews”, or self-checks on FISA applications; so the OIG inspected 42 of the accuracy review FISA files to determine if they were compliant.

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The results were so bad the IG produced an interim memorandum to the DOJ and FBI [pdf link here]. Within the 17-page-memo the IG notifies Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Chris Wray that all of the claimed FISA processes, in every field office, are grossly deficient, and in most cases there is zero compliance with FISA standards. The IG memorandum is presented before the IG even looks at the specifics of the non-compliance.

Below is the report/memorandum. Additionally I am summarizing the stunning top-lines identified by the IG memo:

  • The IG reviewed 29 FISA applications, surveillance warrants, used against U.S. persons.
  • The 29 FISA applications were from eight different field offices.
  • The FISA applications were from Oct/2014 through Sept/2019.
  • All of the FISA applications reviewed were approved by the FISA court.

The ‘Woods File’ is the mandatory FBI evidence file that contains the documentary proof to verify all statements against U.S. persons that are contained in the FISA application. Remember, this is a secret court, the FISA applications result in secret surveillance and wiretaps against U.S. persons outside the fourth amendment.

♦ Within the 29 FISA applications reviewed, four were completely missing the Woods File. Meaning there was zero supportive evidence for any of the FBI claims against U.S. persons underpinning the FISA application. [ie. The FBI just made stuff up]

♦ Of the remaining 25 FISA applications, 100% of them, all of them, were materially deficient on the woods file requirement; and the average number of deficiencies per file was 20. Meaning an average of twenty direct statements against the target, supporting the purpose of the FISA application, sworn by the FBI affiant, were unsubstantiated. [The low was 5, the high was 63, the average per file was 20]

♦ Half of the FISA applications reviewed used Confidential Human Sources (CHS’s). The memo outlines that “many” of applications containing CHS claims had no supportive documentation attesting to the dependability of the CHS.

♦ Two of the 25 FISA applications reviewed had renewals; meaning the FISA applications were renewed to extended surveillance, wiretaps, etc. beyond the initial 90-days. None of the renewals had any re-verification. Both FISAs that used renewals were not compliant.

But wait… it gets worse.

The DOJ and FBI have an internal self-check mechanism. The DOJ National Security Division (DOJ-NSD) chief counsel, and the chief counsel for every FBI field office are required to conduct an “Accuracy Review” of selected FISA applications. One per field office (25 to 30 field offices),which are also sent to DOJ-NSD (main justice) for general counsel inspection.

Keep in mind, these “accuracy reviews” are known in advance, so the FBI has all the time in the world to select the best FISA file for review. Additionally, I surmise the OIG wanted to inspect the “accuracy review” FISA’s because they would show the best light on the overall system itself. The OIG was looking for the best, most compliant, product to report on.

However, when the OIG inspected 42 of these Accuracy Reviews, the IG identified that only three of them had accurately assembled documents (Woods File) supporting the application. The error rate within the files self-checked was over 93%.

So the best FBI files are selected to undergo the FBI and DOJ-NSD accuracy review. The accuracy review takes place by FBI legal counsel and DOJ-NSD legal counsel. However, the IG finds that only three FBI applications in the accuracy reviews were compliant.

The error rate in the files undertaken by the internal accuracy review was over 93% (3 compliant out of 42 reviewed). These were the FISA files with the greatest possibility of being accurate. Let that sink in…

Here’s the OIG Report/Memorandum:

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Book review:


Christian Order is a British international monthly devoted to the defence and propagation of the One True Faith – Catholic, Apostolic and Roman – through incisive comment on current affairs in Church and State; at home and abroad.

November 2019

Book Review

AUNT THOMMIE’S CABIN: OR LIFE AMONG THE LOWEST by Guy McClung. Bloomington, IN: WestBow Press, June 2019. 154 pp + vi. ISBN: 9781973666837. Prices: $13.95 softcover, $30.95 hardcover, $3.95 E-book. Phone: 1 866 928 120 (U.S.). Or visit 


Since WestBow is an offshoot of Zondervan, an Evangelical Protestant Press, I was puzzled that a plainly Catholic novel would be published in this venue, but, as I will show, the ‘Epilogue’ explains all this.

The Foreword informs us that 60 million babies have been killed since Roe v Wade, 18 million of them African-American babies.

The Afterword consists of excerpts from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or Life among the Lowly (1852), revealing that abortion is the mirror image of slavery.

Stowe writes that the law considers slaves ‘as so many things’ and gives their owners such ‘absolute control’ over them that ‘he who does the worst’ merely uses ‘the power that the law gives him’. Slavery is basically the ‘appropriating of one set of human beings to the use and improvement of another without any regard to their own’.

Like those defending abortion today, defenders of slavery said it was not a question of ‘private feelings’ but of ‘great public interests’.

Dr. McClung’s novel is about Harriet, a recently orphaned girl who was raped by her pastor and is now pregnant. The high-school counsellor drives her to the local ‘Preferred Personhood’ to be examined. They walk past the pro-life ‘protesters’ and among them is John Carter, an elderly man who drives regularly from nearby Canada to recite the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet on his knees in front of the abortuary.

Harriet goes in, duly signs the papers making the abortionists the owners of her offspring, and is then falsely registered as ‘Gwen’, a woman of 19 who is 13 weeks pregnant, when Harriet is actually a girl of 15 who is 27 weeks pregnant. Such lies are routine.

The tests reveal that in her womb there are identical twins who have Down Syndrome, a finding that drives the director of the abortuary wild with anticipation, since she knows there is currently a great demand for ‘trisomy tissues’ in research laboratories.

She knows that many millions will be earned from the bodies of these twins, especially if they can be brought to term and shipped out alive: ‘live means big bucks’. After all, ‘We own the tissue and the organs’.

So when the day for the delayed abortion arrives, the operating room has two cribs waiting for the twins. Upon seeing this, the high-school counsellor has a change of heart and tells Harriet to run for it. Chaos erupts and the abortionists, convinced that the pro-life ‘protesters’ have kidnapped Harriet, call in the police and the FBI.

The rest of the novel is a page-turner about how John Carter helps Harriet escape to her Aunt Thommie’s cabin on the border of Canada and how the desperate abortionists come in hot pursuit after their valuable ‘property’.

Throughout the novel Dr. McClung emphasises how much the abortion industry is about profits: it thrives from selling ‘live brains’, ‘$4,500 kidneys’ and ‘$6,000 eyes’. Abortionists drive expensive cars and millions of dollars go to politicians who make it ‘all legal’ while pretending to be champions of freedom and rights.

In the brief 2-page Epilogue, the author is seething with indignation over the recent crisis in the ‘American Catholic Church’.

He informs us that the one who raped Harriet was Monsignor Pravus, a sodomite of the bisexual kind, and that twelve boys and a few girls have alleged  that they were assaulted by him when they attended the ‘Maria Goretti teen youth group at the parish’.

When law officers come to question Pravus, he is discovered to have committed suicide. His bishop then claims that ‘there have been no credible allegations against this priest’, and the chancellor of the diocese (who is named Styx, after the river in Hades) will ‘neither confirm nor deny that over 26 million dollars has been paid out’ in the past two decades to settle such claims.

The Epilogue ends with a reference to ‘pending federal RICO lawsuits against the American Catholic Church’. The anger here is palpable and may explain the recourse to a Zondervan venue.

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Print allIn new windowA GROSS BLASPHEMER

Dear Bishop Gracida ,

I read with spinning head to-day your citations from Life Site News , the spinning being occasioned not only by a degree of arrogance from Bergoglio , unexpected even by his usual self promotion , but also by the ignorance of Cardinal Mueller.

He who is truly pope , as we know , is pope because his office as Summus Pontifex , Peter’s Successor and Vicar Of Christ was created by  and is conferred on each Petrine Successor by Christ himself  ; and he on whom that office is conferred MUST be the Rock on which Christ , the unshakeable Rock of the Church himself , will build her, until the last day .[ Popes help to build , Christ is the Master Builder.]

Bergoglio’s ‘’ barbarism’’ [ sc .blasphemy ] resides in this. He has laid claim to superior knowledge and authority to the divine knowledge and authority of Christ himself . Cardinal Mueller , however , attributes the authority for the papal petrine position to Lumen gentium and the Second Vatican Council . Popes and Councils state and enforce the divine truth that has been revealed through Christ to the Church ,  and taught by the Holy Spirit .

They are not self authenticating entities , although , alas , the notion that they are  has poisoned certain areas of Church teaching  through and since Vat .  11 . Now Bergoglio himself claims to outknow God . I find grim satisfaction in this . The real authority of the Bishop of Rome terminates with the boundaries of his diocese .His universal authority resides solely in the Petrine Commission.

Peter happened to minister as Bishop of Rome , doubtless by divine intention , on account of Rome’s heritage of law and government , and there he received the martyr’s crown,but without Christ’s three commissions to him, his authority would have been no more than that of other bishops . I ask myself what now will the world’s hierarchy do ? How many will understand what has transpired ? How many will concern themselves with the appalling affront to Christ’s divinity and boldly identify it ? [ May it please God that some , at least will , no matter what the cost .]

How many will take refuge in the  papolatry manufactured by Bergoglio , forgetting that the glory of the Catholic Church is her endowment of divine truth , and of the freedom accompanying it ;  only divine truth liberates from sin original or actual  [ John  8: 32 ].

As is well known  , when delivering these words of the link between divine truth and freedom  ,  Christ was addressing Jews who had come to believe in him . So much are his comments an enucleation  of the evils that have beset his Church during  the past seven years  that their interpolation in extenso is merited :                            ‘’ Si vos manseritis in sermone meo, vere discipuli mei eritis ‘’. [ ibid. 31]

Discipleship necessarily entails obedience . It is automatically impugned by any spurious plea of mercy , such as is found in Amoris laetitia concerning the administering of Holy Communion to re-married divorced persons who most certainly are not in communion with Christ, having disobeyed his commands concerning marriage and his general command as to the fixed link between the new life of his Gospel and obedience to the Commandments [ Matth. 19: 17 ].

Divine commands, moreover cannot be in any measure divisible, there is no ‘’up to a point, Lord Copper’’ escape  route . Divine commands must be observed simpliciter or the impossible pertains . God is a deceiver .  Divine commands are , moreover , in themselves true mercy whereby  God’s obedient children enjoy the blessing of knowing what is pleasing to him, of a certainty, and the assurance,  in faith, of Christ’s grace to fulfill what is commanded .

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        “Cognoscetis veritatem , et veritas liberavit vos.” [ ibid . 32 ]God alone can tell us the truth because only his knowledge is unlimited and he alone is good . [ By ‘’God ‘’ one intends the Blessed Trinity in unity,  or , if specified , one of the Three Persons .] Some among the Jews were offended by these words , being , as they supposed sons of Abraham .Christ responded : “Amen , amen dico vobis : quia omnis qui facit peccatum servus est peccati.” [ ibid. 34 ] Amoris Laetitia leaves those fallen into sin ,  deprived of the freedom Christ brings with his gifts of repentance forgiveness and amendment of life. As he explains,  the slave of sin  does not remain in the house [ the Father’s House] eternally but the Son remains granting to the penitent immeasurable blessing for he concludes : ” Si ergo vos Filius liberavit , vere liberi eritis.” [ ibid 36 And that Truth is Christ , without whom we can do nothing [John] unless , it would seem , our name be Bergoglio. 

Will he now govern Christ’s Church with his apparently superhuman powers or will Christ’s Faithful at last admit that there can be no talk of the evil of  schism when they are presented with lies? Will they now admit that it is Bergoglio’s lies that have already confected a schism that at this very moment  rends the fabric of Christ’s Church ? [ And we add that there are  a schism and a pseudo- pontificate that would not have come into being had the abrenunciatio of Benedict XV1 not been on more than one count uncanonical .]  

Where there are lies Christ is never found . [ John 18 ; 37 ] being himself the Way , the Truth and the Life . [ ibid   ] The option before  Christ’s Faithful  is quite simply this : Christ , his truth and holiness , himself as God incarnate , the only path to the Blessed Trinity ; or the man , Bergoglio , and his Vatican Coterie with its long claws throughout God’s Church ?        

Yesterday I had intended to send you some comments on why I found Dr . Kwasniewski’s article on liturgy encouraging , and on my liking for the Yeate’s poem you published . These things must wait .       I hope that you continue at least in your ‘’reasonable wellness .’’ I make slow progress , thankfully  , I hope .  I am amazed at the fluency with which I have written to-day as for a time my outrage at B’s presumption prevented lucidity .       I suspect that you are going to be very busy .


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Catholic Arena@CatholicArena

As Catholics in Ireland remain locked out of their churches on the eve of Holy Week @tuamarchdiocese decide to allow Muslims to hold Friday prayer on the altar alongside a priest #CatholicTwitter

Embedded video

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And on intelligent Greek is asking us to be intelligent too:Catholic Arena@CatholicArena · 

As Catholics in Ireland remain locked out of their churches on the eve of Holy Week @tuamarchdiocese decide to allow Muslims to hold Friday prayer on the altar alongside a priest #CatholicTwitter

Embedded video


You all know where this is heading right?2Twitter Ads info and privacySee flecktarn’s other Tweets

FromRome.Info has published a number of articles warning of where this is heading:

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April 3, 2020

Drops of rain fell upon the earth, and a sound was heard that is seldom audible on earth. It was the weeping of the angels. For the creatures of earth—so dearly loved by God—had wandered so far from Him. And the angels, who were the guardians appointed by God to watch over man, wept that man had ceased to look heavenward and to heed their admonitions. And the angels wondered if the Lord had sorrow that He had made such creatures, as the angels gathered before Him.

But the Lord, in answer to their question, spoke: “No, they are the delight of My heart, and they are the joy of the mother I have given them. I have no sorrow that I have made them, but only sorrow that they have not loved Me as I have loved them, and have obeyed not My laws.”

And the angels spoke: “We know that you love them, but enough to forgive them if they turn from their wicked ways?”  And the Lord answered, “Oh yes, and so much more. Enough that I will call forth the earth and seas, and rain pestilence, plague, and famine upon them to bring them back to Me.”

And the angels were amazed at this. And they returned to earth to plead with man to return to the One who so loved them.

And they wept.

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by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Screen shots speak for themselves. Do a google for, “pope benedict”

Screenshot_2020-04-03 pope benedict - Google Search

Here is a close up:

Screenshot_2020-04-03 pope benedict - Google Search

Now, do a google for “pope francis”. I do not think you need a close up to see it.

Screenshot_2020-04-03 pope francis - Google Search

For, Pope Francis is sufficient. No title defines him, though they do not deny in the text of the google card, that he is sovereign of the Vatican City State. But Francis, for Google is something unique and superior to titles.

We saw this yesterday in the Pontificio Annuario, the official Vatican Year Book, which put Bergoglio’s name above all his titles, and labeled those titles as “historical”.

I think it is obvious that the New World Order is preparing a new title and new office for Bregoglio. In the mean time they are trying hard to make you forget the old titles which he claims.

For us Catholics, if no one wants to call him the Vicar of Christ any longer, then why should we regard him as such?

Many Catholics have been telling you that for 7 years. Maybe it is time to listen.

+ + +

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APRIL 3, 2020

Cardinal Pell, the Living Martyr


A cardinal, a Prince of the Church, remains locked up in a small cell, separated from all, locked in, and without access to the sacraments. No, this is not coronavirus, and this is not Italy. In many ways it is a metaphor—we might even be forgiven for thinking it a paragraph from Lord of the World—but for the man concerned, George Cardinal Pell, it is not a metaphor but reality.

We seem to be wallowing in metaphors at the moment. Many of the faithful are deprived of the sacraments by their bishops, some even in the face of death, and many churches are closed. The government rules by edicts and executive order, no longer by Parliament, as if we are on a war footing. Many have lost their jobs, perhaps for longer than any predicted “shut-in” or “lockdown”—further metaphors. Meanwhile, in Spain and Italy older people are dying alone and neglected. “He who has eyes to see…”

In a recent letter to me the Cardinal told me that the move to his new prison has meant that “life is much easier.” He writes every day during his time as a guest of Her Majesty, and “it is good therapy.”

Behold the Catholic way.

Life throws up to us, as faithful Catholics, any number of even daily challenges. The Catholic who keeps his eyes firmly on heaven, always has the means by which to respond to them. This is no metaphor but the reality of the life lived in this world while being of another.

Have you had the apprehension that in this time of pandemic many who call themselves Catholic, perhaps some of them even members of the hierarchy, have displayed so very little faith?

There is only one reasonable fear that should motivate the Catholic: the fear of eternal death. If the coronavirus comes calling, I need not be afraid if I live, as I ought to, in the state of grace. Regrettably, in our times, many a Catholic does not even have a clear understanding of what that means.

I noted to a friend recently that before this pandemic we had sworn ourselves off much of the news and social media because of all the events taking place in Rome, all the bad news, and the mediatic misinformation. The other day at breakfast I asked this same friend, “How many times have you checked media reports since waking this morning?” To his chagrin, he had consulted the media several times already since waking. Why are we not surprised that we are fearful?

We didn’t believe the media before; why should we believe them now, only in order to be further terrified? It is a good time for us to check on the sources of our information and their reliability. Every day that an innocent cardinal remains in jail without protest, while the world goes mad about toilet paper and sanitizer, is a continuing reminder that something is seriously wrong with our Western world, and while we are in it, we are not of it.

During the World Wars, it was the example of many Catholics—including many Catholic priests who ministered to the dying—who were prepared to “go over the top” to stop an artillery position, or bring back the wounded, that motivated many to convert during and after the war. The Catholic with faith concludes, reasonably, that if today is the day that God has determined for him to meet God, provided he is ready and in a state of grace, he may be able to take some risks. Many who went “over the top” in those trenches of war accomplished heroic feats of bravery as a result. Many times, despite the incredible risk, they returned unhurt to their position, having saved the lives of many. That day was not the day for them to die.

Many of us are now closed in, deprived of the sacraments just like Cardinal Pell. I am sure this is no metaphor either. In a time of Lent, almost at the beginning of “the week of weeks,” it comes as a wonderful aide-memoire, one that even the apostles asked themselves: am I ready to die with Him? If I am, perhaps I might be prepared to take some risks, to “go over the top.” As the Lord says through St. John: “Greater love than this no man hath, that a man lay down his life for his friends.”

[Photo credit: Getty Images]

Tagged as George Cardinal Pell46Fr. Mark Withoos

By Fr. Mark Withoos

Fr. Mark Withoos writes from Australia.

Cardinal Pell, the Living Martyr

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Our pro-life reporting is being attacked. So is the truth. We can’t back down in the fight against abortion! Dioceses across the world have closed their churches and banned access to the sacraments.

Dr. Janet Smith, a former professor at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Michigan, has written an open letter calling on bishops to do everything they can to keep our churches open and to ensure the laity can receive the sacraments during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click below to watch her explain why this is so very much needed at this time.

Add your name to Dr. Smith’s open letter to the bishops here:

Add your name to LifeSite’s petition to the bishops here: NOW
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Five Cardinals and two prominent bishops speak about the end timesYouTube · 

· 2/5/2020 ·

 by LifeSiteNewsSave

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