The interview of Archbishop Burke was videotaped and subsequently released by Randall Terry in Washington on March 25, 2009.  Several representatives of the USCCB and the Archdiocese of Washington were present at the press conference when Terry showed the video of the Burke interview.  The reaction of the main stream media was predictably completely negative.  Almost immediately the reaction on the part of the leadership of the USCCB must also have been predictably negative.  In all probability phone calls were made to the Vatican, primarily to Cardinal Bertone, Secretary of State.  The thrust of the phone calls must have been that Randall Terry was jeopardizing the relationship of the Catholic Church in America with the Obama administration and key politicians in Congress.  I am confident that this is what happened because the next day Archbishop Burke issued a statement in which he virtually denied that he had said any of the things that Terry had captured on the videotape.  I do not blame Archbishop Burke because he owed obedience to the Secretary of State as head of the Apostolic Signatura, one of the dicasteries of Vatican.  However, the truth must be served and so after waiting a year for the dust to settle, Randall Terry has issued an apology to Archbishop Burke.  His apology is not for misquoting or misrepresenting what Archbishop Burke had said in the interview which was videotaped, but rather he apologized for whatever trouble he caused Archbishop Burke in his relations with the Vatican.

Here is the text of Randall Terry’s APOLOGIA which he released to the public today:

What follows is my apology to Archbishop Raymond Burke, my defense of him, and my defense of myself and my compatriots who have been maligned or falsely accused due to the controversy that emerged after we released the videotaped interview that I did with Archbishop Burke in Rome in March of 2009.

This has been a very painful exercise for me, one that I have put off far too long. Now that the dust has settled, I felt that this was unfinished business that needed some level of resolution, at least from our perspective.

Every member of the team present in Rome has been given full liberty to edit and critique my words, and to sign their name in attestation that what I am saying is an accurate and forthright record of what happened.

From February 28 to March 7, 2009, I and eight Catholic companions traveled to Rome to meet with various Vatican officials. It was an absolutely magnificent trip, exceeding our expectations on every level. When we arrived, our first act was to go to the tomb of St. Catherine of Sienna, and invoke her prayers for our mission. As it turned out, our prayers (and surely hers!) were answered in abundance.

The purpose for our pilgrimage was: 1) to meet with the Prefects or their representatives of as many Congregations and Pontifical Councils as we could; 2) to give them documentation showing that a great number of American Roman Catholic bishops were not upholding the teaching of the Church concerning the protection of unborn babies in the legal/political realm; 3) to bring renewed focus on certain bishops who refuse to safeguard the holy Eucharist by their obedience to and enforcement of Canon 915 with politicians who support child killing.

Canon 915 states: “Those upon whom the penalty of excommunication or interdict has been imposed or declared, and others who obstinately persist in manifest grave sin, are not to be admitted to holy communion.”

We named ourselves The Vanguard of St. Catherine of Siena, to honor the patroness of this effort. We chose this name because of St. Catherine’s forthright declarations of corruption in certain bishops and cardinals of her day, and her very direct and at times jarring advice given to the Popes of her time.

The printed record we gave them was entitled Oves Sine Pastore: A Plea to Vatican Leaders to Restore a Faithful Catholic Leadership in America.

We ended up meeting with:

– His Excellency, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, Prefect, Apostolic Signatura;
– His Eminence, Antonio Cañizares Llovera, Cardinal, Prefect, Congregation           for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments;
– His Eminence, James Francis Stafford, Cardinal, Major Penitentiary, Apostolic Penitentiary;
– His Excellency, Rino Fisichella, Titular Archbishop of Voghenza, President, Pontifical Academy for Life;
– Father Thomas Powers, Congregation for Bishops;
– Father Kevin Lixey, Pontifical Council for the Laity;
– Father Victor Ghillo, Pontifical Council for the Family;
– Monsignor Anthony R. Frontiero, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace.

In addition to these, Joseph Landry and I met briefly with Monsignor Richard Soseman, from the Congregation for Clergy; the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith did not meet with us, but received Oves Sine Pastore.

When we met with them (with the exception of Monsignor Richard Soseman), we did not merely shake hands, deliver Oves Sine Pastore, and leave. We sat down, usually with me sitting next to whoever we were meeting. I would then go through the document with them, page by page.

The other individuals with me were then afforded an opportunity to speak, and we fielded questions from our hosts. Many heartfelt words were exchanged.

At the core of our request for action from Vatican officials was this:

That they renew a call for obedience from American bishops in regards to the enforcement of Canon 915, as outlined in 2004 by then Cardinal Ratzinger;
That they review and alter (as they deemed proper) the means by which priests are selected, vetted, and reviewed for consecration to the episcopacy when a vacancy emerges in a diocesan see;
That they investigate the corrupting influence of US government money in the American Church in regards to the silence of bishops procured by the tax exempt status, and the corrupting influence of government moneys funding various Catholic charities.
That they relocate the Archbishop of Washington DC and the Bishop of Northern Virginia – who have both publically stated their refusal to obey and enforce canon 915 – and replace them with bishops who will agree before hand to withhold Holy Communion from Catholic politicians that openly betray the Church and Christ by promoting the legalized murder of unborn babies by abortion.

The last item above was clearly the most audacious by some people’s standards, but this was (and is) requested because the Congressional promoters of child killing live in DC and Northern VA when Congress is in session, and many of them receive Holy Communion while openly defying the Church. This is a horrifying scandal, with enormous temporal and eternal consequences. Our plea was that Vatican officials make it a major priority to bring this scandal to an end.

I must again emphasize that with almost every single person we met – a total of nine meetings — we went through Oves Sine Pastore in its entirety, page by page. Moreover, without exception, we made the above four mentioned requests with crystal clarity.

For those who may wonder, the people that we met with at the Vatican knew exactly why we were coming.  When we returned and alerted the American media about our trip and certain aspects of it, certain Catholic polemicists and bloggers were incredulous that anyone at the Vatican would meet with us if they knew the purpose of our visit before hand.

One of our more caustic critics wrote:
Now, does anyone believe even for a second that these Vatican men would agree to meet with Randall Terry to discuss the removal of American bishops? Does that even pass the smell test? Can you hear Cardinal Stafford say, “Sure Randall, come on in and let’s talk about getting rid of two American bishops.”?

What I think really happened is that when Randall Terry called for these meetings, he said it was to talk about the American pro-life movement. Maybe he said he wanted to discuss how the pro-life movement should respond to Catholic politicians who are unfaithful on abortion.

Perhaps this gentleman (and others like him) needs to improve his sense of smell. As a professional, he should have checked his facts, and made a phone call to our team and me. We did not do a “bate and switch,” as he suggests; Vatican officials knew we were coming to discuss American Bishops.

Sue Cyr, a dedicated pro-life advocate and leader fro Dallas TX, was (with her husband Tom) on the team that met with Vatican officials. She arranged all but one of the meetings (the exception being the one with Archbishop Burke, which I arranged.) In her e-mail she told them that we wanted to come and discuss the crisis we have with American bishops.

Here is the e-mail she worded and sent:

February 17, 2009

Dear [Name of Bishop],

We pray you’re doing well. A group of ten pro-life leaders from the United States request an appointment with you during the week of March 2-6, 2009. [Ed. Note: One leader cancelled at the last moment.]

The group will be traveling to Rome with Randall Terry, Founder of Operation Rescue, organized to end abortion in the United States. Randall met with the Holy Father in 1991, and spoke at the Vatican for an international pro-life gathering of leaders.

We represent many groups of people who have been fighting abortion in America for many years. We would like to meet with you about the serious situation here in the United States and the Church’s role in abortion.

We would like to also share a packet of information with you about what happened with many American Bishops in the last election helping to elect a very pro-abortion president, which will result in the loss of millions of more lives. It also includes details about Bishops continuing to encourage and support pro-abortion politicians with the Sacraments.  And we’d like to discuss the role of the laity in ending abortion.

Please contact me for an appointment.

Sue Cyr

As you can see, we made clear the overarching purpose of our meeting – addressing our concerns about American Bishops.

The Vatican is acutely aware that the American Church is in a crisis; they know that the Catholic Church is in a battle to fearlessly teach and live out orthodoxy. They are also aware that there is great disparity between US Catholic Bishops in regards to orthodoxy, the defense of the babies, and the safeguarding the sacredness of the Eucharist. We are in scandalous times in America, Europe, and throughout the world.

We decided that due to the intense nature of our visit that the verbal exchange of those meetings would stay between us and the bishops or priests with whom we met. This was done so that no one would be quoted after the fact, and caught off guard by any whiplash from the press or the Internet world.

Many frank and honest things were said by us and by our hosts in the warmth and clarity of those meetings, but we have not quoted anyone after the fact from that day to the present, without exception.

This commitment had two exceptions. First, we intended to release Oves Sine Pastore as a public document once our meetings were done. The various reactions to Oves Sine Pastore, the words of advice, etc., from our hosts would remain private, but the document would be released.

Second, if anyone wanted to do an “on the record” interview, any such interview would be for the public record. That interview – and only that interview, not unguarded words that same person might have said “off the record” – would be made public.

Joining us on the trip was Mario Paveglio, a professional videographer from the Harrisburg Pennsylvania area. He brought two (large) professional television cameras for the purpose of interviewing anyone who would agree to be interviewed on the record.

All of our meetings were with the various dicastories on an individual basis; i.e., we met with each person individually. Burke separately, Stafford separately, etc.

After the presentation of Oves Sine Pastore, we asked Archbishop Burke, Cardinal Canazeres, and Cardinal Stafford if they would like to be interviewed. Archbishop Burke agreed to do the interview on the spot; Cardinal Canazeres agreed to do the interview, and asked us to return the next day, which we did.

Cardinal Stafford met with us for almost two hours; just him and us, with no staff present. It was one of the most moving experiences I have had in many years. Several in our group shed tears; we had a beautiful time of prayer. He is a very prophetic man. Due to the length of the meeting – and because he had another appointment – he suggested we do the interview with him on our next trip to Rome. He – and all of us – were sure we would make another trip to Rome for these life and death issues for the babies and the Church. And as per our decision, our discussions with Cardinal Stafford have remained private.

We explained to Archbishop Burke and Cardinal Canazeres that the interview would be for my radio and TV show, and that we would get them out to the pro-life movement at large.

We filmed the interviews, finished our week in Rome, brought the footage home, and began our work to release the interviews.

About three weeks after returning, I decided to air the Archbishop Burke interview on my daily radio show, and to release his interview and the Cardinal Canazeres interview that afternoon at a press conference at the Press Club in Washington DC, and then on line as a video. The date was March 25.

Some background is in order here.

In addition to being a pro-life leader, I have been a broadcaster since 1989, broadcasting a daily radio show until 2000, then resuming it again twice since then, including most of 2008. I also recently filmed 14 episodes of my new television show, Insurrecta Nex.

In the standards of the broadcast industry, once an interview is done on the record, it is not only potentially to be used for the broadcaster that recorded it, but it also can become a news story in and of itself.  Think of how many times you have seen an interview done by one network, and clips of it are being shown on other networks all over the country, or it is discussed in newspapers, because of the newsworthy material in the interview.

When we did the interviews with Archbishop Burke and Cardinal Canazeres,  we made very clear to both of them that these interviews would be used on my radio and television shows. And as I stated, we also told them that we would get them out far and wide to pro-lifers throughout America.

From our perspective, the interviews were spectacular. They both said things that would thrill the hearts of the faithful.

I confess; there was little new here from Archbishop Burke’s lips; he had been saying these things for years. His words had been covered in various Catholic online journals, or printed newspapers. But as far as I know, very few of his words had made it into the national media.

What was new were two things: First, it was the first time to my knowledge that he  and Cardinal Canazeres were on video tape – not just in print or with an audio recording – and since this is a video generation, and the TV medium is the warmest and most effective way of communication, we felt these interviews had tremendous power to encourage and strengthen the faithful on the issues of child killing in general, and serving holy Communion to the promoters of child killing.

Second – and this was the huge breaking news – Archbishop Burke clearly said that faithful Catholic laity should urge US bishops to cease the scandal; and he also said (in so many words) that those Catholics who voted for Obama knowing that he supported child-killing had at some level participated in cooperation with evil. Here is the transcript of my question about communion, and his exact answer. A link to the transcript and the video of the entire interview are at the end.

Mr. Terry: When the election was approaching, Bishop Martino said he would not serve Communion to Vice Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. There were a handful of other bishops who made similar statements, for which the laity and the faithful were rejoicing. But the deafening silence from so many other Bishops—and also the bishops who stepped up such as in Washington D.C., Virginia, others mm/dd/yy…Massachusetts…[and] said that we will serve communion—was so painful for us. What word of encouragement would you give, first to the laity on our struggle to bring orthodoxy back, and then to your brother bishops and priests?

Archbishop Burke: I think simply to say: reflect upon this norm of the Church’s discipline—Canon 915—which is one of the most important canons to safeguard the greatest treasure that we have in this life, namely, the communion that we have with our Lord Jesus Christ, and His true body and His true blood; and to, in every way work so that also public witness is given to the sacredness of the Holy Eucharist. And so I would encourage the faithful when they are scandalized by the giving of Holy Communion to persons are publicly and obstinately in sin, that they go to their pastors, whether it’s their parish priest or to their bishop, to insist that this scandal stop. Because, it is weakening the faith of everyone. It’s giving the impression that it must be morally correct to support procured abortion, in at least in some circumstances, if not also generally. So they need to insist that their parish priest and the bishops, and for the rest…to my brother bishops and brother priests…simply to say: the service of the Church in the world today has to begin first and foremost with the protection of the life of those who are the most defenseless and the most innocent, namely the unborn, and certainly has to extend also to those who are gravely ill, or burdened with serious illness, who have special needs; and also now more and more their lives are being threatened by a culture of death which sadly has infected our nation. So I would just urge my brother bishops and my brother priests to see as the most fundamental witness and service which they can give in leading also the faithful in their pastoral care is the apostolate of the respect for human life.

Anyone who has followed the multi-decade struggle of faithful Catholics begging Catholic Bishops to refuse holy Communion to politicians who promote the murder of the innocent – and are thereby in public, grave sin – would know that this was a critically important statement from Archbishop Burke.  It was newsworthy because he is a former US Bishop – the most outspoken on canon 915 – and because he now holds one of the highest offices in the Vatican.

At the time the interviews were taken in Rome, we did not have a plan to hold a press conference concerning the content. But on further reflection, I decided to send out the two press releases; one dealing with our meetings in Rome, the other inviting the press to see the interview with Archbishop Burke.

We sent out two press releases; the first on March 12, the second on March 23. That is where things began to get tense.

Here is the March 12 Press release:

WASHINGTON, Mar. 12 /Christian Newswire/ — Randall Terry, Operation Rescue Founder, led a delegation of nine pro-life leaders in an unprecedented series of meetings with Vatican officials from March 2-6 in Rome. (Names below.) The reactions ranged from shock to heartfelt agreement.

The purpose was to beg Vatican officials to intervene decisively in the American Catholic Church. Vatican officials were presented with irrefutable evidence that a majority of US bishops refuse to uphold key teachings of the Church.
The entire document — Oves Sine Pastore (Sheep Without a Shepherd) — is at http://www.humbleplea.com.  The complete list of requests at tab 5.

Mr. Terry States:
“Our first request was that the Holy See relocate Archbishop Donald Wuerl (D.C.) and Bishop Paul Loverde (Arlington V.A.), and to replace them with bishops who will  uphold the laws of the Church — namely, bishops who refuse to serve Communion to any politician  who supports the killing of children by abortion.

“Recent headlines proved our point. Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann, Kansas, recently excommunicated Governor Kathleen Sebelius.  President Obama selected her to head Health and Human Services, where she will promote abortion. When she comes to DC, Archbishop Naumann will be scoffed at, she will receive Communion with Archbishop Wuerl’s or Bishop Loverde’s
tacit approval, and American Catholics will descend further into scandal and confusion.

“If these two bishops are relocated, and Bishops of the caliber of Naumann are put in the D.C. area dioceses — which are watched by the whole world — it will show all humanity that the Holy See is serious about defending innocent life, and that the Eucharist is not to be profaned or scandalized. It will also tell all U.S. Bishops that the days of fear, equivocation, and outright disobedience are coming to an end.”

For some Catholics, the very fact that we dared to go to Rome and make these requests was shocking. Then the fact that we would make the document public – and publicly restate that we want Archbishop Wuerl and Bishop Loverde to be relocated – was more than they could bear. “This just isn’t done…” I was told.

I stand by every word of that press release, without equivocation. If you want to understand why we believe it is in the interest of the Church, the babies, and the souls of the faithful, please read Oves Sine Pastore. (If someone will not take the time to read it, it is a bit unjust of them to criticize us.)

The second press release – issued March 23 for a March 25 press conference – dealt with the Archbishop Burke interview. Here it is:

Archbishop Burke, Third Most Powerful Man in Vatican, Gives Candid Interview Dealing with President Obama, VP Joe Biden, Communion, U.S. Bishops, and the Guilt of American Catholics in the Last Election

WASHINGTON, March 23 /Christian Newswire/ — On March 2, 2009, His Excellency, Archbishop Raymond L. Burke, Prefect of the Apostolic Signatura, granted an unprecedented interview to Randall Terry.

Mr. Terry will show the entire interview (approx 12 minutes) at the Press Club on Wednesday, March 25, at 10:00 A.M.

The questions ranged from how the Church should deal with pro-abortion politicians like Vice President Biden receiving Communion, the failure of certain U.S. bishops to obey and enforce Canon Law, what faithful laity should say to errant bishops, the guilt of Catholics who voted for Obama, and what we must do to bring reform to America and the Church.

In light of the recent invitation of Notre Dame to have President Obama speak at commencement, this interview is very timely.

Randall Terry states:

“Everyone who has seen this interview is stunned at Archbishop Burke’s candor and clarity. His words thunder, and are without equivocation.

“As one of the Pope’s most powerful Prefects, we believe his words signal the Vatican’s intention to deal more directly with American bishops, priests, and laity, who are betraying the lives of the innocent unborn, and Catholic Truth by their actions or by their silence.

“Since Archbishop Burke is the head of the papal courts, his words carry enormous weight concerning Church law. If cases are brought against individuals on these various matters, he is the “chief justice” in the Vatican.

“The faithful will be strengthened by his words; the errant and rebellious will be warned.”

These are my words. Obviously, they were very direct. I meant them to be; I wanted the press to come and see the interview, and I wanted the treacherous in the Church to take notice.

Forgive me for waxing polemic, but we do have FIFTY MILLION MURDERED BABIES who have sewers and landfills for graves. And many of the perpetrators of that murder are Catholics who receive the Body and Blood of Christ, after they help kill His Holy Innocents by abortion.

Well, I got my wish…and more.

Two Catholic staffers – if my memory is correct, one was from the Archdiocese of DC, the other from the USCCB – were present at the press conference, quietly seething. (They identified themselves as employees.) Please note: for those bishops who refuse to obey and enforce this canon 915, their staffs are supportive of them. (One doesn’t keep a job for long if one bucks the boss.)

My guess is that when they left, they went back to their offices, and immediately started to stir up trouble for me…and subsequently, for Archbishop Burke.

In the meantime, the media world (including the New York Times) took note of the interview, and a fairly good debate was underway. The world of faithful Catholic blogs lit up with rejoicing. People were thrilled with Archbishop Burke’s clarity and courage. Maybe American Bishops would start to respond appropriately to this epic crisis.

But these turbulent waters can have a sudden change in the wind; a storm followed.

The next day, March 26, the USCCB released this statement for Archbishop Burke:

“Recently, Mr. Randall Terry and some of his associates visited me in Rome and asked to videotape an interview with me to share with pro-life workers for the purpose of their encouragement. The interview was conducted on March 2, 2009.“

Sadly, Mr. Terry has used the videotape for another purpose which I find most objectionable.

“First, Mr. Terry issued a media advisory which gave the impression that I would be physically present at the press conference during which he played the videotape, when, in fact, I was in Rome.

“Second, I was never informed that the videotape would become part of a press conference.

“Third, I gave the interview as a Bishop from the United States to encourage those engaged in the respect life apostolate, not as the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura.

“Fourth, I was never informed that the videotape would be used as part of a campaign of severe criticism of certain fellow bishops regarding the application of Canon 915 of the Code of Canon Law.

“If I had known what the true purpose of the interview was, I would never have agreed to participate in it.

“I am deeply sorry for the confusion and hurt which the wrong use of the videotape has caused to anyone, particularly, to my brother bishops.”

(Most Rev.) Raymond L. Burke
March 26, 2009

I was stunned. Our Vanguard of St. Catherine of Sienna team was in shock, deeply hurt and frustrated.

And of course, the Internet world that cared about this (for righteousness or evil) convulsed with confusion and anger – mostly against me – but also against Archbishop Burke.

Here are samples against me: “Randall Terry may have manipulated the Burke interview in an improper way;” I am “a divisive character” who “set Archbishop Burke up,” and “Archbishop Burke was duped by Randall Terry on purpose of interview…”

Here are samples against Archbishop Burke: “Shame on the bishops who don’t follow Canon 915, and shame on Ab. Burke for putting their feelings and his political stature ahead of holiness.” And “Blaming the interviewer for regrettable things that one says in an interview is, of course, a very old trick.”

Before going further, let me point out something very glaring in Archbishop Burke’s statement, which may hold a critical key in unraveling some of this mess.

His statement read:

“First, Mr. Terry issued a media advisory which gave the impression that I would be physically present at the press conference during which he played the videotape, when, in fact, I was in Rome.

As you can see in the press release that I issued, I said no such thing. There is no impression given at any point in anything that I had sent out as a “media advisory” that would indicate Archbishop Burke would be present in Washington DC.

What that means – and I am trying to be delicate here – is that somebody deceived Archbishop Burke, whether intentionally or not. Somebody called him up – and to some degree – bore false witness against me, what we were doing with the interview, and what we had done in the press conference. It is obvious to any objective judge of the facts that I did not ever say, nor did anyone present at the press conference expect that His Excellency would actually be there in person. The question is: what else did they tell him that caused him to react the way he did?

Also please note, my press release announcing his interview is not a “severe criticism” of the bishops. Moreover, at the press conference, I never attributed any criticism of Archbishop Burke towards his brother bishops other than anything he said in the interview. We unveiled the interview, and let it stand for itself.

In short, I am convinced that much of this controversy was started by the deceit or malice of whatever party(s) contacted Archbishop Burke. I think it is safe to say that whoever was contacted him is not in agreement with the need to enforce canon 915. Archbishop Burke reacted to their contact, as any one of us might have.

Given this background, let me now apologize for what I can in good conscience, defend Archbishop Burke, and still stand by the essence of what has been done.

Your Excellency, I apologize for not informing you that we would use this interview in a press conference. Please forgive me.

Your Excellency, I apologize for confusing your title in the interview – “not as as the Prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura,” but rather as a bishop from the United States. I did not know of such a distinction. I ask you to please forgive me.

Your Excellency, I am sorry for any trouble I have unjustly or unduly caused between you and your brother Bishops. Please forgive me.

Your Excellency, if I and my associates ever have the privilege of another audience with you, I assure you this will not happen again. And as you have seen from our other discussions and those with other men (that have stayed “off the record”) both I and my associates have honored boundaries as we have understood them. My associates in the Vanguard of St. Catherine of Sienna are guiltless in this whole situation.

For those who are upset with Archbishop Burke, please do not be. I am certain he was caught off guard by this sudden firestorm, and that at some level, he was misled by those who contacted him. Moreover, he made very clear (in a subsequent interview) that he did not retract a single word of the interview he did with me, and he has since then repeatedly called for the enforcement of canon 915.

I consider Archbishop Burke one of the greatest men alive, certainly one of the greatest bishops in the Catholic Church. His treatise on Communion in PERIODICA DE RE CANONICA
(2007) entitled The Discipline Regarding the Denial of Holy
Communion to Those Obstinately Persevering
in Manifest Grave Sin was brilliant. (I often wonder if he received his current appointment in part because of that dissertation.) Read it at: http://www.therealpresence.org/eucharst/holycom/denial.htm

In closing, I say this: any missteps or stumbling of mine notwithstanding, the fight over child killing and communion is to orthopraxy what the fight over the nature of Christ and the Trinity was to orthodoxy. We are fighting to end the most horrific crime in the history of the human race, as well as fighting for the soul of the Church.

This battle is going to get messier, and more turbulent. And remember, the fight over the Nicene Creed involved bishops in severe (sometimes violent) conflict with each other, and also involved the faithful laity being in conflict with errant bishops. And many scholars credit the faithful laity with saving the Church.

Long Life to Archbishop Burke, and may his work The Discipline Regarding the Denial of Holy
Communion become the standard text for all seminarians regarding their duty as future priests. May they – and all bishops and priests – rise up as one man to protect the Holy Eucharist from being profaned by those whose hands are covered with innocent blood. Amen.

To read Oves Sine Pastore, or to see the Archbishop Burke interview or read the transcript of the interview, go to: http://www.humbleplea.com

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