Vice-President Joe Biden has confirmed my 2008 intuition by his at times bizarre behavior, frequent gaffes and downright stupid remarks since being elected.  Most of his gaffes have dealt with political rather than moral issues.  Now, however he has crossed the line as a Catholic and has openly supported abortion-on-demand for Barack Hussein Obama’s father’s homeland: Kenya.  Now he has taken a stand on Kenya’s proposed new constitution, a stand which is probably a violation of US law and a stand that is certainly immoral.  Perhaps God, who knows whether or not Biden’s brain was permanently damaged by his brain surgery, will not judge him too harshly, but the Church, which does not have that kind of knowledge should certainly speak out and reprimand him.

Here are two news items that are not unrelated:


Biden Promises Kenya ‘Money to Flow’ if Pro-Abort Constitution Passes

By Kathleen Gilbert

NAIROBI, Kenya, June 18, 2010 ( – U.S. Vice President Joe Biden travelled to Kenya to personally urge the country to pass a new constitution that would legalize abortion – and to assure Kenyans that such a change would “allow money to flow” from foreign aid treasuries.

At the same time, a federal probe is attempting to determine whether the Obama Administration is violating federal law by using taxpayer money to lobby for the constitution, deeply controversial in Kenya in large part because of its abortion provisions.

“We are hopeful, Barack Obama is hopeful, I am hopeful that you will carry out these reforms to allow money to flow,” Biden told a crowd of Kenyans, among whom President Obama is extremely popular and touted as a native son of their country.

A clause in the proposed constitution has received heavy criticism from religious leaders in Kenya for allowing abortion when a mother’s “health” is endangered – a term that, as abortion advocates admitted at the Women Deliver conference in Washington, D.C. last week, “can be broadly interpreted when need be.”

Asked about the abortion issue, Biden told Rev. Timothy Njoya not to “confuse that with the position of the US President, US Vice President and US Government,” according to Kenya’s Daily Nation.

Yet some are not so sure that such a line can be drawn. Last month, 3 U.S. congressmen with legal oversight jurisdiction over federal international funds launched a probe into whether the Obama administration is violating federal law by promoting the controversial constitution.

“The Obama Administration’s advocacy in support of Kenya’s proposed constitution may constitute a serious violation of the Siljander Amendment and, as such, may be subject to civil and criminal penalties under the Antideficiency Act,” wrote Reps. Chris Smith (R-NJ), Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) in a May 6 letter to Inspectors General of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Agency for International Development.

The Siljander Amendment of the State, Foreign Operations Appropriations Act, reads: “None of the funds made available under this Act may be used to lobby for or against abortion.”

The lawmakers pointed out that the abortion issue is prominent in the public debate over the proposed document, and that the chairman of Kenya’s Committee of Experts on Constitutional Review identified abortion as “one of the four most contentious issues in the proposed constitution.”

Rep. Smith said that as much as $10 million in taxpayer funds may have been spent in support of the pro-abortion constitution as of May.

Western Canadian Pro-Life Campaign Changes Hearts and Minds

By Patrick B. Craine

CALGARY, Alberta, June 18, 2010 ( – In addition to getting big media coverage, the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform’s “Reproductive Choice” campaign across Southern Alberta last week generated strong feedback from the public – both positive and negative.

“Our hope is by getting the abortion issue discussed and debated in the public again we’re opening up what the other side has been trying to shut down for so long,” said Jose Ruba, co-founder of CCBR.  “I think that’s where success is happening.”

The week-long tour, which aimed to show the truth about abortion through graphic images, ended Sunday.  The campaign featured an 11-meter long box-bodied truck carrying a billboard as well as sidewalk demonstrations to engage passersby.

The box truck also advertises a phone line, through which the pro-life organization receives many strong reactions.  One woman who called was outraged by the CCBR’s approach and said, “Your signs made me throw up.”   Another simply said the campaign was “F***ing disgusting!”

But the group maintains that what is really disgusting is abortion.  “What’s more disturbing?  The pictures of babies who have been killed, or the fact that babies are being killed?” asked Stephanie Gray, CCBR’s other co-founder.  “What should disgust every Albertan, and Canadian, is that innocent human beings are being dismembered, decapitated, and disembowelled – and it’s paid for with our tax dollars.”

Ruba shared one experience in Medicine Hat when a woman, who identified herself as a member of the Hell’s Angels, brought a half dozen people from her tattoo parlor to protest the campaign.  Ruba said the group employed various “intimidation tactics” and were “rather vocal, rather loud.” Nevertheless, he reports that he was able to talk with them and explain the pro-life arguments.

While they were “very hostile right from the beginning,” he said, “in the end, it was good to be able to shake hands.”

Many passersby honked their horns and gave them thumbs up as they drove by, the group said. Some who witnessed the campaign experienced a total change of heart.  On their Facebook page CCBR reported that 3 CCBR members had a discussion with one man who concluded, “I have to admit I came here expecting to win this, but I admit that I’ve lost. I’m now against abortion.”

Cameron Wilson, a CCBR intern who is one of the University of Calgary students that faced expulsion earlier this year for his pro-life activism, at one point approached a woman who was staring at their posters.  “You must think I am a horrible person,” she told him.  But when he replied that it was not his intent or place to think that, she told him, “Then God must have sent you.”

The woman explained that she is pregnant and addicted to cigarettes, but is unable to break the habit.  She said that she is afraid of what the smoking would do to the baby, which made her think she should have an abortion.

Wilson was able to explain that no disability would ever make it worth killing her child, and in the end, she said she was going to have her baby.  “God must have sent you,” she repeated.

The campaign “went really well,” said Ruba, noting that they got good media coverage and were able to spark debate in towns where “abortion is not often debated.”

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