Judica me, Deus, et discerne causam meam de gente non sancta.

Remember Antipope Bergoglio’s creepy pectoral Cross? Well, it’s EXACTLY the same Cross worn by the Satanist pedophile rapist, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin

Okay. Bernardin was the American satanist who was shot straight to the top of the American church and decided who was elevated to the episcopacy in the US from the late 1960s until his death in ARSH 1996.

Bernardin was the man depicted in the opening chapter of Malachi Martin’s “Windswept House” who co-presided with Bishop John Russell over the black Mass in South Carolina that was performed concurrently with a black Mass in the Pauline Chapel inside the Vatican to “enthrone satan” in the late 1950s. The child who was raped in the South Carolina black Mass, “Agnes”, corresponded with me in ARSH 2014 and confirmed that Bernardin co-presided over the South Carolina black Mass and raped her at the “consecration” equivalent. Agnes’ father was a satanist in South Carolina and provided her to the coven and was present when she was ritually raped.

Bernardin has been recruited by satanists out of the gay bar scene in Charleston when he was a pre-med undergrad at USC. The satanists placed him into seminary and saw to it that he shot straight to the top of the American church. Bernardin was made a bishop at age 38, and at age 40 was the head of the US bishops’ conference, a position of power which he retained until his death, and his coven of protégées still control to this day.

Bernardin was a key supporter of Saul Alinsky, and Bernardin paid for Barack Obama (Barry Soetoro) to be brought to Chicago and be trained in Alinskyism.

Read my piece from ARSH 2012, “The Bernardin-Alinsky-Obama Nexus” here.

Antipope Bergoglio has worn a creepy pectoral Cross with Christ (?) depicted with arms crossed since his elevation in Buenos Aires. On the left is Bergoglio before usurping the Petrine See, and on the right is after the usurpation, with a new silver version of the same Cross:

It is thought that this is actually a satanic icon, rooted in “Osiris”, and that the odd “dove” at the top is actually a goat head with horns, stylized so as to be claimed to be “a dove”. The face of the man looks like an evil death mask.

Not coincidentally, in December of ARSH 2019, a Pachamama worship ritual was performed at a televised Vatican “Christmas concert”, led by an Amazonian witch. These were the last days before the global putsch of the Covid political religion and the global interdict of the Catholic Church. This screen cap is literally of the Pachamama worship ritual inside the Paul VI hall inside the Vatican:

But here’s the new info, sent in by an eagle-eyed reader. This pectoral cross that Antipope Bergoglio wears is EXACTLY the same as that worn by the Satanist Cardinal Bernardin:

Interestingly, Wilton Gregory, the black sodomite hand-picked by the faggot Cardinal Donald Wuerl, himself a protégée of Uncle Ted McCarrick, to replace Wuerl in Washington DC, was Bernardin’s protégée (and assumed sodomy partner.) Here is a picture of the known satanist and child rapist Bernardin consecrating Wilton Gregory a Bishop at age 36, on Halloween ARSH 1983, and a picture of Gregory serving Bernardin’s Mass. You can see the edge of Bernardin’s pectoral Cross. Given Wilton Gregory’s flaming homosexuality and intimate connection with Bernardin, it is not at all unreasonable to suspect Wilton Gregory of being connected to Satanism. Which makes him just perfect to be the Cardinal Archbishop of Washington DC.

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