The Speaker (John Boehner) is giving the commencement address at Catholic University, so a group of liberal Catholic academics took the opportunity to write him about the need to keep federal spending on an unsustainable path until the economy hurtles off a cliff into panic and crisis.

Hugh Hewitt wrote the above on his newsletter today and then added:

Well, they didn’t put it that way but that is the inevitable result of their proposed policy direction.  It is simply intellectually dishonest for the academics to demand spending for which they have no specific revenue source.  Where’s the $1.6 trillion in new revenues needed to maintain current levels of spending to come from, and what would the impact on the working poor and employment be of massively raising taxes in the United States?

I suggest the Speaker ask his staff to ask the academics for copies of their letters to Speaker Pelosi when she addressed commencements at the University of San Francisco or Georgetown, the ones that appealed to the Speaker to please consider Catholic social teaching on the subject of abortion.

I hope Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput has an opportunity to write not in response to this letter –his wonderful book Render Unto Caesar is a full response– but on the rules which catholic universities generally ought to follow when extending such invitations.

As for the letter, it contains many distortions and one staggering, outright lie, a lie designed to panic seniors: “The House budget radically cuts Medicaid and effectively ends Medicare.”  For such an obvious and breathtaking lie to slip from the pen of self-proclaimed Catholic academics indicts each of them and the institutions which employ them.

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