Texas governor signs new ultrasound law

Peter J. Smith Fri May 20 16:26 EST Abortion

Rick Perry

AUSTIN, Texas, May 20, 2011 ( – Gov. Rick Perry signed into law Wednesday a new informed consent measure that requires women to receive a sonogram at least 24 hours before getting an abortion.

“Governor Perry was pleased to sign this important legislation, which bolsters our efforts to protect life by ensuring Texans are fully informed when considering such an important decision,” said Katherine Cesinger, Perry’s spokeswoman, according to Reuters.

Under the law abortionists will have to offer women the option of hearing the heartbeat of their unborn child and seeing the child’s sonogram image. The mother may decline; however, the abortionist must describe her unborn child at that stage in his development, and describe what organs and limbs are formed as well.

Mothers who conceived through rape and incest, or whose unborn children have serious fetal abnormalities, do not have to hear the description.

The Wall Street Journal reported that supporters of the measure hope the sonograms would help women realize the humanity of their unborn children and improve standards of medical care in Texas.

“We believe that when they see the miracle of life some will change their minds,” said Sen. Dan Patrick (R-Houston).

Former Planned Parenthood clinic director, and now pro-life advocate Abby Johnson, told in a recent interview that the power of ultrasound is that it helps a woman establish the maternal bond with her child.

“In the abortion industry we could excuse away complications, we could excuse away the correlation of abortion with breast cancer, and all these other things,” explained Johnson, “but you cannot excuse the maternal bond a woman has with her child. And that is what ultrasound is providing for women and these children.”

Johnson says she is a huge advocate of ultrasound in pregnancy care centers, saying they are one of the best tools for changing hearts and minds.

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