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In response to The Black SheepDog on June 17, 2011 at 10:02 pm:

This Sunday, June 19, 2011, is both Trinity Sunday on the Catholic liturgical calendar and Fathers’ Day on the secular calendar. It is a day I’ll never forget, and sadly so. It is the twentieth anniversary of my ordination to the priesthood in the Catholic Church. For twenty years I was called “father.” I am […]

I will comment by posting an email/letter I sent to S.O.L.T.

Dear Fr. Sheehan,

It is with great sadness that I feel compelled to write this email letter to you. In all my years as a Catholic (from birth) and studying Catholic history, I have never experienced a religious order or faithful Catholic, especially a priest, demean themselves by getting into what one might call a “piss-fight” wherein they purposely and with cruel intent speak of another person in such a derogatory manner as you have against Fr. John Corapi. You, who call yourself a true shephard, and by your own admission, are trying to look after the flock, commit openly and in writing the sins of detraction and calumny. The very sins that we are so often advised against in our secular lives. Even if what you said be true, you dear father, may not reveal it to anyone. It is clear from your post of July 5, 2011 that the only matter which concerned you was to discredit the person of Fr. John Corapi and ruin his reputation in the eyes of faithful Catholics around the world. How can you possibly attempt to preach to us when you yourself are committing a most grievous sin in the process? Anyone with a half brain could figure out that all the information or “evidence” you purport to have in your possession is at best circumstantial. Therefore you prove nothing except to sow seeds of doubt within the minds of the “sheep” you wish to shephard. We Father, with all due respect, may be sheep in need of a shephard, but we are not blind sheep. Fr. Corapi for years has told and made public his private life, how he lives apart from the major community, how he has had various relationships and contact with “prostitutes” (one of which is now a Carmelite nun whom he brought back to the convent) how he was involved in a major law suit for fraud and won. If he won, then he most likely received a pretty penny and he made no bones about the fact that he possessed money. As for his “contracts” with employees, in today’s world this is nothing new or earth shattering. Anyone dealing with confidential information, even so much as contact names, addresses and information of clients, is bound by their employers not to reveal employment gained information with anyone outside of the particular firm. Contracts in employer-employee relationships are common business practice and therefore assumes no great hidden revelations about anyone’s use of said practice. The mere fact that Fr. Corapi was such a public figure made it virtually impossible for him not to utilize such a business practice in order to protect not only himself, but others as well. I am quite sure that there is no language in those contracts asking employees to keep silent about his private life of promiscuity or affairs, in fact they probably don’t even address any private life matters and pertain only to the employment regulations set forth by the company or corporation itself. All these matters are known by anyone who listened to Fr. Corapi preach and teach for years. And like us, your community was well aware of these facts and approved of his mission with all it entailed.

I find it in particular difficult to believe that only two weeks prior to this post, your order issued a statement asking Fr. Corapi to come back, reverse his decision to leave and that you were willing to assume any difficulties that may arise for you and S.O.L.T. if he did. In addition in an interview with the National Catholic Register you said, ““We wanted him to come back ,…“We will continue to move pastorally and charitably, taking steps to protect his good name.” I find it extremely interesting that in such a short time you did what we call a 180. The only reasoning for such a complete turn around would be pressure from some outside source that forced you into issuing such an inflammatory statement. Pressure received from either ecclesial and/or secular influences. Given the circumstances and the nature of Fr. Corapi’s preaching, it is not hard to imagine that he is a thorn in someone’s side, a voice that many in today’s political arena would like to snuff out. Utilizing your position as his superior would make you the logical choice to carry out that plan of action, whilst the true culprits remain unknown lest their positions be compromised.

It is without a doubt, that this case has many a detail to which we sheep are not privileged to know, and perhaps the public shouldn’t. I am merely commenting at my own scandalization pertaining to your behavior as a superior of a religious order and the actions you have engaged. If anything has been accomplished by your actions, it has not been to your credit or the credit of our ecclesial hierarchy, and church, but rather to the demise of these parties and has made us sheep even more suspicious as to the full scope of this case.

I am truly pleased in the response your hate speech received from the Black Sheep Dog. He, the accused and defiled by your own admissions, has remained faithful to his Catholic faith by virtue of his subsequent post to you. It makes one see the gospel in action, “you will know them by their fruits”.

One thing is for certain, I do have faith in Jesus Christ, as many following this case do. He and only He, will reveal the truth and then we will know, as He knows! All that is in darkness will be brought to light and for this I pray. May Our Father in Heaven, by the power of His Holy Spirit reveal to His children the truth in all things, by His Word, Our Lord Jesus and through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of His Mother!

I remain respectfully yours,


About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Mary Floeck says:

    I agree with all of the above. Thanks to all who have so eloquently responded. I truly love and miss this dear priest. I leaned on his teaching and I guess I always will. I never heard the faith taught in the way he preached. We are so blessed to have heard it.

    I think that there is way more to this than most can see. We will know something soon I feel. Fr. Corapi is not a coward and he is not a quitter. He is fed up with the lack of faith in the hierarchy. I am praying for him night and day, as I do for all our priests and bishops. The Lord knows a change is needed. If I am wrong about this, I will humbly apologize for being such a sucker. I just have to hang in there with this priest.

    My heart goes out to all priests who have been unjustly accused and “burned at the stake”. I know how much we need our priests. My prayer is that all will realize it and come to the aid of their priests. “No priest, no Eucharist”, plain and simple. Just listen to your old Fr. Corapi talks.

  2. I too was virtually shocked by Fr. Gerry Sheehan’s statement. Last month we heard that not enough evidence could be obtained and that the investigation had been closed.. Two weeks later I see a scathing statement posted by SOLT’s superior the likes of which I would expect to see in the National Enquirer or some other rag. I can truthfully say in my 63 years of being a Catholic, I never ever expected to see such slanderous words written by a man of the cloth! How could you Ft. Gerry?
    My first thoughts were about the same as yours;he was ordered to release just those words. Then the words of Father Corapi’ came to me, “I have souls to save and I’m not going to hell for you or anyone else”! Father Corapi never taught error,never. He always told us to love the Church and follow our bishops. Seeing what some of the bishops are teaching , I’ll stick to my Catechism ,my Bible and set my sights on the Pope and Jesus Christ. I pray to Mary to enlighten her priests and bishops and make sure they are teaching the TRUTH, if not maybe she can convince her Son to do a little number on them!
    I also think of Michael Voris as he says Pope Benedict XVI has said the sun is setting on western civilization yet Archbishop Dolan says “Everything is fine,I wouldn’t change a thing”. Obviously they are not on the same page. Too many of the bishops and theologians did not like what Father Corapi was preaching or saying about the scandals in the church.. I am sure they are glad he has been silenced.
    After all when You are appointed the bishop of Corpus Christi, the only town in the world with that name, the Body of Christ, and you no longer have a Eucharistic procession in that town, something is very very wrong.It is time for the lay people to stand up for what is right.

  3. oldkate says:

    Fr. John Corapi is guilty of being a masculine priest who tells the TRUTH!!!
    I cannot tell you Bishop, retired or not, how glad I am to see your posts. I’m 70 yrs old & had 22 yrs of Orthodox RC education. I have never, in all my years, read anything as vile & ‘smarmy” as that statement from SOLT!!!
    Fr. John hasn’t “gone bad”! I think Jesus is just letting him rest awhile. From the vicious, oh so “PC” attacks on him in posts, to the “Act UP” group who always shows up in these situations, it’s obvious Fr. has stomped on a few toes! Now we can better appreciate some of the statements he’s made in the past, including death threats!!! I take that latter threat very seriously now!! Some one accusing me of being a “homo-phobe”, hacked my computer. Imagine what they would do to Fr. in person! Then, there was that attack on a pro-life group where their banners were torn out of their hands & one of the men was hit in the head with a bottle!!! I’d say the “spiritual battle” is breaking through the veil! This needs to go to the Vatican! Texas is,& has been, knee deep in homosexual outrages in the Church. In the Orders as well as the Diocese! The Jesuit Univ. of Dallas is referred to by locals as “The Lavender Campus”!!!! They are the ones who wrote the outrageous “Norms” being used in these cases! Someone needs to expose these practices.

  4. This letter says all that I have posted for weeks, with concern for the behavior of SOLT. Great letter. Father John Corapi is a great Priest he has converted so many to the faith that one wonders why he is being treated this way. SOLT actually in my belief exposed themselves to be what St. John Vianney spoke about in one of his Sermons:
    Anyone who is unfortunate enough to come under the tongue of the scandalmonger is like a grain of corn under the grinding stone in a mill: he is torn, crushed, entirely destroyed. People like these will fasten onto you intentions that you never had; they will poison all your actions and your movements. If you have enough piety to wish to fulfil your religious duties, you are only a hypocrite, an angel in the church and a demon in the house. If you do any good or charitable works, they will think that this is just through pride and so that you may gain notice. If you are not worldly and not interested in worldly affairs, you are said to be odd and singular and to have no spirit. If you look after your own affairs carefully, you are nothing but a miser.
    Let me go further, my dear brethren, and say that the tongue of the scandalmonger is like the worm which gnaws at the good fruit — that is, the best actions that people do — and tries to turn all to bad account.
    The tongue of the scandalmonger is a grub which taints the most beautiful of the flowers and upon them leaves behind it the disgusting trace of is own slime.
    ST. John Vianney:
    It is my belief that the sin of scandalmongering includes all that is most evil and wicked. Yes, my dear brethren, this sin includes the poison of all the vices — the meanness of vanity, the venom of jealousy, the bitterness of anger, the malice of hatred, and the flightiness and irresponsibility so unworthy of a Christian…. Is it not, in fact, scandalmongering which sows almost all discord and disunity, which breaks up friendships and hinders enemies from reconciling their quarrels, which disturbs the peace of homes, which turns brother against brother, husband against wife, daughter-in-law against mother-in-law and son-in-law against father-in-law? How many united households have been turned upside down by one evil tongue, so that their members could not bear to see or to speak to one another? And one malicious tongue, belonging to a neighbour, man or woman, can be the cause of all this misery…. Yes, my dear brethren, the evil tongue of one scandalmonger poisons all the virtues and engenders all the vices. It is from that malicious tongue that a stain is spread so many times through a whole family, a stain which passes from fathers to children, from one generation to the next, and which perhaps is never effaced. The malicious tongue will follow the dead into the grave; it will disturb the remains of these unfortunates by making live again the faults which were buried with them in that resting place. What a foul crime, my dear brethren! Would you not be filled with fiery indignation if you were to see some vindictive wretch rounding upon a corpse and tearing it into a thousand pieces? Such a sight would make you cry out in horror and compassion. We are leading ourselves to Hell without realising it. St. John Vianney
    St. John Vianney pray for all our Priest.

  5. paulvreilly says:

    Wow! How well said!

    Aside from the pain that Father Corapi has experienced in all of this, the tragedy I see is how confused so many of us are in terms of who and what we are to believe. The majority of the blog sites and press seem to be against Father Corapi but most admit that they are only assuming that the charges against him are true. I do love Father Corapi for his teachings and passion and I cannot imagine what he is currently experiencing but I also cannot know what wrong he has done or is doing. He probably didn’t do himself much of a favor by appearing in his last video in the Harley Davidson jacket but that’s really minor in the long run. His words were words of faithfulness to the Church and my gut tells me that he’s still in the right. Some might call that wishful thinking but I would beg to differ. I cannot see any outcome that fulfills my wishful thinking. Either we have a much beloved priest who has “gone bad” or we have a religious order (or at least the head of that order) which has “gone bad.” There is no painless outcome I can see here.

    Thank you for your posts. They’ve truly helped over these last few painful weeks.

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