The evil of abortion is not just a Roman Catholic issue.

The Buddha taught: Every woman who kills her unborn child will be sentenced in the afterlife to live in a pool of blood for 1000 years. Those who help the woman kill shall have the same karma. Neither shall reincarnate as a human being for 1,000,000 years. Both shall come back to earth as animals again and again and the murdered child shall be as a dark shadow always hanging over them during each lifetime. After the 1,000,000 years have past, both shall reincarnate as humans but as humans subject to the karma of lives of great poverty and sickness.

The Holy Quran says: “Kill not the unborn child either out of want or fear for Allah shall provide for the child as well as you. Verily the embryo slayer is guilty of a terrible wickedness.”

The Ancient Hindu Vedas and Mahabharata teach: “He who seeks to destroy the human fetus shall be cursed by Lord Shiva to live as an animal for 10,000,000 years. The person who kills the embryo is truly the worst of evil doers. The evil of killing the unborn is worse than the evil of killing one’s own parents.”

Sadly, Lite Catholics who fall away from the true faith also seek Lite Buddhism, Lite Islam, or Lite Hinduism.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Curt Stoller says:

    Tantamergo, what saddens me the most is the fact that faithful Catholics cannot unite to fight against radical secularism. The situation reminds me of the Arian crisis. Liberal Catholics are not content to leave the church and start their own liberal version of Catholicism. They want to stay inside and turn Catholicism into a protestant sect. Actually I wrong my Protestant brethren to say that liberal Catholics want to turn the Church into Protestantism. Many, many Protestants reject abortion, reject all identification of freedom with license, reject the radical sexual revolution and all its byproducts. Actually the liberal Catholics want to turn the Catholic Church into a leftist secular political association. They want the power of the global church. They covet it. But they want that power in order to pursue a politically liberal agenda.

    Liberals usually hate elective processes. Historically they have sought to bypass the electoral process and legislate by means of the Supreme Court. Think what a feather in their cap it would be to make the Roman Catholic Church an organ and instrument of their secular goals? I was once surprised to hear a Catholic priest tell me that he didn’t believe in the Bible. As I stood there literally flabbergasted he told me that he knew that ignorant people believed it and so he could use it as a kind of bridge to educate them. He told me that he saw the Bible as a “useful tool” for dialog. I think many leftist Catholics feel exactly the same way about Jesus and the Catholic Church. For them, Jesus has been de-mythologized into an empty symbol. But Jesus is “useful” to the secular cause, like Santa Claus [forgive me St. Nicholas!] is useful to the retail business sector in December.

    People who lose their Catholic faith today do not leave and they are not excommunicated. They are what the late Dietrich von Hildebrand called “the Trojan Horse in the City of God.” It is as if they think that their previous Catholic faith has led them to the “truth” of secular enlightenment.
    Therefore many believe that the Catholic faith can be manipulated to bring all Catholics into that “secular enlightment.” It is “useful” as a way to advance secularism. I am not using a straw man argument. I think they really and truly believe all this nonsense.

    It must be terribly painful for liberal priests to be forced to hear the Gospel read at Mass. Jesus did not liberalize God’s commandments. He sharpened them. Not just murder is a sin but anger. Not just adultery is a sin but lustful thoughts. How difficult and painful it must be for liberal priests to listen to this and then have to twist and turn it around during the homily so that it becomes an object lesson in secular humanism. Sadly I think Bishops and Cardinals have fallen for this too. And the laity are no angels either.

    Liberalism which is by definition disorderly since it opposed to authority is now united. Conservatism which is by definition organized is now divided. And it cannot be divided. Because a house divided against itself cannot stand. There are conservative Bishops. But they are not united the way liberal Bishops are. Why is that? Can someone tell me why that is?

  2. tantamergo says:

    It is dismaying, almost depressing, how many people are violating their religious beliefs around the world. Not just Catholics, but hindus, muslims, buddhists – all decry abortion as the gravest of evils and yet, at present, all religions have millions of adherents who happily commit this form of murder. It is amazing how modernity is driving out faith, especially distorted faith but even the True Faith. The Catholic Church is by far the best equipped, in every sense, to resist this onslaught of secular pagan modernism, but our efforts have been weak and disjointed over the last 5 decades or so.

    I pray that changes. Everything in the world hinges on faith, and yet we are in an era of mass apostasy. How long will God’s Hand be stayed? Or are we already in the midst of the chastisement?

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