I would like to speak directly to the issue of Cardinal Bertone, but I simply don’t know enough. It seems that Archbishop Vigano is being very unfairly treated. As an American I wish the good Archbishop Vigano were here in the United States under better circumstances. I pray for his health and the health of his brother. We welcome you to the United States Archbishop Vigano. Please help us in our fight against the culture of death!

I am worried about the depth of Cardinal Bertone’s commitment to the anti-abortion movement in the Catholic Church. Perhaps he is more committed to the sanctity of life that I am giving him credit for. I fear for my beloved United States of America over the rise of the pro-abortion movement. Cardinal Newman spoke of converging probabilities in regards to the Faith. I am worried by the converging probabilities that America is losing its commitment to religious freedom. Secular forces which seem to have nothing in common come together to promote abortion. It reminds me of a flash mob. Only it is terrifying and ominous.

The parallels between Obamunism and Nazi Germany are increasing rather than decreasing. I wonder if some of those who wished to honor Mr. Obama with an honorary degree from Notre Dame University are having second thoughts now? Nazi Germany and America?

Consider these parallels. Nazi Germany convinced the German population to think of one group of human beings as not-human. Liberal secularism asks us to think of babies in the womb as not human. The number of unborn babies killed in abortion now dwarfs the number of people killed during the twelve years of Nazi rule. For Hitler, “Jews” were a problem that needed “solving.” For secular liberals, the unborn are a problem that needs solving. It is frightening that both the Nazis and the secular liberals use neutral words to hide their evils. Nazis spoke of Jews being removed, evacuated, resettled. And then there were those code words: “bathhouses” “disinfectant chambers” and “the final solution.” Why didn’t the Nazis say what was really happening to the Jews? Consider how the abortion industry also uses neutral terms: “medical procedures,” pregnancy “products,” “contents”, “removals” “evacuations.” Abortion “clinics.” Abortion “doctors.” “Reproductive Health Centers.” “Women’s Health Centers.”

In Nazi Germany individuals were “selected” for removal. And intellectuals in German universities debated about whether they were “pro-selection.” Pro-selection. How close that is to the term “pro-choice.” It was very important for the Nazis that they characterize Jews as non-human, sub-human. Isn’t that what the pro-choice movement calls unborn children? German anatomists and scientists were enlisted to “prove” that Jews were anatomically non-human, that they were diseases and parasites. Isn’t this what the pro-choice movement does? It says the unborn child is a clump of tissue, a parasite inside the mother, a tiny aggressor, a disease, a problem.

German courts at the time of Hitler were very keen to establish the non-humanity of Jews. In 1936 the German Supreme Court ruled that Jews were not persons in the legal sense. And then there is Roe v Wade.

Jesus did an interesting thing when he described the Last Judgement. He said that we would be judged on how we treat the least of our brothers. He was very clear and unambiguous about that. Theologian Romano Guardini once said that Jesus enters into the least of our brothers so that our relationship with them is our relationship with Him. It is Jesus in the defenseless unborn child who is being torn apart limb by limb while its little heart is racing in terror. It is Jesus in the defenseless unborn child who is being medically decapitated. It is Jesus in the unborn who are ground up in garbage disposals, flushed down toilets and incinerated in medical waste centers. Incineration seems to appeal to all those engaged in genocide.

Some Nazis wanted to place bronze plaques over the mass graves of Jews. But other Nazis won the day when they said that burning would be better because burned left no traces. And who knows how some future generation might think about “such matters.” Anyone who wants to explore the parallels between our liberal secular culture and Nazi Germany should read the scholarly article in the New Oxford Review by St. Louis Professor William Brennan. [What the Holocaust and Abortion Have in Common]. It will send a chill up your spine.

Abortion is more than just murder. It strikes at the very mystery of the Incarnation. God chose to be born on earth. God chose to be a baby in a womb. Since the Incarnation there is no such thing as simply a baby in a womb.

I hope Cardinal Bertone shares the horror that I feel at living in the age of the Holocaust of Legalized Abortion. I wish I could feel confident that he is.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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