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Ignatius is absolutely correct. One problem of speaking to moderns is that we no longer speak the same language anymore. It was Plato who first said that the destruction of language is the first step towards despotism. This is so true of the pro-abortionists. Many people have heard the word ‘symbolic’ and have a vague understanding of what the word means. Few people are aware that the opposite of ‘symbolic’ is ‘diabolic.’ Sym-bolic means to put things together. Dia-bolic means to tear things apart. Words are symbolic in many senses. They are symbolic in the political sense when they bring people together. Words become diabolic when they tear people apart. Lies are diabolic in this sense as is the corruption of words, for example when people use untruths in advertising or in propaganda. Words are diabolic in the pro-abortion movement.

It was Marxists who first stressed the idea that if one could not gain political power outright then one should attempt to control ‘words’ by infiltrating areas of life based on words: the school house, the university, the newspaper, the library, the publishing industry.

I would venture to say that for many Catholics and Christians who lost their faith, the university was the place where it happened. It is in the university where many of the faithful receive the following dogmas:

1. Supernatural phenomena are impossible. Therefore a large part of the Bible is myth,
legend and folklore.

2. People in the past are necessarily inferior, careless about objective truth and untrustworthy
when it comes to transmitting facts.

3. Religious teachers of the past were by nature deceitful. They exaggerated, stole, placed
the sayings of one person on the lips of another and were only interested in staying in
power. The Bible is a basically a book of fiction

What is never said is that most of the progenitors of modern German agnosticism and atheism, like Feuerbach and his pupil Karl Marx, were originally Lutheran theological students. And Lutheran theology had pretty much already assented to Kant’s view that transcendence towards God or even eternal truths was impossible. What is also never said is that a thinker named Schleiermacher came in to fill this vacuum with a new Gospel: Rejoice for religion does not need truth or evidence; does not need creeds, Sacred Books or even theology and philosophy. Religion is a matter of feeling. With this Schleiermacher, who very few people today have ever heard of, liberalism was born into Protestantism: Agnostic Biblical scholarship abolished faith and worried pastors retreated into the religious sanctuary of feeling and subjectivity. From the lips of Protestantism into the ears of the Modernist Catholics who then cast doubt on the reliability of the Catholic Church, its saints and so on.

Everything then follows from this: Salvation cannot come from the Roman Catholic Church or from any Christian teaching. The supernatural is impossible so there is only nature. Salvation of the soul from sin is impossible because there is no salvation, no soul and no sin. There is only salvation from physical misery through liberal political action.

From relativism is something to consider, we move to relativism is something sadly true, to relativism is something good and liberating for human freedom, finally to relativism is absolute and one must conform to it. No one in the university usually bothers to tell students that absolute relativism is a contradiction. Of course, since Kant, logic has gone the way of subjectivity too.

From here comes the biggest mass rejection of Christianity and Catholicism in history, where every single truth of the Faith calls for dissent in the name of liberal freedom.

From here we reach the fork in the road. What to do with Catholicism? For liberals of every stripe comes the idea that the Church is too big and powerful to simply let it go to waste. It is politically useful if it can be controlled. It can spearhead the environmental movement, the woman’s movement, the socialist movement, even Marxist praxis. In return for giving permission to dissent on any Catholic teaching hostile to the sexual revolution, ordinary Catholics give heretical theologians carte blanche with everything else from the desecration of the Liturgy to the repudiation of every single dogma the Church has ever held. And I mean, every single one.
There is nothing like this in history folks!

If reason is reduced to subjectivity and feeling and if Divine Revelation is reduced to feeling and subjectivity, then only the consent of Christian people determines doctrine and practice. While this is supposed to be based on consensus among “the People of God,” in practice it is based on who can shout the loudest and on the fact that orthodox Catholics are by nature reticent when it comes to opposing authority and being judgmental.

While early Catholic thinkers attempted to baptize the truths of paganism, since all truth comes from God, many modern Catholic thinkers attempt to baptize Catholic doctrine in the water of relativism, subjectivism, emotionalism and on and on. Unfortunately the secular liberals don’t care what the new Catholics are doing except when it suits them. While the “new” Christians thus strive to make themselves acceptable to their secular bride; the bride has her own opinion, best stated by His Holiness Pope Benedict:

“A person’s religion is considered to be an archaic relic to be left alone because ultimately it is thought to have nothing to do with the true greatness of progress. What religions say and do appears totally irrelevant; they are not even part of the world of rationality; their contents ultimately count for nothing.”

And so we come back to the symbolic and the diabolic. When you speak to a pro-abortion or pro-euthanasia advocate, do not think that even though you are using the same words, that you mean the same things. To a pro-abortion advocate, you are a dinosaur, a temporarily troublesome one perhaps, but still a dinosaur. You are a pathetic little relic from the past standing in front of the steamroller of liberal progress. “Rejoice in the Lord,” St. Paul says. Why rejoice? Because even an entire edifice of lies is nothing compared to the tree of life: Christ on the Cross. And as one reader so well put it, the Catholic Church has buried every Empire from the Roman to the Nazi and Soviet ones. Those hundreds of millions of babies killed in abortion clinics are not gone. They may have materially exited this life through the hatred and violence of others. But they are alive as the most Alive God is Alive. And the Lord will not forever allow His beloved children to be massacred on the earth.


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