I would like to make comments on this. Although we cannot make people follow the Holy Father, we can follow the Holy Father ourselves and we must. God has blessed us with a Servant of the Servants of God who is exceedingly wise. His writings are profound and timely and we must read them and take them to heart. If a ran a Catholic bookstore and had to reduce my store inventory to a minimum, I would keep the writings of His Holiness Pope Benedict on the shelves. The fact that so many Catholic read everything “but” the writings of the Pope is particular unfortunate. In his words you will find the words of Jesus for exactly this 21st century world. In his words you will find food for spiritual hungers you didn’t even know you had. If I could turn back the hands of time I would burn everything I had written in my comments on this web log and replace them with quotes from the Holy Father because compared to his words, everything I have written is straw and I mean that without an iota of exaggeration and with all my heart. If Cardinals and Bishops and Priests and Laity would just follow the Pope. If you think I am exaggerating, put me the test: read the Pope and see if I have exaggerated. I dare you.

On the issue of abortion, euthanasia and human experimentation, the Holy Father has made it very, very clear that these issues have a primacy that other social issues lack. And I would like to address an appeal to those of my fellow lay brothers and sisters. The Holy Father has made it clear that prayers to end abortion are not to be restricted to the merely private sphere. They are to be part of the “public prayer” of the Catholic Church. Where I live, prayers to end abortion are not made public at Mass. They are not included in the General Intercessions [Prayers of the the Faithful]. If you are a layperson reading this, please try to influence whoever is in charge of these prayers to include a public prayer to end abortion in the General Intercessions.

Where I live there are so many prelates and priests opposed to the Pope on abortion that attempts to do this are futile. And if you live in a Diocese or parish where attempts to include public prayers against abortion in the Mass are also futile, I would ask you to try this: If you have any financial resources, no matter how meager, please consider offering a Sunday Mass for the intention of ending abortion. It may be read aloud during Mass or printed in the church bulletin. You may have to pay a $10 stipend. Some parishes will object to even this. Very liberal parishes will accept prayers of mercy for women who have had abortions or prayers of mercy for doctors who have performed abortion. Buty not prayers for the children killed. And they will try to influence you away from prayer for the little victims of abortion because this interferes with their political agenda. Sometimes you will be successful if you pray BOTH for the unborn children and their parents. If you can afford one Mass, great! If you can afford to offer every Sunday Mass for the unborn, fantastic.

If you are a priest and can say a funeral Mass for the unborn killed, please do.

Election day approaches and in very leftist parishes prayers will focus on liberal issues. Homilies will focus on liberal issues. But no one can stop you from following the Holy Father and no can can ultimately stop you from offering public prayers to end the brutality against God’s unborn children. If your public prayers and stiffled, then private prayers. Be like the importune widow flooding Heaven with pleas.

For those of you in very liberal Diocese and parishes . . . as election day approaches, you will begin to hear the following message in homilies and in letters written by bishops to be read in all parishes: “Don’t vote on a single issue.” “Don’t favor a political candidate because he is strong on one issue.” “Vote for candidates who represent Catholic moral teaching on a wide variety of issues.” This is code for not voting against pro-abortion candidates.

You may also hear a message similar to this: “Pro-life means protection of life from birth to natural death: anti-abortion, anti-war, anti-capitol punishment, anti-injustice in immigration reform and health reform and so on. Vote for those candidates who embrace the ‘greatest ‘ number of these pro-life issues and don’t embrace candidates who just represent one issue.” This is code for: “Don’t vote against candidates just because they are anti-abortion. The Holy Father is very clear that their is a hierarchy of moral truths and ending abortion is the top priority of Catholics.” It is not one issue. It is the issue. All other issues are based on the right to life of the unborn.

Last Friday in the Divine Office readings for the morning was a sermon by Saint Gregory the Great. His discourse was on some of the words of Job. These words are very appropriate to the issue of the killing of God’s innocent children in abortion: “I have suffered this without sin on my hands , , , Earth, do not cover over my blood, do not let my cry find a hiding place in you.” Come election day, remember these words. Those who rule the earth seek to cover over the blood of those slaughtered by abortion. Those who rule the earth seek to hide the cry of God’s littlest children. Fight this with your time, talent and treasure. Pray and fast. Pray and fast. God forgive me for anything I may have said or done to hurt the pro-life movement including my comments on this web log. God bless you all. Pray for me.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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