I was almost reluctant to post the Pew Survey results shown below because I find them to be so depressing.  I can understand that among ALL Catholics President Barack Obama holds a 54%-39% advantage over Mitt Romney since a lot of people who identify themselves as Catholic have had little or no contact with the Church since their baptism or confirmation and hence are ignorant of the teaching of the Church on principles that guide us in making judgments on so many of the burning issues of our times

I take some comfort in the fact that among Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly, Romney holds a 51%-42% lead.  This says to me that efforts of some priests and bishops to educate Catholics about what is at stake in this presidential election have succeeded, if only a little.

But the fact that majority of Catholics suppport Barack Hussein Obama, America’s first Marxist President, by a 15% margin over Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan is incomprehensible and repugnant to me.  Especially when you contrast the support of Catholics with the support given to Romney/Ryan over Obama by Protestants

We have failed to respond to the urgent call of Pope Blessed John Paul II and Benedict XVI to evangelize our culture.  Our bishops have failed, our clergy has failed and our laity has failed.  Evangelization is the task of everyone.

Catholics supported Obama in 2008 by the same margin, 54%.  Have not Catholics learned anything in the past four years.  Where have they been, on some other planet?  Have they had their head in the sand as ostriches are thought to do?

– Abyssum


Pew survey: Catholics favor Obama by 15-point margin

 Catholic World News – September 25, 2012

President Barack Obama holds a 54%-39% advantage over Mitt Romney among Catholics, according to the latest voter survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for the People & the Press.

Among Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly, Romney holds a 51%-42% lead. Catholics who attend Mass “monthly” or “yearly” favor Obama by a 53%-39% advantage, while Catholics who attend Mass “seldom” or “never” back Obama by a 61%-32% margin.

The survey also found that white Catholics favor Obama by a 47%-46% margin.

Protestants favor Romney by a 50%-42% margin; among white evangelical Protestants, the pro-Romney advantage is 74%-19%, while the two candidates are in a 46%-46% dead heat among mainline Protestants. Black Protestants favor Obama by an overwhelming 95%-2% margin.

The Pew survey, conducted September 16, found that Obama holds a 51%-42% lead among all registered voters—a significantly larger lead than the 3.7% advantage Obama currently holds in the average of surveys.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. anselmusjmj says:

    After a strong pro life sermon which was preached by the local priest, a person from the pew was overheard saying: “So if I vote for Obama will I have to stop taking communion?” Wow… talk about obstinacy. What gives?

  2. abyssum says:

    I received a stat a year ago which was very interesting
    pointed out by Prof Joseph Olson of Hamline University school of Law in St.Paul Minnesota re last presidential election
    Number of states won by Obama:19 MCCain 29
    Square miles of land won by Obama 580,000 McCain 2,247,000
    Populastion of Counties won by Obama 127 million McCain 143 milloion]Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by Obama 13.2 McCain 2.1
    Interesting. It makes you wonder what one has to do to win!!
    I do not live in the USA….Cheers
    – Anonymous

  3. abyssum says:

    Well, when I told a fine Catholic friend that there are enough Catholics in the USA to elect any president of their choosing, he said there are too many Cinos. I did not understand. So he explained Catholics in name only. Well, of course, that is also true of Protestants. I pray that you and we and others are not just preaching to the choir and that we are reaching those in the battleground states.

  4. Ruth says:

    Where have they been, on some other planet?

    No, of course. They were watching TV and football and flirting. They are nowadays playing with mobile phones and tablets and watching porno. Why?, because they feel themselves in the Mass like they feel themselves in the Theater. Furthermore, everybody and everything are continuously pressing them for they to believe that persons are simple products of their brains and that the world of spirit does not exist. Matter, matter and matter is their Holy Trinity. So that, today morning we are paying for the foolish liberalism of the ‘american dream’ of yesterday night.

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