Video surfaces: Obama says unborn child is ‘potential life’

by Patrick B. Craine

  • Wed Oct 03, 2012 12:59 EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., Oct. 3, 2012 ( – As President Obama steps up his outreach to moderate, independent, and faith-based voters in the final weeks before the Nov. 6th election, a new video has surfaced where he calls the unborn child a “potential life” and argues that viability is a “moving target.”

Published by David Brody of CBN News today, the video was taken at a 2004 campaign event in Springfield, Illinois.

“My basic view is that abortion is an extraordinarily difficult moral issue. As a Christian, I think that a fetus is not just a collection of cells. It is a potential life,” he says.

“And I think that after viability it is legitimate for the state to prohibit late-term abortions as long as there is an exception for the mother’s life and health. Prior to viability, the problem is that this potential life is inside someone else’s body. It’s inside a woman’s body,” he continues. “And I don’t feel that it is appropriate for me to simply dictate to that person, to that woman what she should do with her body.”

“I leave that up to her and her conscience and her minister or Rabbi,” he adds. “I leave that up to her family and her doctor to make those decisions.”

During the 2008 campaign, Obama told Christian pastor Rick Warren that it is “above my pay grade” to determine when an unborn child is eligible for human rights.

In this most recent video, he takes a more circumspect approach to late-term abortion than he did in a 2003 interview uncovered this summer. In that video Obama was asked by a reporter if he is “pro-choice” even in terms of late-term abortions, to which he replied bluntly, “I am pro-choice. I believe that women make responsible choices and they know better than anybody the tragedy of a difficult pregnancy and I don’t think that it’s the government’s role to meddle in that choice.”

In another video from 2003, he states: “I voted no on the late-term abortion ban, not because I don’t recognize that these are painful issues but because I trust women to make these decisions.”

Obama has also been accused of supporting infanticide because of his repeated votes against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, which would have protected children who are alive in the course of an abortion.

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  1. abyssum says:

    I could not agree with you more! I am currently reading the book THE COMMUNIST, FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS: THE UNTOLD STORY OF BARACK OBAMA’S MENTOR. It accurately describes how Barack Hussein Obama and many of the members of his inner cabinet all evolved out of the Marxist culture of Chicago.
    I reccomend the book to everyone, especially anyone who plans on voting on November 6, 2012.

  2. Curt Stoller says:

    Most Christians today do not know the difference between Christianity and Marxism. They have never heard of Karl Marx and yet they follow him and in following him they believe they are following Jesus. It is as though Jesus had to wait for Karl Marx to come along to show what everything means. It is as though many believe [fides implicita] that Karl Marx is the second father of Christianity. And yet how few people have heard of Marx.

    Some of the leaders of the Democratic Party have heard of Karl Marx, have studied him in college and have read some of his books. And some of them of very conscious and very aware of following in the footsteps of Mr. Marx. But others are just swept along.

    Interesting that the name Karl Marx is never spoken of. I have never seen his name mentioned on CNN or in the main stream media. Amazing that someone so influential in this age is so anonymous. And his followers, perhaps they should be called “Anonymous Marxists” are legion.
    I have heard homilies which are extended discourses on Marxism. Jesus is mentioned. St. Paul is mentioned. But Karl Marx is never mentioned.

    The confusion between Christianity and Marxism is clearest on the issue of abortion. Anyone who is clear on what Jesus is all about and what Christianity is all about, could never approve of abortion. But no Marxist will ever have a problem with it. Abortion is not something that allows of an atheistic interpretation. Abortion requires it. Abortion requires that there be no Creator.

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