Sons of Perdition: How Certain Catholic Priests Turned the Kennedys Pro-Abortion

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Awhile back, The Wall Street Journal ran a fascinating and deeply saddening article exploring the reasons behind the Kennedy Family’s staunch pro-abortion position.

Believe it or not, Ted Kennedy used to be pro-life.

So how did he and all the other prominent Kennedys swing so far in the wrong direction? For that matter, what about some of the other Catholic pro-abortion zealots in (or recently in) high public office, such as Nancy Pelosi, Mario Cuomo, and Tom Daschle? What happened to them?

(NB: I originally posted this blog entry on January 2, 2009. Given all the chattering right now from Catholics who feel they can vote for pro-abortion candidates with impunity and without compromising their Catholic identity (and without committing sin), I post it again because of its pertinence to the late Ted Kennedy’s life and legacy, such as it was.)

This article alleges that it was was an intentional, systematic, concerted effort on the part of a group of dissenting Catholic theologians (including Fr. Richard McCormick, Fr. Charles Curran, Fr. Joseph Fuchs, Fr. Robert Drinan, and Fr. John Courtney Murray), who spent a good deal of of time with the Kennedys in the mid 1960s employing bogus moral theology arguments to convince them they could “accept and promote abortion with a clear conscience.” Once this was accomplished, these same Judas priests undertook to literally coach the Kennedy’s on what to say and how to vote in favor of abortion in their public lives.

Given the Kennedys’ enormous influence over American politics, it’s diabolically logical for those dissenting Catholic theologians to have targeted this renowned and respected Catholic family for “conversion.” They were in the perfect position to persuade other Catholics, and even many Protestants, that it’s okay to be pro-abortion.

And this strategy worked so well that, today, it is virtually impossible to find a Catholic politician holding national public office who is pro-life. Thanks to these dissenters and those Catholics they duped, “Catholic” is synonymous with “pro-abortion” in politics.

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  1. My Father was no fan of The Kennedys, I agree, but I do think they did suffer,specially Rose Kennedy who seemed to be a very devout Catholic. I saw Rose Kennedy interviewed by Fr.Peyton . Rose Kennedy was said ,to have been very angry at her husband for having a Lobotomy performed on her daughter behind her back and was unable to forgive him. He apparently went to many many doctors who would not lobotomize her., There are stories, whether they are true or not I am not sure, but the girl had a diary that was suppressed,the reason many say was child abuse. I do believe it ,since the family seemed very wounded and Joe Kennedy fit the profile of a Child Abuser.. Archbishop Hannan shared some letters between himself and Jacqueline Kennedy they were beautiful letters. Archbishop Hannan also stated that
    John F Kennedy went to church and confession on first Friday before he died the Secret Service had to accompany him to Church he was doing The Novena Sacred Heart and it was important to him that he go to confession. The Archbishop Hannan was a beautiful person, and close to the Kennedy Family he delivered the Eulogy For John F Kennedy also Jacqueline Kennedy.. The Kennedy Family today has insulted the Catholic Church in so many ways and many Priest Bishops accept it. That is wrong.,we all witnessed Joe Biden’s display of nastiness and egotism with regard to the debate with Paul Ryan it was very uncivilized but Paul Ryan really was so gracious that I do think there are some good Catholics who are representing our Faith as demonstrated by Mr, Ryans outstanding debate, self control and dignity in contrast to Joe Bidens Boorish low class behaviour.

  2. Suzan Pease says:

    Considering Joe Kennedy was above the law with his black market liquor, considering the lobotomy on his daughter, considering the Kennedy men and their marital transgressions, considering the Kennedy women contributed to the Kennedy lies, considering that most of the clan were addicted to drugs and alcohol…geez, think they were buying their way through life, and by their influence across the world has contributed to the destruction of many souls…

  3. I personally believe that the Kennedys have always been opportunist.and hypocrites not all of them one must remember Rose Kennedy was certainly not pro abortion. I was not born when ,
    John F Kennedy was President but my Father who was somewhat involved with politics disliked the Kennedys immensely.and that always made an impression on me. John F.Kennedy seemed very pumped up by the media like Obama, I recently saw on EWTN a small segment on Eisenhower very interesting he supported The Catholic Church on Birth Control which was very unpopular and he took a beating from the press for this, he actually read or attended the conference on Birth Control and agreed with the Catholic Church. The Press attacked Eisenhower viciously for his support of Catholic Doctrine. John F.Kennedy, according to many Historians Paul Johnson being one of them, had Diem the Catholic Leader in South Vietnam killed the story I was told was Diem was praying in the Church and was shot in the Head, Vice President Johnson thought there would be blow back and that kennedy should not have done this ,Kennedy was killed 2 weeks later. President Eisenhower’s Son General John Eisenhower stated that his Father did not like what Kennedy was doing to the country. I do not think that a bunch of liberal heretical Priest corrupted the Kennedys they were opportunist. I am sure that they helped, and yes provided Political cover but I believe personally that the Kennedys are not taken seriously anymore and are somewhat of a Joke. Don;t forget that Archbishop Hannan Who recently passed away at the age of 98 was a spiritual advisor to John F Kennedy and the Kennedy Family a while back. I can assure anyone Archbishop Hannan was a very devout and Holy Man. He provided some very good insight into the Kennedys on his program called Focus. when he The Archbishop was questioned he stated he was not JFK’s Confessor but was his spiritual advisor.and the Families. There is a scene in the Film Becket where King Henry II is leaving The Church after being Flogged as penance for what Happened to Saint Thomas Becket The camera rises above King Henry to the very famous painting Of Christ. I have always been very moved by that scene it speaks volumes about who our Real King is. ..

  4. Janet Baker says:

    I suppose it makes little difference, but did the priests actually corrupt the Kennedys et al, or were the Kennedys secretly pro-abortion and looking for “theological cover” which those priests provided?

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