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The Texas Legislature passed historic Pro-Life House Bill 2 during the Second Special Session this year.

The next step in implementing this landmark omnibus Pro-Life bill is for the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to write and approve rules that mirror the intent of legislators in regard to House Bill 2. The rules have been written and are now in the public vetting process.


Remember that angry mob from the Capitol? Well, they aren’t leaving Austin. At the DSHS meeting about the rules and implementation for HB2, the abortion crowd again disrupted the process, demanding exceptions to the rules, expecting nonsensical wavers, and pleading for grandfather clauses for current abortion clinics.

The abortion industry thinks House Bill 2 is unreasonable.  We share Governor Perry’s sentiments expressed at Texas Right to Life’s 2013 Celebration of Life: “I suppose they [the abortion crowd] figured that we could just trust the abortion industry to care for the needs of Texas women, but we know better.”

We DO know better: House Bill 2 impacts the bottom line of abortion clinics so the opponents are still fighting enforcement.  Loopholes were offered as amendments during the legislative process, and each anti-Life amendment was soundly defeated; thus, these exceptions and wavers do not belong in the final rules and enforcement mechanisms.

The abortion crowd will flood DSHS with countless pleas to change and dilute the rules so we must encourage DSHS to pass and implement the proposed rules as written.

Join Texas Right to Life to express support for the rules as written

Make known to DSHS that you want abortion clinics held to higher standards.

Three ways to #stand4life:

1. Click here to tell the bureaucrats to fully implement the HB 2 rules as written.

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