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Dear Dr. Gatter: I can’t promise you a Lamborghini. But I can promise you your dignity.

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Dear Dr. Gatter,

Listen, I can’t promise you a Lamborghini. I can’t even promise you a used Ford Focus. But I can promise you something much more valuable…your dignity.

I think I know why you got into the abortion industry. You did it because you believed you were helping women. You probably thought that you were just helping to provide a safe abortion option. After all, without safe abortion, these women would be forced to seek out illegal abortion services. What would that look like for them? Unsterile instruments? Incompetent doctors? Negligent care? That would be absolutely terrible.

What you didn’t know was that your involvement in the abortion industry would mean that you would now be part of what you feared. Abortion clinics are being cited for the things you thought only happened in illegal “back alley” facilities. Legal abortion clinics are being cited for improperly sterilizing their instruments, putting hundreds of women at risk for potentially fatal infections. Clinics are actively participating in Medicaid fraud. Women are dying from legal abortion procedures because of negligent care. Former abortion clinic workers are speaking out about mandatory abortion quotasbotched abortions, and incompetent physicians. This is safe abortion?

Every day you go into work and begin your day. Maybe today is just first trimester abortions. Planned Parenthood says that you should perform each abortion in less than five minutes. Maybe you are always trying to challenge yourself. “How fast can I do this one?” When you first became an abortion provider, you used to introduce yourself to every patient. Now you find that to be a nuisance. The patients don’t care anyway. Now you just hope they are sedated by the time you walk in the room.

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You start the procedure by artificially dilating the patient’s cervix with dilator rods. You hear the woman complaining about the pain. What did they think? Did they think this wasn’t going to be uncomfortable? Once the cervix is dilated, you begin the actual suction procedure. You ask the technician to turn on the suction and you hear the familiar whir. You begin moving the suction machine in and out of the uterus. Small clumps of tissue are sucked into the machine. You are waiting for “the noise.” And then you hear it…a big “thump.”

That thump was the baby’s body slowly moving through the suction tube and hitting the glass container where it will be kept for later. You are finished. Another one down. Another $75.00 added to your paycheck. You get up and move to the next room, where a sedated woman is waiting for you to provide your “service.”

But before you walk into the exam room, you stop by the POC (products of conception) lab. You want to make sure that all of the body parts of your last victim are accounted for. You see them all there: two arms, two legs, a head, and torso. You sign the paper in the POC lab confirming that the “parts were accounted for” and then you move to the next room. Your next patient is waiting. Your next unsuspecting victim is waiting to be killed.

This is why you became a doctor?

I don’t think it is. I think you wanted to be a doctor who healed people. But somehow, you got involved in one of the most corrupt industries in history…the abortion industry. I know the money is good. The pay cut I took when I became pro-life was steep. But I would do it again without question because what I gained was invaluable. My dignity. My self-respect.

When I stopped taking life, I got mine back. I learned what it was to truly help women. I realized that in order to help the woman sitting in front of me, I couldn’t dehumanize her child.

I also got my humanity back. I realize now how dehumanized I had become. Of course I was. I had become part of a machine…a machine that casually takes life day after day. In order to dehumanize the baby we were killing, we had to dehumanize ourselves.

I want to help you find the humanity that has been lost. I wish I could explain to you the freedom and pure joy that you will feel if you leave the abortion industry. But it’s something I can’t really explain…it can only be felt. I believe that you are worthy of redemption. I believe in your inherent dignity, in your worth. Let us at And Then There Were None help you find what you have lost. We are here for you; individually, confidentially and unconditionally.

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