The tactical argument: Regardless of whether you desire Rubio or Cruz to win the nomination, you must vote for Cruz in Texas.

Depending on the polling you trust, Ted Cruz varies from either a small lead to even possessing a sizeable lead in state. Texas has 155 delegates. If a candidate captures at least 50% of the votes, he gets all the delegates.

So here is the deal. Rubio has no chance to win Texas. In most polls, he trails by 15+ points. Why is this relevant? Because Trump IS a threat to Cruz in Texas. If you oppose a Trump candidacy (or even if you support a Rubio candidacy), you want Trump to win as few delegates as possible in Texas (and frankly everywhere). If Trump sweeps through Super Tuesday and wins the vast majority of delegates, this is over.

Trump currently leads in Ohio. He even leads in Florida, which is Rubio’s home state. In other words, the entire strategy that Rubio is banking on cannot work if Trump destroys Cruz in the South…and especially Texas…thus rolling to the 1237 delegates he needs to secure the nomination.

The argument here therefore is that a vote for Rubio in Texas is a vote for Donald Trump. Every vote for Rubio makes it more difficult for Cruz to consolidate 50% support and wrestle delegates away from Trump.

Full disclosure: I support Ted Cruz for President. And of course winning Texas also helps Cruz stay alive, which I like. However, that is beside the point here. The point is, if Trump storms through the South, winning unexpected delegates, it will be virtually impossible for Rubio or Cruz to recover.

At least if Cruz wins, it can stunt some of the Trump momentum and allow Rubio the opportunity to win some delegates up north…possibly with an eye at a brokered convention. A brokered convention is quite possibly the only path to nomination for Rubio, and his campaign has basically conceded that at this point. So again, even if you support Rubio, it behooves your candidate to block Trump from capturing delegates.

Please consider that before voting Tuesday. May God bless America!


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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