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Celebrities Sound the Alarm About the Ruin of Pornography

by Patty Knap 02/27/2016
An impressive new effort to combat pornography is gaining attention. The celebrities that have joined in aim to change the pop culture’s view of porn as “no big deal.”

“Porn Kills Love” is a powerful new message and so very true. The divorces attributed to pornography across the nation are testament to its destruction. I heard about the associated new slogan, Fight the New Drug, blanketing social media by porn’s target. The new campaign is different in that it’s not political and not religious. It’s based on the scientific research on the effects on the brain, on relationships, and on society.

With teenagers the largest consumers of internet pornography, the group’s founders created a high-energy live school presentation. Over 400 schools have brought the program in for their students already with impressive responses. Billboards, t-shirts, social media posts, are reinforcing the message that porn is harmful to relationships, harmful to the brain, harmful to the actors involved, and harmful to our society. What I think is the most riveting to anyone exposed to porn or already addicted is the site’s videos of every day young adults detailing the ruin of porn in their lives. Posted videos include “How Porn Led to My Sexual Abuse,” “Maria’s Story: How Porn Ruined My Marriage,” “Jessica’s Story: My Life as a Porn Star,” “The Most Successful Male Porn Star of All Time Speaks Out on Porn.”

“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor and former NFL player Terry Crews has opened up about his addiction to pornography. Just recently, Terry officially joined the #PornKillsLove movement by posting himself wearing one of the t-shirts and giving Fight the New Drug a shout out to his millions of followers. On Crews’ new facebook videos, he explained how porn “really, really messed up” his life and threatened his marriage. In his book Manhood, he talked about how he was addicted to pornography since the age of 12 years old. “It was my secret, nobody knew, and that allowed it to grow. And it got bad,” he said.

Crews was able to cut his addition six or seven years ago through therapy, and is now dedicated to educating others on the disaster of pornography. “Women, you need to be fearless. You need to confront your man about this problem,” he said in the second clip, recorded while he drove around Los Angeles in a convertible. “You cannot accept any pornography in your life.” He’s also spoken about the sense of entitlement that comes from viewing pornography, and that the desire for intimacy that can never be fulfilled through porn.

Another celebrity who has spoken out is Hugh Grant. He recently announced proudly that he hasn’t used pornography in three years. He was asked if quitting porn had changed his life for the better. Grant’s response? “I now have three children. I think there is a correlation.”

Russell Brand’s recent rant about the harmful effects of porn is now viral on Fight the New Drug’s YouTube channel. With over 2.2 million views of Russell’s video, people all over the world are talking about the comedian/activist who cites the science and research behind the harms of porn and then shares his personal experiences with it. Brand has since posted another video, answering people’s comments from the first video and further detailing what a wasteland porn is.

Fight The New Drug is a website dedicated to providing resources and information about pornography and pornography addictions. Covenant Eyes is an internet filtering and accountability system that allows tracking of websites, search terms and videos.

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