A few of my readers are upset with me, some of them even calling me uncomplimentary names.  I am not surprised.  Some people become very uncomfortable when confronted with the truth.  What does surprise me, however, is when some of my readers, evidently new to this Blog, criticize me for publishing the truth about Donald Trump and accuse me of having been silent when Barack Hussein Obama was running for the presidency in 2008.  Now that is simply untrue.

Throughout all of 2008, as soon as Barack Hussein Obama announced his candidacy for the presidency I began to write almost daily posts on this blog warning people that voting for him was like expressing a death wish.

I questioned his being a natural born citizen (I have been to Mombasa, Kenya and I have seen copies of his birth certificate showing that he was born there), I showed his close relationship with Middle East activists while he was a student at Columbia, I showed his close relationship with Saul Alinsky and George Soros.

I warned that he would be influenced by all of these people if he became President.  On one occasion I put a cartoon, drawn by a nationally knows political cartoonist showing Barack Hussein Obama as a puppet being manipulated by George Soros, only to have Google remove it and destroy it.

On January 20, 2009, the day of his inauguration I posted, without comment, the text of the Latin hymn DIES IRAE (from the funeral Liturgy of the Roman Catholic Church)  on this blog and it received over 20,000 views on that day.

Barack Hussein Obama has turned out to be the President that I predicted he would be.      I should only have to point out that in his appointment of Hillary Clinton, a Saul Alinsky disciple, as Secretary of State he fulfilled one of my fears (ask Ambassador Stevens if I was wrong).

So why have I been so relentless in publishing posts showing how dangerous Donald Trump is?  The answer is simple and yet complex.  I fought in the Second Word War to defend our great Country and when I became a Catholic priest and Bishop I did not become a second-class citizen.  I have a right, especially now that I do not hold any office in the Roman Catholic Church (even though I continue to be a bishop as Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi) to engage in the debate about the qualifications of the candidates for the office of President of the United States.

Donald Trump is unfit to be President of the United States.  He would be, in my opinion, infinitely worse than Barack Hussein Obama has been.

+Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi




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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Corinna Pucek says:

    Hooray Bishop Gracida for being the loyal patriot that I’ve always admired and respected. Your posts have been a help to me in clearing up much confusion in the minds of many of my younger than you or I, family members and friends. They do not have the benefit of your historical perspective nor our conservative orthodoxy in Politics or Faith matters. I think you have done a marvelous job and I applaud you. But I think we are not getting out of this mess w/o a great loss of life. So souls are at the top of my agenda now and what with all the opportunities for Plennary Indulgences, Masses and Communions, Novenas, Rosaries and Divine Mercy Chaplets, etc., etc.. How rich is the storehouse of spiritual treasures is our wonderful Faith. I am so pleased that you are so open to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit and therefore open to Prophecy. Please look up Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi and his website concerning the Divine Will. I’ve told you several times before that if there was one gift that I could give you to crown your life in service to your God it would be the Gift of the Divine Will. Please look into IT before you are called Home to Heaven. You will be so blessed and that is what I believe God wants to do for you too! I love you as your lamb and as my Shepherd. Fiat Mihi!

    Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2016 15:31:58 +0000
    To: twoheartsranch@hotmail.com

  2. patmcle@comcast.net says:

    Dear Bishop,

    I apologize,( as I am new to this post) and I did not know that you criticized Obama as much as you say you did .A Mea Culpa on my part. For me, this country took its final leap into the abyss when Obama was elected. I cannot understand why you think Donald Trump would be infinitely worse than Obama.? Have I missed that on your Post? While you are correct that you have a right (and a duty I might add) to engage in debates, some of your posts concerning him did not appear to engage in debate but promote hatred of the man, with one liners taken out of context. I do not believe and he has not stated that all Muslims or Mexicans are rapists or evil people. He has consistently had his words twisted on that to accuse him of racism and I am tired of that card constantly being played if you do not like what a person says. I think Donald is voicing what we the people are feeling (the protected vs the unprotected as Peggy Noonan so eloquently put.) This country has a right to defend its borders, and quite frankly Mexico makes sure it protects its borders, just ask that poor Marine who crossed over by mistake and landed in jail for over a year. I do not adhere to ripping families apart, and feel compassionate to these poor families fleeing their country out of desperation, but I also am very angry that our citizens have been murdered etc.. by people coming over the border to “rape and pillage ” this country. Drugs and gangs from South America have taken over our cities and streets in many places. I read about it all the time in the news. I am tired too of the extreme and communist PC language that has been forced on us by this administration even more than ever. In short this country needs a leader and that is why people are attracted to Trump. Now a leader like Trump can also be very dangerous because he can become a dictator, but don’t we already basically have that in the White House already? Trump is a real concern for sure, but is he worse than Hillary? I think not!. He is a wild card and I do understand your not supporting him. I actually voted for Cruz, because of his stance on life(and defense of the Constitution) as Donald’s stance on life does not seem believable. I must admit though, Donald has tuned into many things that people are feeling. It was for me a bit hard not to vote for him. Feelings though should not dictate the facts. As much as you dislike Donald he cannot be all that crazy as you suggest with your post that he is malignant and psychopathic. Gee his children seem to have been brought up well (unlike other celebrity children). He has been successful in business (yes he got a lot of money, but he could have lost it all). What about this article https://m.facebook.com/Peter.Ticktin/posts/10205751789135961?fref=nf

    or this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omz5M3GDuDQ

    I just fear all this hatred for the man will lead to his assassination, as it is many the anti Trump people will not even allow the freedom of speech. They accuse him of being Hitler (another slander) and prevent him from exercising his right while they hypocritically exercise their thuggery on the Constitution. We are heading right down the road to CHAOS and I am frightened at what the outcome will be.

    What about Dr. Carson supporting him? Is he out to lunch? Do you think he would support a psychopath? It is all confusing with the back and forth. All in all, none of us like the vulgarity and belittling that Donald displayed in some of the debates, but that does not give us the right to engage in the same behavior. To end it, I am glad that you wrote back in defense of your position as I understand you better now. Thank you for your service to this Country. My father also served in WWII and I pray that my 20 year old son will not be drafted into another World War.Although I think we are heading that way. Jesus save us from ourselves. In Christ, Pat

  3. SanSan says:

    Thank you, Your Eminence. We live in such dark times always looking for a light. My first impression of Trump running was having him pull the rug out from under the status quo and dump them on there respective heads. Trump has done that. Now, I pray that Ted Cruz and a running mate like Carson or Carly, can help “right” this sinking ship. I found out about you on “Charlie’s” site, so I know that you know what his belief is……there won’t even be an election……so all this might be just “splitting hairs”.

    Love your pretty Ginger! I have a black lab named Amity! God Bless you and keep blogging!

  4. joanne says:

    I’m kind of ashamed of myself for thinking Trump was a blessing because he busted the PC bull.  He showed men it’s okay to not back down and not run away with their tail between their legs.  We must beat H.C. and maybe he was our best chance and MAYBY he would be what we need.  Oh boy, I’m thinking I must be nuts!  Cruz is my #1 hope and now they’re trying to chew him up and spit him out!  The Rosary is our weapon.  We are blessed to have a good man, priest, Bishop, warrior in you to lead us.  Thank you, Bishop Gracida, and prayers for you.  My dad and his parents always ‘talked’ politics.  My Grampy drank too much, so it got loud.  I loved it.  Eisenhower days…You make me remember those days…a gift to me.  😉

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  5. philsevilla says:

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    abyssum posted: ”



    A few of my readers are upset with me, some of them even calling me uncomplimentary names.  I am not surprised.  Some people become very uncomfortable when confronted with the truth.  What does surprise me, how”

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