Zack Dunlap: No Miracle, He Demonstrates the Capacity of the Body (including the brain ) to Heal…

Posted: 09 Jun 2016 10:24 AM PDT


Steven Thorpe, declared brain dead
by four doctors, recovered.

And Zack’s not the only one, HERE ARE THE OTHERS:

Steven Thorpe

Gloria Cruz

Madeleine Gauron

Colleen Burns

Harrison Elmer

Raleane “Rae” Kupferschmidt

Some will say these patients weren’t really brain “dead.” But they were all declared brain dead. So if the brain death diagnosis is so inaccurate, it needs to be rethought. What’s happening instead is that “ethics” groups are arguing for taking organs from patients who aren’t even diagnosed as brain dead but have catastrophic injuries. Hey, their “quality of life” will be so bad they should be killed for their organs so somebody more worthy of life can get them.
It’s simple, folks. “Brain dead” means still alive. It’s a diagnosis developed out of thin air in the late 1960s in order to provide fresh organs for the voracious organ donation industry. There’s plenty of money to be made there including on the black market. Check here, here and here (Note the table on p. 3 showing the cost of organ transplants. Consider that the organs are donated. Somebody’s making a bundle!). It ain’t rocket science to know somebody is dead. They have no heartbeat; they aren’t breathing; their body is cold and blue; and blood is pooling at the pressure points. Until that happens, you can’t be sure they’re dead, no matter how many medical folks in lab coats try to convince you otherwise. And Dr. Paul Byrne isn’t the only one disputing it.

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