24 JUNE 16

It is a day of bracing news. The people of Britain upended the world with a shocking endorsement for leaving the European Union, leading to economic upheaval, political disruption, and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron. The rejection of globalism, and of its bureaucratic elitist technocrats who pull the levers and turn the knobs of the global economy, is thorough and clear. Again, the polls and betting markets failed – it turned out that thing which many thought to be impossible was very possible. Many will today draw parallels to Donald Trump’s standing in America, but that is not what this is about, because it is about something much bigger, a message not just meant for Brussels. This is about the people of Britain reasserting an interest in self-government. This is about a rejection of a far-off unelected ruling class that has proven itself feckless, corruptible, and incompetent. This is about a belief that free men and women have the capacity to rule themselves. And the message this sends to the world should be a wake-up call to those conveniently gathered together in Aspen at the moment that this is the eleventh hour for the blatant disregard they call leadership.

On the results.  “Scarcely a year after a triumphant general-election victory, British Prime Minister David Cameron is already on his way out of office following an epic miscalculation that on Thursday resulted in U.K. voters opting to leave the European Union. Mr. Cameron said Friday morning that he would step down as prime minister within a few months, a consequence of the U.K.’s historic referendum on whether to remain in the EU. Mr. Cameron in effect became collateral damage in a battle he himself launched by promising he would offer the public a vote on the Europe issue if his Conservative Party won the 2015 general election.”

“The referendum’s outcome—nearly 52% of voters cast ballots to leave the EU—instantly reverses the legacy of a man who first became prime minister in 2010 as the leader of a coalition government. Until early Friday morning, Mr. Cameron had managed to deftly navigate a complex political maze of his own making. Two years ago, he successfully fended off a bid for Scottish independence, and last year he unexpectedly won a general election that gave his Conservative Party its first majority in 23 years. Before the 2015 election, Mr. Cameron had pledged to hold the referendum on EU membership if his Tories won a majority. The pledge to hold a referendum was a way of mollifying members of his own party, and others, who were unhappy about the U.K.’s membership in the EU.”

Tim Stanley: This was the day the British people defied their jailers.  “It’s impossible to overstate how remarkable this victory is. Twenty years ago, Euroscepticism was a backbench Tory rebellion and a political cult. It was a dispute located firmly on the Right with little appeal to Labour voters. It took Ukip to drag it into the centre of political life – given momentum by the issue of immigration – and slowly it has emerged as a lightning rod for anti-establishment activism.

“Even so, the circumstances of the referendum were not ripe for victory. David Cameron only called it to hold his own party together; and once it was called, he decided to turn the British and global establishment against it. Out came the Treasury, the IMF, even the President of the United States to argue that Britain had to stay. This was textbook politics, how things used to be done – and it worked back in 1975 when the UK voted overwhelmingly on good advice to stay in the Common Market.

“But this time the establishment consensus coincided with a historic loss of faith in the experts. These were the people who failed to predict the Credit Crunch, who missed the greatest economic disaster to hit us since the Great Depression. And we were supposed to believe them? Slowly the consensus came to resemble not just a conspiracy but, worse, a confederacy of dunces.”

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