No one, especially a Christian, can ever choose evil, however small. Everyone, especially a Christian, must choose good however small. In my opinion the evil in both Hillary and Donald so far outweighs the good in them it is impossible for a anyone, especially a Christian, to vote for either of them. Instead, write in the name of a person you judge to be more good than evil. It does not matter that that person stands no chance of being elected, but at least you, before God, have not chosen evil instead of good and that is pleasing to God who from the beginning of time gave us humans the power to determine for ourselves what is good and what is evil, but expected us to be guided by the natural law he impressed on our humanity. If we make our choices without reference to what Jesus Christ has taught us, we are no different than our first parents in choosing to call evil good and good evil.

Some would argue that when faced with an important situation we are allowed to choose the lesser of two evils. But the Church magisterium has always taught that one can only choose the lesser of two evils in cases of ABSOLUTE NECESSITY, such as whether to save the mother or the child in cases of an ectopic pregnancy. In the present case no person can say that IT IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY THAT THEY VOTE FOR EITHER DONALD TRUMP OR HILLARY CLINTON. Yes, Hillary Clinton favors abortion which kills unborn children, but Donald Trump will (in my opinion) cause America to go to war which will kill not only unborn children but men, women, boys and girls AND UNBORN CHILDREN. I do not believe that any human person can decide which of the two, Clinton or Trump, is the LESSER of the two evils. They are both so evil in their actions that no Christian (especially Catholics who have the benefit of the magisterial teaching of the Church, e.g. VERITATIS SPLENDOR) can play God and decide which is the lesser of the two evils.

What is important is how they must answer to God for their choice. My advice is for a perplexed Catholic to vote for all other offices on the ballot but to abstain from indicating a choice for President. If a Catholic is not happy with that solution, then that Catholic should write in the name of any good person for President.


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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. pjkizer says:

    Gina, the lukewarm Catholics will vote for either Clinton or Trump, because they are lukewarm. Only those with some backbone will have the courage to abstain. Both Clinton and Trump are evil, a good Catholic cannot vote for either.

  2. prtx says:

    With our current election process one of the 2 is going to be elected unless one state is able to get enough votes for another person and thus take enough electoral votes to force the decision into the Senate. Out of the 2 choices Hilary and the democrats are the worst of the 2. I was appalled by one of the speeches last night where the speaker said that in America we now have the opportunity to be a single parent …. Their poor family values and lack of desire for marriage is appalling.

  3. “So America has no enemies shouting “Death to America”??? Iran and North Korea do not have nuclear weapons ??? They do not have allies who are not our friends ??? You do not belong to the American Ostrich Society ???”
    Brilliant. This situation already exists and will continue to exist whether Hillary or Trump is elected. Hillary voted for the Iraq war….Trump stated it was foolish endeavor. Hillary is much more bellicose and interventionist…..look at her handiwork in Libya and Egypt. Trump sees Russia as a potential ally…..Hillary’s State Department wanted to target Russian sites in Syria…..think there’s a potential to escalate there? Do yourself a favor and pick up a newspaper and quit emoting….we get enough of that from the emasculated hierarchy.

  4. Thank you so much Father. I’ve been worry about the election, I’ve decided that I’m not going to vote, neither one of them are pro-life, I know Donald wants the conservative vote having a Christian VP but my conscience says no!
    Now some people had told me that I’m lukewarm and God will spit me out, and also that I’m sinning against the sin of omssion.
    Is this possible? Thanks for your input.
    May God Blees you?

  5. abyssum says:

    So America has no enemies shouting “Death to America”??? Iran and North Korea do not have nuclear weapons ??? They do not have allies who are not our friends ??? You do not belong to the American Ostrich Society ???

  6. This is truly pathetic… and illustrative of the muddled thinking in the Church today and how the hierarchy continues to fail us. The bishop writes “but Donald Trump will (in my opinion) cause America to go to war”…..with who exactly? Clinton will definitely protect and fund the abortion death machine, while the bishop brings up some nebulous and unsubstantiated fear of Trump starting a war. There is such a thing as a just war…..there is no justification for deliberate abortion.

  7. Thank you for this post!!!! I couldn’t vote for Trump anymore than I could vote for Hillary. God Bless you!!!!

  8. abyssum says:


    What makes you believe that there will be a Republican Congress in power after this election ????

  9. Joanne Lombardo says:

    Your Excellency, There is no one good enough. I think you are wrong. No one in politics is as evil as H. Clinton. Period! Without winning anything, Trump kicked ‘political correctness’ in the teeth! No one had dared to stand up to the unconstitutional take over of liberals and the Administration. Are you afraid to trust him? That must be it. Why do you expect him to be like Hitler? You believe we are fools being duped like we were duped by the evil insiders in the Church since Vatican II? Do you believe what Vat II teaches about Ecumenism? Outside The Church there IS Salvation? We don’t need to go teach all nations? I am really confused. This doesn’t work, you know. Gee, why are there so few Catholics? Jesus had it all wrong? He didn’t come to bring a sword? I pray for Pope Francis and Pope Benedict and the Church. We have bigger problems than which person to support for president. I hope you have read and know all about Archbishop Lefebvre and SSPX. Prayers, jkl

  10. I am voting for Donald Trump.

    If Hillary gets in, the Democratic killing machine will have a feast day
    butchering the unborn.

    If Donald Trump gets in, the Republican controlled Congress will be
    in power and the unborn may get a chance to see the light of day.

    David J Sheehan
    Crowley, Texas

  11. Ed/Carole Hummel says:

    Thank You.  If you have any means of contacting EWTN they have had Raymond Arroyo on with people and if he is not endorsing Mr. Trump, I don’t  know what it is.  He covers the convention and its all about Mr. Trump, no statements of Trump’s  comments of how”Planned Parenthood does good things”.  Speaking of the largest abortion providers and PP also pushes the sex ed and contraception on our Youth.  Mr. Trump also spoke nicely of the LBGT.  While they do not deserve to be killed or harmed, it was almost like it was ok.  He is no friend of ours. Again, Thank You.   God Bless.    Carole Hummel

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