Our National Treasure: The USS Constitution under sail.

{ A loose cannon on the deck of a man-of-war sailing ship in turbulent seas is truly a dangerous thing. As it rolls around on the pitching deck it becomes even more of a lethal weapon than it was when tied down at its gun-port. It can kill and maim sailors trying to subdue it. It can destroy the belaying pins holding the sheets that control the sails, rendering the ship uncontrollable. It can damage and weaken masts so that the force of the wind on the sails can topple a mast, leaving the ship helpless in the water.

Donald Trump is a loose cannon. He was a loose cannon as a candidate. He is a loose cannon as the Republican nominee. He will be a loose cannon as President of the United States if he is elected. President Trump as a loose cannon on the ship of state could sink the United States.

I take no satisfaction in the report that the Chairman of the Republican Party is “reportedly furious with his own party’s nominee,” that he is “‘apoplectic’ over Donald Trump’s refusal to commit to an endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan and former party nominee John McCain in their upcoming primary races.” I take no satisfaction because I knew that it would happen. When Reince Preibus, Chairman of the RNC, abused parliamentary procedure on the first day of the Cleveland Convention by having the acting Chair refuse to call for a roll-call vote on the motion to free the delegates to vote their consciences he guaranteed the nomination of Donald Trump on the first ballot. Only a fool would fail to see the danger of handing Donald Trump the nomination on a gold plate, given the narcicisstic personality of Donald Trump; Reince Preibus has proven himself to be as much a fool as his Democrat counterpart, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, like Schultz Preibus should resign.

The future now looks dark, indeed !!!

As I write this post Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in all the blue states and in the ‘swing’ states as well. As disaffection with Donald Trump grows in the ranks of traditional conservative Republican voters, the likelihood that the Democrats will not only take the presidency in November, but also the House and the Senate. That would mean a return of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and the selection of Senator Chuck Schumer as Senate Majority Leader, guaranteeing four more years of the Obama administration.

Prior to the selection of Tim Kaine as her vice-presidential running mate the election of Hillary Clinton did not seem like an unqualified disaster since with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate one could hope that justice would prevail and Hillary Clinton would be impeached and removed from office for my her many crimes against the state and she would be succeeded by her Vice-President. But the thought of the apostate Catholic, Tim Kaine, becoming President of the United States, given his support for abortion, makes the Apocalypse seem much closer.

Truly, the Ship of State, America, has run out of options and we are about to enter stormy seas !!!

Secure your life vest, which is your faith in Jesus Christ. – Abyssum }



03 August 16

Yesterday the Republican Party woke up from a six month bender to realize that they nominated Donald Trump. http://vlt.tc/2huy “The chairman of the Republican National Committee is reportedly furious with his own party’s nominee today. Reince Preibus is “apoplectic” over Donald Trump‘s refusal to commit to an endorsement of House Speaker Paul Ryan and former party nominee John McCain in their upcoming primary races. Both Ryan and McCain face stiff competition, and yesterday Trump told The Washington Post that he’s, “not quite there yet” with a Ryan endorsement, using strikingly similar language to that which Ryan used months ago regarding Trump’s troublesome candidacy.”

Reince Priebus has been critical of Trump, albeit not by name, over the Khan attacks. http://vlt.tc/2huz But he’s hardly the only one – Bill O’Reilly took it to Trump last night, suggesting that this was a significant error on his part. http://vlt.tc/2hv0 But apparently it’s Trump’s decision to publicly offer support for Paul Ryan’s opponent that has been a bridge too far for the RNC chair. http://vlt.tc/2hue “More than half a dozen of Trump’s former campaign staff members or leading volunteer organizers from around the country — and many more local volunteers — have signed on to the long-shot campaign of Ryan’s primary challenger, businessman Paul Nehlen, who is openly embracing Trump and casting Ryan as an impediment to Trump’s agenda.

“While they were not sent by Trump — in fact, most of the staffers had been laid off by his shoestring primary campaign or left amid infighting — their re-emergence in Ryan’s Southeastern Wisconsin district is notable. Nehlen’s relatively small campaign appears to have collected the largest concentration of former Trump staff and volunteer advisers, with some admitting they see the effort to defeat Ryan as a continuation of the bitter fight Trump waged against the GOP establishment.”

Trump’s anti-Republican efforts are far more in evidence in the past few weeks than his anti-Clinton efforts, leaving staffers frustrated and confused. http://vlt.tc/2huu “A knowledgeable Republican source told CNN that some of Trump’s campaign staff — even campaign manager Paul Manafort — “feel like they are wasting their time,” given Trump’s recent comments. And two sources close to the Trump campaign said privately they wished Trump would apologize to the Gold Star family, even though the Khans attacked Trump from the stage at the Democratic National Convention last month…

“Two Trump insiders said Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus has talked to Trump several times in recent days, conveying the dismay among senior party leaders and donors. It has been relayed to Trump hat he is losing what tenuous support he has in the party establishment, and that already skeptical donors are heading for the exits or telling the senior team can’t count on serious progress when he looks so toxic. “(Manafort) has made clear no one can help him if no one believes he will do what it takes to win,” said a senior trump aide.”

The Republican defections will continue to grow for Trump if he makes no change in his approach to the campaign. http://vlt.tc/2hun Even Newt Gingrich is being very critical. http://vlt.tc/2hvg “Gingrich remarked that Trump’s performance recalled quarterback Joe Montana’s “stretch during his career where he kept throwing interceptions; and for about half a season, it looked like he wasn’t Joe Montana anymore. And then he figured out what he was doing, and he changed. Trump, Trump is in that kind of a slump,” said Gingrich, a Trump supporter who was under final consideration for the vice presidential slot before Indiana Gov. Mike Pence was chosen. “It’s like watching a team go out on the field, throw an interception on the first play and go back off the field again.”

Ross Douthat on Paul Ryan: http://vlt.tc/2hvf “Every time Ryan talks about patriotism, every time he talks about conservative ideals, the orange face of Trump seems to rise moon-like behind his shoulder — a reminder that this patriot and idealist is supporting, for the highest office in the republic and the most powerful position in the world, a man that he obviously knows (including, one assumes, from firsthand exposure) to be dangerous, unstable, unprincipled and unfit.

“Long after this election is over, that effect will endure. Every piety that the speaker utters, every moral posture that he strikes, will be received with derision by anyone who remembers the months that he spent urging Americans, albeit through gritted teeth, to make Donald Trump commander-in-chief.

“And moral authority is not the only kind of authority that matters. Successful political leadership also depends on a kind of inherent dignity, a steeliness in the face of challenges and threats and foes, a sense that when the crisis comes you will not be easily dominated or bent to another’s will.”

But the idea that Trump is going to be dumped by the party at this stage is laughable – given that the GOP has become, as Paul Manafort says, a Donald Trump party. http://vlt.tc/2hvc “I like Trump because he’s not a part of the establishment. He’s not a crook. He’s not a liar. We haven’t had a candidate like him ever. He is actually interested in America. He’s not one of the old cronies.” What about Hillary Clinton? Meehan shook her head. “She’s splitting America.”

“Wearing red, white, and blue and sporting various American flag accessories, 57-year-old Janet McDonald taught school for more than 30 years and told me, while sitting on the concrete outside the school doors: “I liked Ben Carson at first. Then I became a closet Trump-er. I’ve campaigned for him for months now.”

“Why is she a Trump activist? “I feel he supports the American people. He’s truly anti-establishment, that’s what has elites shaking in their boots. He supports the average Joe.” I pointed out that Trump was a billionaire, yet she was confident he supported the average person. McDonald thought on this for a moment. “He’s been down there working with the average person. He’s been there. You can see how successful his kids are—that says a lot about him.”

Inside, the people reflect his tone. http://vlt.tc/2huf “Even by the standards of rowdy Donald Trump rallies, the sight of a boy repeatedly yelling “take the bitch down” about presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stood out.

“The preadolescent boy and his mother, who identified herself as Pam Kohler of Mount Vernon, Va., held signs reading “HILLARY FOR PRISON 2016.” They sat in the midst of the press section for the Republican nominee’s 64-minute speech in a public high school auditorium here Tuesday.

“I think he has a right to say what he wants to,” said Ms. Kohler.

“She was swarmed by reporters as Mr. Trump finished his remarks, but declined to elaborate. Her son, she said, couldn’t be interviewed because he’s a minor. She declined to say his name or age.

“Asked where the boy learned the language he shouted about the Democratic presidential nominee, Ms. Kohler replied: “Democratic schools.”

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  1. stephen c. love says:

    Amen, a loose cannon, for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. abyssum says:

    You are probably correct, but I would like to think that at the very least a Republican House would impeach her and a Republican Senate would refuse to remove her, thereby reprising what happened to her husband.

  3. I hold no brief on the Donald,. Think of him what you will. But to think Hillary would be indicted is a very serious miscalculation. True, I,think she should be. But political realities being what they are, if she is elected, she will not be for it would be political suicide for any republican to attempt to end the presidency of the first woman elected President in our history. This, dear bishop, is the era of political correctness, not truth in labeling.

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