Here are some words of wisdom Chesterton might have said if he were alive today !!!

It appears the October surprise has arrived, both in Rome and in the USA.  The forces of evil are visibly loosed.  The media jihad against Trump is designed to sway the stupid and to mask vote fraud.  Thoughtful voters will see through the nonsense, but those in a TV induced stupor will, like the good sheep they are, vote for Hillary because the images on the screen and the lies repeated by the oracles of our best and brightest will convince them that Trump is too evil to vote for.

The best way to respond to the endless and alleged statements of Donald Trump is that while he needs to go to confession, Hillary needs to go to jail.  Trump’s private, “potty mouth” remarks do no equate in any way to Hillary’s public failures, let alone he embrace of the culture of death.  It is a sign of terminal decay that we have reached this point, and if Hillary wins, our Faith will be effectively banished from the public square, and active Catholics at risk of losing their jobs and ability to speak in the public forum.  Shameful that so many of our spiritual leaders don’t see this.

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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