There is no doubt that political attitudes depend on how individuals look at God. But the analysis should go one step further: how these individuals on the ideological sides have attitudes regarding how they think that God (even if they do not believe in God but they possess this attitude concerning a rhetorical God) looks at them.

Many on the left think that God is (or would be if He existed) an authoritarian God and that He would treat humans as slaves with little inherent dignity or worth. As I wrote in the book that you endorsed (for which I am greatly thankful) “Fight the Left; it’s Gauche. It’s Sinister”, God – as understood by the most conservative religion, Catholicism – is not a slave driver: He gives us the greatest dignity in leaving us free to make the most important decision – that we each one of us has to make – on our own: to believe in Him and adore Him.. or not. Naturally, God does it on the basis of the logic of love: love cannot be commanded and God is the God of pure love.

Thus, Conservatives believe that we each of us possess an enormous worth and solid credentials for independent decision making, as well as the corollary of accepting responsibilities for poor decisions that we might make. But liberals do not believe that individuals can make decisions, good or bad, nor should they be seen as responsible for any decision. Individuals are weak. The state should make decisions for all.

Also individual human beings are so weak that they easily become victims. Leftists thus heartily believe in the need for strong governments and the logic of victimology beginning with the struggle for the very elusive goal of “equality”. So what appears to be a political reality and social dichotomy is rather a spiritual reality.

Conservatives’ best plan to succeed politically is to convert their leftist brothers and sisters to Catholicism (Luther was not so strong a believer in the power of individuals to resist sin and be responsible for it as he had a flawed understanding of grace – with God’s help through grace all is possible to individuals). Our work is cut out for us! God bless us all!

Jean-Francios  Orsini

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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