Help us stop pornography and sexual exploitation in video games.

Sign our petition to the video game platform Steam demanding they stop supporting video games pornographic and sexually exploitive in nature.

House Party prides itself for allowing users to sexually assault, rape, strip, blackmail, or ejaculate on any woman of their choosing. This game creates a virtual fantasy without consequences and is within clicking distance to games children can access.

Steam, the mainstream video game platform, is hosting video games that are pornographic and sexually exploitive in nature.

Steam boasts itself as easy to access and available consumers of all ages, including children. Two video games must be taken down immediately: House Party and Porno Studio Tycoon.

House Party prides itself for allowing users to sexually assault, rape, strip, blackmail, or ejaculate on any woman of their choosing. This game creates a virtual fantasy world for predators without consequences.

Sexual content games like House Party and Porno Studio Tycoon are located within clicking distance from games children can access, by genre, like Lego or Mario Brothers.

Sign our petition to Steam demanding they remove these games and institute more robust policies to reject pornography and sexual exploitation on their platform.

Sign the petition here:

Rape and sexual coercion are not things that should be rewarded and Steam is promoting an environment that not only rewards players but honors them for committing activities that are both heinous and illegal. 

Read the following game review from an actual player. Imagine that he is describing what he did at a real house party (warning: contains explicit language):

Text reads: “First I walked Stephanie out of her dress. That was fun. Then I blackmailed Madison into giving me a wonderful show. She hates me for it. She probably should. Then I made her blow me. Yup. Then I made Ashley walk around without any clothes. She hates more for it. I don’t blame her. Nice boobs though. Madison loves me now. Then I got Katerin or whatever her nerdy ***** name is to let me take pictures of her topless. I gave the photos to Frank. What an***** that guy is. Got some booze. I got her drunk and had sex with her. Twice. While her boyfriend listened in. I got Rachel to do ALL KINDS of *****. Then I nailed her. Flipped her over. Nailed her some more. Britney is a lesbian. I’m gonna hit that one way or another. Trust me. And that is why this whole review should be covered in [*’s]. YAY STEAM! 300/10 would **** on angry Rachel’s face again!”

Does this sound like innocent fun to you? This is not the type of thing that should be promoted.

In response, CitizenGO is partnering with National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) to stop this behavior. We need your help. We are asking that you sign your name to our joint petition to Steam demanding they remove these games at once.

Join our joint petition here:

Steam and game developers are already feeling significant pressure. Two weeks ago, NCOSE members sent over a thousand emails to executives at Steam. Steam immediately responded by placing black censor bars over nudity and the developer of House Partypenned an unapologetic open letter defending the game and its themes.

The arguments the developer presents in the letter are riddled with messages that perpetuate rape myths.

Read the rest of the letter here.

Porno Studio Tycoon is a business simulator game which allows users to coerce models into pornography. The game is flagged for sexual content and nudity. Much like House PartyPorno Studio Tycoon is easy to access and located way too close to content children can access.

To access the game Porno Studio Tycoon, users only need to click a checkbox acknowledging the sexual content. There is no age verification.

House Party and Porno Studio Tycoon trivialize the most tragic crimes committed against women. They are dangerous, offensive, and traumatizing to sexually assaulted persons everywhere. No mentality justifying sexual exploitation is acceptable or safe. By distributing these games, Steam not only exposes children to pornography, but normalizes sexual assault.

Unfortunately, these two games are not the only games glorifying this type of behavior. But, we are only starting the conversation by removing the most blatantly offensive content. Our long-term goal is for Steam to institute more robust policies to reject sexual exploitation on their platform.

Together, Steam will not tune us out!

Sign here:

Thank you,

Gregory Mertz and the entire CitizenGO team

P.S. For additional information, please refer to the articles cited at the bottom of the petition. To access the article, click here. Don’t forget to sign the petition. 

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