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That’s the only word that applies.

August 23, 2017


As we shared with you yesterday, all this week the staff here at the apostolate will be having in-service days, making plans for the next year, programming decisions, training and so forth. So, for this week, we will be providing you with abbreviated Vortex episodes — today, the interview of Cdl. Raymond Burke with our friends at The Wanderer where he did a “drop mic” on the question of the unfaithfulness of so many leaders in the Church these days and the resulting apostasy.

His Eminence simply nailed it — apostasy. That’s the only word that applies — a total walking away from the Faith, a denial of what or rather who the Church is and who is the Church, no less than Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God present on earth to continue His saving mission throughout time through the agency of men. How evil when the ordained class succumbs to apostasy. There could be nothing worse than apostolic apostasy, which is what we have in the case of corrupt, weak and cowardly bishops and clerics.

Cardinal Burke’s words hearken back to St. Peter’s denunciation of Judas in the Book of Acts when the first pope declared that Judas had, in fact, had a share in salvation and had lost it along with his apostleship, having gone to “his own place.” Judas was the first apostate. Unfortunately, he is not the last. But just as St. Peter called it out in his day, so too does it need calling out in this day so that the faithful may not be lead even more into error.

Face the facts, there are Judases, traitors and apostates who are running loose in the Church these days. They deny Christ. They deny His Holy Church. They must absolutely be exposed and opposed.

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