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Carlos Evaristo holding the front page of the Lisbon daily O Seculo of 15 October 1917, which revealed the miracle of the sun in Fatima to the rest of the world.

A masonic, anti clerical government was in power in Portugal at this time (which less than a decade previously had toppled the monarchy) and broadsheets reflected government policy. Not surprisingly then, as the year 1917 unfolded, the journal derided the events of Fatima as the work of morons, as interest in it increased with growing crowds coming there en masse, on the thirteenth of the month, when the apparitions took place.

Yet on the cover of the newspaper, was an eyewitness report of the miracle by one of their sub-editors Avelino d’Almeida, whose previous articles mocked the phenomena.

 I ask Fatima sceptics, with the background spectre of an anti Catholic journal, what explains the radical change in their editorial policy regarding the reported apparitions, when in the months leading up to the proclaimed miracle, all they did was to make fun of this?

The miracle of the spinning sun in Fatima witnessed by between seventy to one hundred thousand persons (of all ages, classes & beliefs).  This miracle was the first approved miracle in the history of the Catholic Church. The proclaimers of the prophecy, three illiterate children! And as the O Seculo article illustrates, (while there have been some very interesting explanations given by others as to what actually happened), nobody denies that it occurred, even though there were a small minority of people who claimed they saw nothing {perhaps they were both physically and spiritually blind}.

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    No, I am not able to do that.

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    Can you provide a direct account of what was actually printed in the newspaper at the time?

  3. Suzan Zaner says:

    admit to it

  4. Suzan Zaner says:

    I recall that Emile Zola, even after witnessing a miraculous cure at Lourdes, persisted in atheism. Perhaps those who denied the miracle at Fatima did see it but would not

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