Working Draft

Mulierem Vocamus- We Call Women.

2019 Exhortation

  1. So many girls and young women plaintively and humbly recounted their call from the Holy Spirit to the priesthood that they cannot be ignored. We must recognize that these girls and young women, and those who identify as such, catholic and not, many of them but teenagers, are not lying and they are not mistaken. 1 The Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and We know that the Father of Lies would not do this because a house divided against itself would fall – unlike the totally united Church of today.2


  1. With 79% of the 485 carefully chosen bishops (representing over 7.93% of all bishops) agreeing in their post-synodal report (well-researched and painstakingly prepared before the synod began), We now see that We must integrate joyfully all the faithful into all the sacraments, We issue this proclamation. To do otherwise is to practice an intolerance, prejudice, injustice, and bigotry that can only be of the devil, as would be opposition to this truth, truth latent for centuries and now brought into the light by Us.

III.              We now develop the insights of these relatively few enlightened shepherds  and the fruits of the indwelling of Our Spirit in these girls and women who have been called (and we pray daily  for those girls and women who were led into error by The Evil One and said there was and is no such call). Based on these pre-synodal and synodal private revelations, and the report of the shepherds – We now elevate what they have done to real, just doctrine.3    For almost two millenia We have not heard, or We have ignored, Our Spirit, but now We hear, now We listen, now We act. 4

  1. Canon 1024 is, by Our decree, hereby changed from “A baptized male alone receives sacred ordination validly” to “Only A Baptized Person receives ordination validly.”  This is Our teaching and We order that it be held definitively, without question or ridicule, by all the faithful. We apologize for:  the centuries of error, the mistakes of numerous ecumenical councils, the falsehoods of so many declarations, the wrongheadness of so many bulls, so many simply wrong encyclicals, and, frankly, the stupid errors of almost all  predecessors in this office.5 We are heartily sorry to all the girls and women called by Us who have been denied the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
  2. We note that Jesus’s Command Of The Lord that only males be ordained, clearly present in His inspired Holy Scripture, was for His time on earth only, and that divergent interpretations of this Command, applying it misogynistically and patriarchally – for almost two thousand years – were mistaken and/or of the devil.


In conclusion, We solemnly proclaim  these teaching of old which are now again revealed.6

Hat Tip:  Guy McClung

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. Yes, Bishop, it is satire but it is really happening in some places…as you know. After the last synods, I dread to see what will come out of this next one. God help us!!!

  2. GREAT SATIRE. They should then add “We declare that we are humble, and this is the way” But we stray from the truth and wont accept it. We fire, demote, and intimidate. We collude with the world, because we are the world. We declare that Communion is only to be given out by lay people as we “gather round” the table of plenty with plentiful guitar strumming. Communion in the hand only. We ask the Deacon and Instituted Acolytes to take their seat as we will sing ‘All are Welcome’. Yes, All are welcome to sit down, lay Eucharistic Ministers please come forward. We are the Body of Christ, and so we become In Persona Christi as we pretend to be Priests, Deacons, and Acolytes. Please stand for Communion, do not kneel or bow, Our Communion Song is number 578 ‘I am the Bread of Life’. We declare a little bread and wine is ok. Further, we declare that clapping for people is Mass. We can admire Jesus by turning the attention away from HIM and making people forced to stand and be recognized even if they are uncomfortable. This is what we declare”.

    It’s essentially what the church has become. For all those here, the Good Lord will intervene when he has had enough. I could be wrong, but that time may be nearing for everyone to get Right with Our Lord before the coming chastisement(s)?

  3. abyssum says:


    It is satire !!!

  4. abyssum says:


    It is satire !!!

  5. abyssum says:


    It is satire !!!

  6. It’s tooooooo painful to even read this whole so called ‘working draft’. First of all, have our youth really been catechized enough to KNOW the whys and wherefores of all these things??? HECK NO!!!! (and excuse my ‘french’ but I don’t mean HECK either!!!!) WHAT. A. NIGHTMARE. this Church is becoming!!!!

  7. They never give up… Can’t blame the nuns anymore, can we?

  8. Surely you jest!!! But after all that has happened in the last 4 years, maybe not….:-(

  9. abyssum says:


  10. Gertrude says:

    Please God this is satire? Isn’t it?

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