Beyond decades, for generations the Catholic bishops of Texas, saying they are obeying the law, and hiding behind the convenient cover of saying they are fearful of losing their tax exempt status, have said they must remain silent about those running for office.


Of course in many areas, this silence was a loud, pointed, and implicit endorsement of democrats, candidates of the Party Of Death. From pulpits around Texas, the faithful heard from their alleged shepherds “We are not single issue voters,” that unsaid single issue being the murders daily, weekly yearly in Texas of hundreds of thousands of Texas babies, the murders being the overt policy of the democrats of the Party Of Death. The pastoral message being “Ignore the abortion murders, vote democrat.”


In many places on any given day, all the murdered babies, ten, twenty, thirty, were and still are Hispanic-American babies. For years, the Texas Conference of bishops have been silent about this brown genocide. Since Roe, 60,000,000 murdered babies in the US, and astoundingly, half, 30,000,000, were the children of minority mamas. Half. The democrat Party of Death RETA policy was demonically successful in getting rid of Sanger’s brown and black “human weeds.” (RETA: racial eugenic targeted abortion).


Still the Catholic bishops of Texas have remained silent. Hand-in-glove with the democrats in their Texas alliance for death, they have not said from pulpits to vote for a prolife candidate instead of a party-of-death candidate, because the prolife candidate was – horror of horrors – a republican candidate. Never mind that the democrat candidate supported the murder of babies, and the RETA policy.


But this week, mirabile dictu, wonder of wonders, the bishops speak! What could have spurred them to finally speak out – since they have never had the moral courage to say, as Peter did to the leaders of the time, “We can obey you, or we can obey God” ? Why speak out now when Hispanic-Americans are beginning to see the light and are beginning to vote for prolilfe folks to help save babies in Texas? The bishops have become painfully aware that their Texas alliance for death with the democrats is in danger. They saw what happened in 2016 in the Texas Rio Grande Valley when the Hispanic-American Catholics were shown how the Democrat RETA policy had decimated their numbers right here in Texas. And then the final horror – these enlightened voters, who love their children and live and die for family, they voted for Republicans. You could hear the weeping and the gnashing of prelates’ teeth from Brownsville to McAllen to Austin to Fort Worth to Houston – and even in El Paso.


So the previously silent bishops, fearing that their Texas alliance for death partnership with the democrats would fail to deliver the once- rock-solid monolith of the Hispanic-American vote, in their desperation, loudly again proclaiming they must keep silent, have come out and condemned the quintessential Texas prolife organization, Texas Right To Life, because of its efforts – wildly successful efforts – to speak the truth about the brown genocide of Texas babies promoted by the Party Of Death democrats and Texas Right To Life’s support of non-democrat non-RETA-policy candidates; and Yes, most of them, hated non-RINO republicans.


Lastly gasping, the bishops come out now days before the upcoming elections. Coincidence? No way, Jose. If Texas Right To Life and others like minded are to be stopped, if brown genocide in Texas is to be ignored for the sake of political power, if the Texas alliance for death is to succeed as it has in the past to elect democrats and RINO prodeath GOP candidates, the bishops had to speak out now – and it will be no surprise when they forsake these little ones in Fall 2018 again silently proclaiming we cannot endorse anyone. They will never say the truth: It is a mortal sin now to vote for any democrat.


Didn’t Jesus say something about “woe” to those who hurt His children? Millstones, necks and drowning? And about hirelings, masquerading as shepherds, who run away, leaving the innocent sheep to the wolves?


Guy McClung, Texas

About abyssum

I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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  1. imprimipotest says:

    Thank you, Excellency, for speaking the truth about these bishops, whose intellectual sub-mediocrity is only surpassed by their moral turpitude.

  2. vasheepdog94 says:

    Bishop Gracida for Cardinal from the peripheries!!!!

  3. vasheepdog94 says:

    LONG LIVE THE GRACIDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All the Bishops love to hear the sound of their own voices, until they see you. Then they realize: “Maybe I need to do something”. Bishop Gracida has a lot to offer, even as an Emeritus.

  4. Mary Deliduka says:

    I see now why why you are persona non grata with the
    Bishops of Texas . … the hirelings who have abandoned
    their sheep would never be happy with a True Shepherd
    that you were and still are!!!!

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