It was bound to happen, sooner or later.  A Declaration of Excommunication has been promulgated by a Patriarch of the Catholic Church against Francis (Jorge Maria Bergoglio) and his accomplices.

I have no idea of how valid this is canonically, but I believe that it is of tremendous importance in many other ways in the gathering storm which could possibly lead to the removal of Francis by a special conclave of some if  not all of the cardinals.

Patriarch’s video:

From Wikipedia

Michael Cerularius was born in Constantinople around 1000 AD, being ordained at a young age. He is noted for disputing with Pope Leo IX over church practices in respect of which the Roman Church differed from Constantinople, especially the use of unleavened bread in the Eucharist.[1] Notable disagreements were also exchanged over other theological and cultural issues, ranging from the issue of papal supremacy in the Church to the filioque clause and other disagreements between the Patriarchates.

Pope Leo IX sent a letter to the Patriarch in 1054, that cited a large portion of the Donation of Constantine believing it genuine.[2]

“The first pope who used it [the Donation] in an official act and relied upon it, was Leo IX; in a letter of 1054 to Michael Cærularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, he cites the “Donatio” to show that the Holy See possessed both an earthly and a heavenly imperium, the royal priesthood.”

Some scholars say that this letter of September 1053, the text of which is available in Migne, Patrologia Latina, vol. 143, coll. 744-769, was never actually despatched, but was set aside, and that the papal reply actually sent was the softer but still harsh letter Scripta tuae of January 1054.[3]

Leo IX assured the Patriarch that the donation was completely genuine, not a fable or old wives’ tale,[citation needed] arguing that only the apostolic successor to Peter possessed primacy in the Church.

This letter of Pope Leo IX was addressed both to Michael Cerularius, Patriarch of Constantinople, and Leo of Ohrid, Archbishop of Bulgaria, and was in response to a letter sent by Leo, Metropolitan of Achrida to John, Bishop of Trani (in Apulia), that categorically attacked the customs of the Latin Church that differed from those of the Greeks. Especially criticized were the Roman traditions of fasting on the Saturday Sabbath and consecration of unleavened bread. Leo IX in his letter accused Constantinople of historically being the source of heresy and claimed in emphatic terms the primacy of the Bishop of Rome over even the Patriarch of Constantinople, who would have none of it.

It can be argued that in 1054, the Patriarch’s letter to Pope Leo IX initiated the events which followed, because it claimed the title “ecumenical patriarch” and addressed Pope Leo as “brother” rather than “father.” Pope Leo IX sent Cardinal Humbert of Silva Candida on a legatine mission to treat with the Patriarch. Cerularius refused to meet with Cardinal Humbert and kept him waiting with no audience for months. {This resembles the treatment of the Dubia Cardinals by Jorge Maria Bergolio aka Francis.}

Thus, Cardinal Humbert of Silva Candida delivered a notice of excommunication {by Pope Leo IX} against Patriarch Michael on July 16, 1054, despite the death of Pope Leo three months {which Cardinal Humbert may or may not have been aware of due to poor means of communication in those days and the relative isolation experienced by Cardinal Humbert while he waited or Patriarch Michael’s response to Pope Leo’s letter to the Patriarch, the Cardinal was in the same situation as the Dubia Cardinals of today.} prior and thus the invalidity of the excommunication. Michael in turn excommunicated the cardinal and the Pope and subsequently removed the pope’s name from the diptychs, starting the East-West Schism.


Patriarch Elijah OSBMr, born 1946, Czech Republic, ordained 1972. He joined the Order of St. Basil the Great in 1991. He took his doctor’s degree in theology at Charles University in Prague. He made public his secret episcopal consecration on 3 March 2008.

Bishop Methodius OSBMr, Secretary of the Byzantine Patriarchate, born 1968, Czech Republic. He joined the Order of St. Basil the Great in 1991, was ordained priest in 1996. He took his doctor’s degree in theology at Charles University in Prague. He made public his secret episcopal consecration on 3 March 2008.

Bishop Timothy OSBMr, Secretary of the Byzantine Patriarchate, born 1973, Slovak Republic. He joined the Order of St. Basil the Great in 2008, was ordained priest in 2004, obtained a licentiate in canon law in Rome. Episcopal consecration: July 2008, Pidhirci.

Note: OSBMr stands for Reformed Order of St. Basil the Great

Date, place and consecrators of Patriarch Elijah and Bishop Methodius are not published for the sake of protection against the intrigues of Card. Husar and his collaborators.
Episcopal succession is linked to Archbishop A. Sheptytskyi, OSBM. At the time of dissolution of the Greek Catholic Church by the communist government, secret episcopal consecration was received by: Bishop S. Dmyterko OSBM (theological studies in the Czech Republic), I. Bilyk OSBM, P. Vasylyk, V. Sternyuk CSsR, J. Kavatsiv OSBM….

The Byzantine Patriarchate is presently in exile (Prague – Donetsk)



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  1. Joseph Mansour says:

    Most Reverend Bishop Gracida, thank you for your response. I have tremendous respect for you and am thankful to God that I have corresponded with at least 1 Bishop with a backbone, you 🙂 Is there is a way that I could send you a private message? I would prefer to discuss some of these matters with you in private.

    I agree with everything you said in your response.

    Allow me to clarify my concern further. If the assertions provided in the link I gave are true, then this Patriarch previously excommunicated Francis in 2013, excommunicated Pope Benedict XVI before him & even excommunicated Pope St John Paul 2 before him. This would suggest that his actions may not be too respectable.

  2. abyssum says:


    Please re-read my post. I was careful to point out in it that I can draw no conclusions in it regarding the canonical relevance of the Patriarch’s excommunication of Jorge Maria Bergoglio aka Francis. I did point out that the fact that an Orthodox Patriarch felt it necessary to issue it had great significance for all of us who are deeply concerned with the effect that Francis’ words and actions are having on the Roman Catholic Church, and by extension on all of Christendom.

  3. Joseph Mansour says:

    Most Reverend Bishop Gracida, thank you for your important ongoing ministry. Your website has helped us orthodox Catholics immensely.

    Now, let us discuss Patriarch Elijah’s excommunication of Pope Francis. I think it is important to see what authority this Patriarch actually has. If:

    is correct, then this Patriarch’s actions have little meaning.

    I don’t know if the assertions provided in the link I gave are true.

    I too am disappointed in Francis’ pontificate and pray that the least amount of people are lead astray.

  4. Sheepdog094 says:


    Please let us know how your eye surgery went!

  5. Mary Anne says:

    Thank you so much for keeping us informed, Your Excellency. Praying for that special conclave of the Cardinals to occur! God Bless You!!

  6. abyssum says:

    Father McMahon,

    I do not believe that the significance of what Patriarch Elijah’s promulgation lies in whether or not he is “in the Catholic Church.” I have appended something to my post which explains that he is Patriarch of a branch of the Orthodox Church in exile in Czechoslovakia. In the total picture abstracting from the present schism it should matter to us and to Orthodox Christians whether the person occupying the Chair of Peter is a heretic or not.

  7. Father McMahon says:

    Thank you, Your Excellency, for all your posts. Your thorough research saves having to monitor multiple sites for valuable information.

    This link describes Patriarch Elijah’s background: I am unable to find him in the Annuario Pontificio and so I was wondering if you know how he is in the Catholic Church.

    I have been praying that your eye surgery was successful and apparently it went well.

    I hope you had a happy Easter. May God bless you.

    Michael McMahon

  8. bedwere says:

    Your Excellency,

    Here is an article on Wikipedia about him and his Church

  9. Mary Deliduka says:

    Wow!!! And this happened on Ash Wednesday! If this is valid, we will no longer pray for “Francis our Pope” at Mass. I already pray for “Benedict our Pope” at this part of the Liturgy….also I pray for “Rene our Bishop”, in addition to whoever the bishop is . O Lord! have mercy on us!!!

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