Dear Australian Bishops
Back in 1974, the Australian Bishops issued a statement on Humanae Vitae, containing the following paragraph.
The encyclical On Human Life is an authentic and authoritative document of the Church, and as such, it calls for a religious submission of will and of mind (Lumen Gentium n.25). . . It is not impossible, however, that an individual may fully accept the teaching authority of the Pope in general, may be aware of his teaching in this matter and yet reach a position after honest study and prayer that is at variance with papal teaching. Such a person could be without blame; he would certainly not have cut himself off from the Church; and in acting in accordance with his conscience he could be without subjective fault.
It is difficult to see how a Catholic can submit mind and will, and yet vary his behaviour from papal teaching.
However, this statement, along with the noise created by dissenting media priests, ensured that there would be a dramatic drop in the numbers of children God intended to send to Catholic married couples in this country.
Since that statement, apart from a brief (largely ignored) document issued a couple of years later, I have not heard from the pulpit or media any Catholic statement which might warn Australian Catholics of the terrible danger to their souls from following this faulty advice.
The example of Russia may help us turn the tide of contraception.
The Russian government is reported to be offering to pay married couples the equivalent of $8 000 for each child, along with other incentives such as apartments.
At present we abort something like 80 000 Australian babies each year.  These children are sentenced to death for the crime of coming into existence, an act planned by God.
The twin evils of contraception and abortion seem to be banned from the pulpit and the Catholic media.  And we are now in an aging society with few young people to support our tax base.  
Perhaps support of ideas like those of the Russians might help raise awareness among our citizens of the problems arising from underpopulation, such as being overwhelmed by Muslim fertility, as happened to formerly-Christian Lebanon in the seventies.
But the real issue is the great and continued offence against God of our apparent lack of enthusiasm to deal with these great evils.
Please tell me if I have said anything unfair or incorrect.  And if pursuing the Russian efforts might be a good idea.
Richard Stokes

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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