“But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.” Matthew 5:37

Interview with Archbishop Mark Coleridge of Brisbane on the subject of sodomy

MR SPEERS: That’s a fair point, what’s done, and whether that relationship is loving, whether it’s mutually giving…
MR SPEERS: …whether it’s monogamous and so on but if it is all of those things…
MR SPEERS:  …is it ok a gay relationship in the eyes of the Church?  Let’s leave marriage to one side. Is a homosexual relationship?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  It can have much about…
MR SPEERS: If it’s all of those things, is that ok?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: It can have much about it that is wonderfully good and creative and loving. And anywhere you find genuine love – and here I’m not lapsing into sentimentalised discourse…
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: Anywhere you find genuine love, and the kind of self-giving and self-sacrifice that that entails, you’re dealing with something good, so to stand up in some pulpit and condemn that doesn’t deal with the reality either of human experience or even the reality of God, perhaps particularly the reality of God.  So [indistinct] has to be assessed…
MR SPEERS:  And [indistinct] interesting point because I think this has been muddied [indistinct] debate, what the Catholic Church position is on homosexuality.
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  A lot of things have been muddied…
MR SPEERS:  Yeah indeed.
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: …and this is one of the things that has been most muddied. 
MR SPEERS: Yeah, and this is important to clear up, the Catholic Church view on homosexuality but also homosexual activity.  There is no problem from the Church’s point of view with that?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: Look, there is a problem, but to say that is not to say nearly enough, again because it focuses upon the act…
MR SPEERS:  And what’s the problem?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  …in a vacuum. The problem is precisely focusing upon the act , that you’ve mentioned, in a vacuum. The act has to be set within the context of a relationship, so to assess the act you need to assess the relationship.  And with same sex relationships there’s the same variety in relationship as there is in heterosexual relationships.  [indistinct]
MR SPEERS:  Yeah.  So this gets back to the point, as long as it’s in a relationship that’s monogamous, giving and loving and so on, then it’s ok by the Church?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  Well, no what – no what I’m saying, David, is that – that the – the – the act within the context of a faithful, loving relationship is very different from a one-night stand. I state the obvious.  
MR SPEERS:  Sure.  But if it is all of those things, is it ok by the Church?  Homosexual activity is ok in the Catholic Church’s eyes?
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: What – what do you mean by – what do you mean by…
MR SPEERS:  I mean – I mean homosexual activity..
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  You want me to lapse into – do you want me to lapse into – no, but David, do you want me to lapse into black and white, all or nothing?  That’s the very language [indistinct]…
MR SPEERS:  No, no, no, I’m just ask whether it is at all ok if it..
ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE: Because all or nothing [indistinct]…
MR SPEERS:  …if it meets the criteria that you’ve been discussing here, whether it’s in a loving, monogamous relationship, is it ok by the Catholic Church?

ARCHBISHOP COLERIDGE:  No, I’m not – I’m not going to use your language ‘cause it’s the language of black and white, all or nothing. What I’m saying is that there can be something good and creative in that relationship.

{The above is a verbatim transcript of a interview given by Brisbane’s Archbishop Coleridge to a television news anchor.  Below is the letter Aussie Richard Stokes sent to all of Australia’s bishops along with a copy of the above transcript.}
Dear Australian Bishops
Now that the battle against the introduction of ‘gay’ marriage has been lost, some in the laity are seeking to determine what went wrong, so that we can better prepare ourselves for the next battle.
I attach a video of Archbishop Coleridge on ABC discussing Catholic teaching on sodomy.  It is part of a larger clip, but the remaining sections make little or no difference to the context.  And the video is available on line, should anyone need to verify detail.  A transcript is attached to this email.
Listening to the video, I find it difficult to work out exactly what the Catholic Church teaches on same sex ‘marriage’.
Why is it so hard to say that sodomy is an unnatural and evil act; that it is scandalous because it involves two people; that it is a sin crying out to Heaven for vengeance; and if a sodomite dies without repentance he goes to the fearful punishment of Hell and never gets out?
If this is all true, why haven’t we heard it from priests and bishops?
And if bishops had said this publicly, what difference might it have made to the result?  Could souls have been saved which will now be lost?
Richard Stokes

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I am a retired Roman Catholic Bishop, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas
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1 Response to “But let your ‘Yes’ be ‘Yes’ and your ‘No’ be ‘No.’ Whatever is more than these is of the evil one.” Matthew 5:37

  1. Sheepdog094 says:

    Can we say the stupidity of all this goes right up to the top and the fact that it appears there are “Two Popes”?
    Its easy to figure out all this.
    Are there Two Popes?
    One fish
    Two fish
    Red fish
    Blue fish.
    Black fish
    Blue fish
    Old fish
    New fish.
    Active Pope Contemplative Pope.
    Catholic Pope, Protestant Pope.
    Real Pope, Pope in Name only.
    Pope with Red Shoes, Pope with Black Shoes.
    Pope with beautiful vestments, Pope with bland vestments.
    Pope with True Love, Pope with heresies and “Mercy”.
    Pope condemns sodomy, Pope approves sodomy.


    Pope 1 retires. Pope 1 still wears Papal White. Still a Holy Father.
    Popes can never revert since they have the power of orders attached to them.
    Another Pope appears. Two Popes Both Wearing White.
    What is infallible?
    Answer = Bishop Gracida is correct in his Statements about the Papal Situation. No one else got the equation right. Try again!

    One Bishop Speaking up, others are Silent:

    One Bishop has a good lifetime of experiences.
    Other Bishops think they know best (but they do not)


    Father Jay Finelli VS Father James Martin. Father Finelli wins.
    sheepdog094 vs Father James Martin. Sheepdog094 wins.
    Bishop Gracida vs. Cardinal Kasper. Bishop Gracida wins.


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